View Full Version : Unclean uploads??

29th Oct 2007, 8:26 AM
I have the EPs University, Nightlife, and Weihnachts-Pack (Christmas pack or perhaps Holiday pack).

I've gotten a hold of a couple of downloads in the lots section that claim that one only needs the base game, but then give me an error message saying that an EP is required which I don't have installed. Is this due to an unclean upload? I mean, does the artist perhaps have custom content in their lot without realizing it?

What does one do to report such an issue? I went ahead and posted the issue in one artist's thread, but someone else had posted the same issue in August 2006, so either the artist doesn't care or they don't have any idea what might cause this error message to appear.

Also, I downloaded one lot that had people in it. Are the lots supposed to be sim-free (if I may be allowed to use that term)? I'll just kick-out the sims and delete them, but I was under the impression that lots in the lots category were supposed to be sim-free.

Heather Ceana

29th Oct 2007, 10:33 AM
Yes, lots are supposed to be free of sims and creators are supposed to mark the EP's required. Sometimes things slip through being as the moderators are human and all. :P Creator's sometimes change things after approval as well. Could you let us know which ones in particular you've had a problem with and we'll check it out? Thank you. :)