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12th Aug 2005, 12:13 AM
Help! Some of my sims have developed behavioural problems! Beatrice Monty (a teenager) wont go to school despite being an A student and never having any problems before - she can do everything else ok. Her brother still happily gets on the bus. Also, nobody in the Capp Mansion can throw a party. Poor old Tybalt had to grow up with no audience. I have had parties there before, but now they pick up the phone then just hang up. I have tried moving the family out and back in, but no good. One other minor problem is that while my Sims can buy new clothes, they can't access them at home anymore.

The hacks I have are all Merola's. The mind control mirror, the multi-painting and the end table dresser.

I have used the boolProp cheat occasionally, only to alter relationships, moods and aspirations - I've never fooled around with any of the other options. I've very seldom used it since getting the multi-painting.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

EDIT: Okay - after much searching through old threads decided to try deleting Beatrice - using force error - delete. And it worked - she now catches the bus! So, tried it with the entire Capp household but still no go. No parties in this house. Any more suggestions?

EDIT AGAIN: Downloaded house party fix from this site - thankyou Daisies for updating the link. Problems now solved. Thanks all.

12th Aug 2005, 1:12 AM
Have you used the "tom's clothing tester" in that family using boolprop?

Use your "move_objects on" cheat, delete all of the family members like you would furniture. Save, exit to the neighbourhood then go back in the house.

If you have over 500 sims in that neighbourhood, you may need some of the "critical over flow" fixes but I don't know which would help you.


12th Aug 2005, 1:15 AM
If you haven't installed University yet, there's also a patch by Maxis that will help with the party problem.

12th Aug 2005, 1:27 AM
sissimoody - no I haven't used Tom's clothing tester. I have used the force career chance card once or twice - but never on either of these lots. One thing I did do was shift click on a letterbox (in another lot) to make more townies. Maybe the neighbourhood is too full? Eeep! Apart from townies though, I only have about 50 sims in Veronaville.

Cynical Chick - thanks, I had already installed the patch a while ago - assuming this is the general patch on the Sims2.com site.

I am starting to think I need to reinstall and start again from scratch with no mods and no cheats. Serves me right I guess.

EDIT - see above edit - have sorted Beatrice out by deleting her then restarting - but unfortunately same won't work on the Capp clan. Still need some help with the party problem.