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Featured upload! Become a Sorcerer (Choose your Alignment and unlock Spells!)

by Triplis Posted 4th May 2017 at 8:51 PM - Updated 11th Sep 2018 at 9:11 PM by Triplis
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This is a featured upload! It showcases the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Moving Day

Hey folks,

As part of an overall effort to consolidate my mess of communication channels and platforms for connecting with my mods and reporting things to me about them, I'm going to be hosting future updates on my website, here:


I have no intention of deleting what is already here on MTS, but I want to redirect you to where you can find the latest information on my mods and download the latest versions of them.

The reason for this is one of time and headspace. As you might imagine, it's difficult to keep track of, and update, everything, when it's spread across Twitter, Youtube, MTS, the official Sims forums, etc. I want to be able to get updates to you more quickly and communicate with you more efficiently to reduce the probability of the experience of feeling ignored, or of an important mod feature going months without a fix.

In the past, I could get away with messy because I was more or less modding full-time, but I can't invest that kind of time anymore. Thanks for your understanding.

Please visit the website and bookmark it if you want to keep track of things.

And thanks for your interest in, and support for, what I do. It is in large part because of your continued interest that I feel it is important to reorganize, so that I can better manage my mods in the future.

- Triplis

Hotfix V2-4-5

Hey folks, got a couple more fixes. Thanks to Hoppel785 for doing some testing and putting me onto the issues. (As an aside, if you report something and I appear to ignore it, it's probably that I looked into it and couldn't repeat the bug myself. If I can't repeat it in my own game, it's probably not the mod itself, so there's not much I can do at that point.)

  • Fixed the Light version of teleport. Somehow missed this in the last pass, apparently. Sorry about that.
  • Fixed some stuff with the memory wipe spells that was triggering a lastexception error.
  • Added updated version of German translation by swaggibaum083

Version 2-4-5 is now the most up-to-date version, but I still recommend looking over the patch notes for V2-4-4 if you haven't downloaded since version 2-4-3.

Version 2-4-4: Bug Fixes for Seasons Patch

*ducks head into room*

Uh, hey folks... long time no see, huh.

Yeah, life got a bit focused on other things. Mostly still is. But I found some time to sit down and hash out some fixes for the mod. They are as follows. I'll be reading the comments after I post this update to see if there are any glaring bugs I missed that are in need of additional fixing. For now, I just want to get this fix out.

  • Fixed teleportation. All versions of this should now be working again.
  • Fixed an issue with the "light" version of "Run!" (aka: superspeed). I believe this was a "humans make silly mistakes" issue, but it has been fixed and past me has been kicked off the team by present me and will summarily be replaced by future me, so no more issues there.
  • Fixed a bunch of icons that no longer showed up on the pie menu.

Some really, really important stuff to note:

1) Only download/use the 2-4-4 version. (Or whatever version is the latest if this patch note is at some point not the latest one.)

I cannot stress this enough. It's probably the most common question, is what to download/use. Only ever use the latest version. In this case, that is version 2-4-4.

2) In the past, there were two files to use. A package file and a script file. The setup is a bit different now. The "parts" of the mod that go in a package are spread across a number of different named packages. To avoid an absolute mess in your mods folder, these are all, by default, grouped inside of a single folder. This folder goes inside of your mods folder.

So it should look like: Mods > Triplis-Sorcerer-V2-4-4 (if this is zipped, it needs to be unzipped) > [bunch of package files and a script file in here]

If what's inside Triplis-Sorcerer-V2-4-4 contains another folder, something went wrong - you probably put the zip file in your Mods folder and then unzipped in a way that created layers of folders... make sure it is no deeper than Mods > Triplis-Sorcerer-V2-4-4 > [bunch of package files and a script file in here]

3) Make sure you have script mods enabled in your settings! Mods usually get turned off automatically after a patch. Sometimes you need to re-enable them, including script mods, or it won't show up at all.

Have fun!

Version 2-4-3: "Extract Spirit" Bug Fix

Latest version is 2-4-3.
  • Spells that result in a sim's death should be working again. Something broke them to where the sim died, but never became a ghost. This was tied into the problems with Extract Spirit, which has now been fixed too.
  • Added a somewhat revised French translation by Llumex (apologies to Llumex for the months long delay in adding it).

November 7, 2017, Maxis Patch: Fixed!

This mod should now be working as before, with the November 7, 2017, Maxis patch.

I tested most of the basic functionality. I didn't test every fixed spell, so it's possible there are some places I missed. If you notice any odd bits not working, feel free to let me know.

Also, I totally forgot to mention in the 2.4 notes that I went out of my way to make Plant Sims compatible with Sorcerer abilities and rituals. They just can't do the Iron Insides ritual. I never tested it extensively, but I have no reason to believe you'll be blocked out of the spells with a Plant Sim Sorcerer.

