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7th Dec 2010, 9:15 PM
I used to mod sims 1 all the time, now that sims 3 is out, some of the released material for sims 2 is finally here ...

I do have a moding question,for the long term,
with a glimmer and a mischievious
smile, maybe a request, for a short term solution.

I am after some upside down indoor plants... for my sifi collection.

I know I can use the ceiling lamp. I know I need to extract
the shape, and color files, from the plant I intend to use.
.. of which I did find plenty of varity here i do appreciate.

and simply extract and replace them on top of the ceiling lamp.

the problem is my old computer reacts badly to simpe, and my
newbie status.

any help would be appreciated.

Tonasaka. :turtle:

8th Dec 2010, 2:08 AM
I don't see an actual question regarding creating. But you will want to start here Tutorials:Basic_Object_Creation for basic object creation. Please go through the tutorials and if you have a specific question then be sure to list which tutorial and where exactly you are in it and are having issues.