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New Creator Theme: Elders! - posted on 1st Sep 2018 at 11:43 AM

[Tutorial] Creating a sunken room with floor-to-ceiling windows
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This is a quick and simple tutorial for creating sunken rooms with full-walled windows. The tutorial demonstrates the basic concept, which can can be applied and manipulated in many ways. The final result may look something like this:

Before you begin, ensure that the constrainFloorElevation cheat is set to true. If you haven't used any cheats, you won't need to do anything.

Step 1: Create an area of standard foundation to your size specifications.

Step 2: Enclose the foundations with walls.

Step 4: Cut out the area of foundation you want to be sunken.

Step 6: Cut out the corners of your foundation area as shown below (this is to avoid the error bubble you will get in one of the following steps if you leave that area of foundation around the edge)

Step 7: Wall in the area underneath your foundation level walls (don't wall in the edges you cut out).

Step 8: Fill back in the corners you cut out with the foundation tool.

Step 9: Create an outer section of foundation one tile away from your structure as shown below (you need to enter the cheat 'constrainFloorElevation false' for this to work). This ensures that there are tile guides for placing your windows. You may or may not need to follow this step.

Step 10: Place your windows as show below, making sure that the object placement grid is pointing outwards. Additionally, as feldynn and nedumaran have pointed out, make sure you paint your room before you place your windows. You will have a hard time painting them after you place the windows; you will also get the 'unfinished room' moodlet.

Step 11: Place the windows for the ground level as shown below, making sure the object placement grid is pointing inwards.

*Note: It's only important to have the object placement grids pointing in opposite directions. It doesn't matter whether you use inwards or outwards first. The windows above need to be positioned the opposite way to the windows below, otherwise you will get an ugly effect where the windows appear to intersect each other and create texture fragmenting.

That's it! Voila:

I hope this was easy to follow. Please post any queries and I will make an attempt to clarify them.
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