New version is V2-4-2.


- Triplis

Video breakdown of 2.4:

2.4: Quick List of Changes/Additions

Note: Some names of new abilities might seem a little odd. This is because I wanted to avoid adding new strings, so I kind of scrounged around to find stuff that would make sense.
  • A number of animations have been changed or tweaked in some way. Special thanks to Simone Caporalini for creating the animations now used in the bonded interactions.
  • "Bonded" interactions should now function more smoothly and without getting stuck in an interaction.
  • Alignment now imacts how fast you gain Dark/Light skill and how fast you make friends/enemies
  • New Dark and Light introduction; works like Rude and Friendly, but stronger
  • Walkstyle like the Vampire Super Speed is now available for Teen+ Sorcerers. Toggle under Spells with "Run!"
  • New Light Skill 1 ability "Workout": Heals fatigue on the targeted sim and prompts them to do a workout if something is available to do one on
  • New Light Skill 1 ability "Health": Heals sickness if you have GTW and your sim is sick
  • New Light Skill 1 ability "Workout" on the Treadmill: Periodically costs some Magical Connection, builds Fitness skill faster than normal, and doesn't fatigue the Sorcerer
  • New Dark Skill 4 ability "Induce Panic" available on the Piano with Piano skill 10: Plays a song, nearby sims will panic while it's playing and eventually pass out
  • New "Change Outfit" ability for Teen+ Sorcerers: Target a sim and pick the outfit for them to change into out of their available outfits
  • New functionality added to Reaper's Aura: While it's active, nearby sims will run away and panic. While they're panicking, you can use "Scare" on them, which will cause them to pee themselves.
  • New functionality added to Purity's Aura: While it's active, nearby sims will come to you and cheer for you, like a famous person being mobbed.

2.4: Manipulate Free Will - Introducing the Minion System

The Minion system operates under the pie menu category Spells > Boss. Most commands are done by targeting another sim. A couple (which I'll specify below) are used by targeting yourself and picking a sim to apply the command to.

Minion Roles: Minion Roles specify what limitations are set on the minion, while the role is active. The following are the available minion roles to choose from.

Dance - The minion will follow around the sim who applied the role to them and dance near them. Note: Upon loading or traveling, the minion may lose track of who to follow around. You can re-apply it if this happens by swapping to another role and then swapping back to Dance.

Guest - The minion, if on a residential lot, will treat it as if they are a welcome guest. If they are not on a residential lot, they will likely just perform whatever range of actions is normal.

Maid - The minion will only tidy things up. If there is nothing to tidy up, they will stand around in place, doing nothing.

Musician - The minion's Guitar, Violin, and Piano skills will be immediately set to max level. With this role active, they will look for instruments nearby to play songs on. If no instruments are available, they will stand around in place, doing nothing.

Painter - The minion will only paint. If no easel is available to paint, they will stand around in place, doing nothing.

Repair - The minion will only repair broken objects. If no object is available to repair, they will stand around in place, doing nothing.

Romantic - The minion will act identically to Guest, with the addition of an always active +50 Flirty moodlet, making them an easy candidate for romance.

Some general details about minions:
  • Only NPCs (uncontrolled sims) can have minion commands used on them.
  • Minions with a role active can be chatted with normally, though they may interrupt chatting to do whatever action is high priority for them, if available.
  • Minion Needs are locked at max while a role is active, so you don't need to be concerned with managing their needs.
  • PlantSims and Vampires can be minions, in addition to normal sims. Sorcerers cannot.
  • Minions with a role active will always use the Run walkstyle, making them super efficient at getting around to perform their role. Note: Vampires may use super speed or teleport instead of Run, if it's active when they take on a minion role.
  • Minion roles can be applied on public lots, though they were designed with residential in mind, so they may not be all that interesting outside of the home.
  • A minion will stay in its active role forever, unless: 1) You use Dismiss on it or, 2) You leave the lot and the minion leaves the role for some reason that I don't have a fix for. Minions may stick around if you travel, they may not. Expect some inconsistency with this aspect of it. Minions will leave the role if *they* travel, for sure.
  • Once a role has been successfully applied to a target once, that target will have a permanent trait on them that makes them a minion, even if they don't have any roles currently active. This trait can be removed with the ability Fire, explained in detail below in the special commands.

