View Full Version : Anyone Know Where To Find Bodyshop Mechanic???

25th Oct 2006, 5:57 PM
I have looked high and low.. even tried that site BlarneyStone. Can't find this program anywhere. Please please help. I would like to make a self sim and need to use a GIF file. Or anyone with any other ideas please let me know how to do this.

26th Oct 2006, 1:12 AM
Okay, I do not know what you think bodyshop mechanic does, but it has a _few_ features (like changing the background in bodyshop) that have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual functioning of bodyshop in making a new sim's face.

To make a self sim - first start with a photo that's straight on of the face, with a neutral expression (no smiling, etc, cause sims don't smile in bodyshop). Then also have a side photo.

You simply go into bodyshop and you pick a base face shape that looks right (if the person has long hair, do the front shot with the hair pulled back away from the face and forehead). Then you work on getting the _geometry_ correct on the face, you need approximated the same proportions/shape on the sim face.

Work on the front view for a bit, turn the sim, and then compare your sim on screen to your side view. Keep doing it over and over

26th Oct 2006, 2:55 AM
Thanks Tiggerypum! It does appear I got my cart before the horse. Got a little impatient... after I posted I went back and did some more reading on the issue... That's when it hit me. So, I didn't need the cart, lol. I have attempted exactly what you suggested. But I am just not satisfied with this creation. She looks very nice, lovely but too "Doll like". It has been about 4 years since I skinned for the Sims1. I made my self sim for my game and I was so pleased with her, she looked exactly like me..(well a little younger and a few less pounds). I used a self photo to more or less "copy and paste" (using Photoshop) different effects and features of myself onto the img file that I extracted from Sim1 game. Anyway, I remember it was a long drawn out process with several different files to sort through. Bits and pieces are slowly coming back to me. I remember needing to flip flop files in and out of 3 different programs. I remember using photoshop to make texture / color changes to my game files. Which is what I'm wanting to do now with Sim2 game files. But I have noticed the files are now "Package" files... not at all like the way Sim1 files were listed. Is this process not possible with the Sims2 package files? I have been trying to figure out SimPE. I am guessing that is what will extract the img file I need from Sim2. I have read so much about SimPE and even watched a video about how to make a MESH. I need hands on learning, lol. Besides I don't want to make a MESH I want to skin something! Anyone who can help me sort this out, I would be most appreciative.

26th Oct 2006, 6:55 PM
In tutorials:
How to make a sim's face using source pics

This goes over the 'once you have the geometry' how to modify a skin to make a face mask so that your sim looks closer to the real person. People's goals with the sims are mixed -- some like super-realistic photoskinned faces, others want their sims to still look like sims.

The biggest thing you can do for all your sims is to get a basic skin replacement set which will make them all look a bit more realistic - and then use that as the base skin for your new face (some allow for editing of their textures, make sure you check)

PS - we don't make head/face meshes like for sims 1, only hair (much more complicated) and bodies (neck down) - so the face sculpting is in bodyshop/cas. (you probably have figured that out by now, but just to be clear :) )