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Sims Discussion Guidelines
What is this forum for?

This forum is for general gameplay type discussion of The Sims 2, Sims 3 and Sims4

Questions about gameplay are fine - i.e. "how do I do this?" type questions, the sort that would be answered in a Prima Guide, or "how do you like to play" stuff.


What this forum is NOT for...

No technical/game help! If you are having any sort of problem, glitch, error, or issue with your game or anything related to downloading, installing, or using custom content, see: MTS's Help Section. There are links there to the Q&A forums where you can ask questions if you can't find the answer to your problems in the FAQs.

Also, no requests, please! MTS does not have any forum or thread where you can post a request. However, we do have lists of creators who take requests. See: Creators who take TS2 Requests or Creators who take TS3 Requests.

Additionally, this section is not for asking "Where can I find this custom content...?", creation of custom content help, or "what computer should I buy to play TS2/TS3" questions.

Please see the Site Map for the forums we have to offer, to ensure you are posting in the right place. Misplaced threads may be moved, locked, or deleted.

Individual creators/sites support their own work...

If you are having trouble with or have questions about a specific hack or piece of custom content, return to where you got the hack/custom content originally and ask the creator. If that content came from a different site (or if you're having trouble accessing/downloading from/using a different site) please take it up with the site owners.

Follow all site rules:

Remember, it is your responsibility to be aware of and to follow all Site Rules & Guidelines at all times!

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