View Full Version : Family tree not visible/loaded onto wrong lot and wrong save +more problems

17th Dec 2010, 11:44 PM
I was playing a family when my mod told me their neighbours had a sim marry and his new wife move in so I switched households so as to move the new couple out of their quite crowded house .
So after playing them on that house for a couple of days they have enough money to move out so I build them their dream house and move those two sims into it leaving the male sim's family in the original house.
While playing the newly moved pair I got a notification (from the story prog mod) that the sim's sister had her baby (she was pregnant when they moved out) it said it was a girl named selena.
While still playing the couple the wife got an opportunity to go to egypt to improve her athletic ability so i sent her there got the jogging thing took a few pictures, got a few souvenirs and sent her back before the 3 days of the trip were up.
That is when everything went wrong.
It took an uncommonly long time to load when I sent her home and when it did it loaded to the family I had been playing before I even switched households (that family had lost a sim day or so's worth of progress) So I switched households and the sim and his wife were both living in his original house and their new house was half built. His sister was still pregnant but the baby she had before was on her husband's family tree with a blank portrait, her own family tree was completely blank . The sim I had sent to egypt still had all her stuff she bought there in her inventory but none of the skill ups etc she'd gotten in her new house.
I had saved since moving them to the new lot btw, and when I switched from the first family to the second.
I tried resetting the lot, deleting my cache moving the family in and out of the house and nada. No baby no family tree nothing. She then gave birth to a different baby.
I am using NRAS story prog and master controller for the record but i don't -think- the problem was caused by them since i've never had any trouble before- my game is up to date with the latest patch as are all of my mods.
Any ideas? :help:

18th Dec 2010, 9:43 AM
I've seen a couple of people complain about this recently, the consensus is that it's a problem with WA that hasn't been fixed in the patches. The only things you can do are to either revert to a previous backup if you have one, or else to try to repair the damage to your family trees by using a mod such as Twallan's Master Controller. In future, I would recommend to save under a different name before you go on vacation, so that you can revert to the old save in case anything goes wrong.

Also check to see that all of your EPs and Sps are fully patched.