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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM

Necessitorial - Basements and all their goodies!
86 users say thanks for this. (Who?)
Basements, their goodies, the ickies, the clutter...the garage...the car...yadda yadda
No, seriously...there is no tutorial on basic basements yet.

So, recently, there has been a huge influx of really really simple questions
being asked by new comers to the game. For the time being, we will call
them noobs. This mini series of tutorials are all simply written, easy to
follow, clearly numbered and illustrated for all to understand who care to
learn these techniques. Thanks for reading this far and without any more
delay, lets begin!

A VERY simple thing to learn is how to make basements. For all of you guys
who think this is pointless, you had to learn it at some point too. If you are
one of the people who protest as say "I learned it my self" have a cookie or
something. Anyway, basements allow sims underground access and give
more space to put that clutter you bring home from work and what not.

There are THREE separate tutorials included. "Creating a basement" is
used in all three, to give you a head up. Each is clearly marked, to assure
no confusion. As an added precaution, I included downloadable files. These
are set up even easier than the post. If the set up gives you any trouble,
just grab what you need and have at it! Good luck guys!

Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip Making a basement.zip (1,013.2 KB, 771 downloads)
File Type: zip Making a basement with walls that allow objects.zip (1.98 MB, 873 downloads)
File Type: zip Making a walk-out basement.zip (4.41 MB, 1091 downloads)
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