Special minion commands (these commands are always available once a minion has the special trait applied to them through applying a role at least once):
Targeting the minion-
  • Sleep: Puts the minion into a sleeping interaction. This is to allow you to go into the highest game speed, without the presence of minions screwing it up. To wake the minion from this, target them with a sorcerer and use Wake Up.
  • Dismiss: Forces the minion to leave the lot. In case you're wondering, this can be used on both residential and public lots.
Targeting yourself and picking a sim-
  • Call Over: Works like the voodoo summon ability. Can only be used on a minion who isn't currently on the loaded neighborhood somewhere. It will bring them onto the lot, to you (they may have to walk/run to you once they spawn, so don't expect to see them instantly).
  • Fire: Removes the minion trait from the minion, so that they are no longer considered a minion. The minion must be present on the loaded neighborhood somewhere for you to do this. It will also apply the functionality of Dismiss, so that they'll be sure to leave, as opposed to getting stuck in a role.

2.3: Bits and Bobs

2.3 is now the latest version. Changes are as follows:
  • To avoid any and all present and future issues with certain Needs being "blacklisted," functionality has been changed so that all the Needs that were blacklisted as part of a trait in 2.2 are "locked" at max and pushed out of visibility on the Needs UI instead. Visually, and in gameplay, you shouldn't notice much, if any, difference. This should eliminate some possible bugs; thanks to redlilac78 for bringing this more prominently to my attention as an issue and for the insight from Deaderpool's peeps that they shared.
  • Sorcerers now have their own idle animation in Live Mode (it'll happen every once in a while). If you notice any bugs with it, let me know; it involves briefly going invisible (it should function such that no matter what happens, there's no way they'll get "stuck" being invisible, but I wanted to mention it just in case, so that people will know what to look for). If you find the brief invisibility part irritating, you can let me know about that too. :P
  • Black Arts Skill 3 or higher can now Set on Fire tables and chairs. Thanks to WildWitch for reminding me of a functionality that ultimately led to me being able to get this interaction to show up on tables and chairs.
  • Toddlers can now use the Lump of Clay to get the Sorcerer trait. Once they have it, they will have a new interaction available if you click on them called "Play." They can do it autonomously, so let me know if you feel that it happens too often.
  • French translation (thanks to amgi), some updates to Polish translation (thanks to Trozuu), and some updates to German translation (thanks to simsfreak 388) are now available
  • Most interactions are now added through the trait itself rather than a script. I was careful to check stuff in the transition, but it's possible I missed something, so if you see anything missing or out of place that is normally there for you, let me know.

2.2: Polish and Chinese Translation

The only thing this update changes is full Polish and Chinese translation is now included, thanks to Trozuu (Polish) and justin10 (Chinese). If you already have the mod and don't need Polish or Chinese translation, you don't need to switch to this update.

2.1: Minor Update

2.1 is now the most up-to-date version. This update adds full Russian translation, thanks to Amalenne. And the Ritual interactions have been changed, so that they use the Dark Meditation animation; I tested with packs disabled and they should work without a problem, regardless of whether you have the Vampires Pack. Special thanks to Niker293 for helping me with a missing piece of the puzzle in figuring out how to make this happen.

Also, I just wanted to say a general thank you to everyone who has been a part of this mod's journey, even if it's just in downloading it. I read basically everything (I only say basically because it's possible I miss things sometimes), even if I don't always reply. So thanks.

Become a Sorcerer 2.0 is here!

Hey, Triplis here. I have worked behind a curtain and made some things. Made a few things. Now I am pulling back the curtain to reveal them. Ta-da! Magic! I am a magician. Yay.

Special thanks to CmarNYC, Hadron1776, Turbodriver, Niker293, KlingonDragon, and others who I'm probably forgetting. This update was an undertaking that nearly ran away into a swamp from me getting overwhelmed with the scope of it, for a mod done by one person. I couldn't have done it without the support and enthusiasm of the community along the way.

Summary of Changes

Most spells are unlocked by leveling White Arts or Black Arts skill, rather than through Alignment. The normal, "instant," version of Draining or Sacrificing a Need isn't available until Level 10 Black/White Arts skill; instead, you'll have a new version ("Bonded") that periodically Drains/Sacrifices a Need over time and gives you Black/White Arts skill while doing so.

Once you've reached (for example) Level 10 Black Arts skill and Max Dark Alignment, you can choose one of three rituals to commit to evil. Each one will give you some kind of special attribute or ability. You can also "rethink" your commitment at any time, which removes your special trait/attribute/ability and allows you to choose a different one, or even try to "reform" your Alignment (redemption stories, anyone?).

With that in mind, spell costs are higher for the opposing Alignment, depending on where you are in Alignment. For example, at Max Dark Alignment, Light Spells will cost significantly more Magical Connection than they would otherwise.

Full list of changes/additions, in detail, are below, replacing some of the old notes.

As before, if you'd like to watch a video instead of reading, you can watch it here: Video Rundown of Features

Previous Updates (2017):
  • June 10: Russian translation (credit: Amalenne), Spanish translation (credit: Moonly Sims)
  • May 25 Maxis Patch: Had an issue with Never Bedheader trait [resolved in V1-3]
  • May 21 Update: Added a new ability where you can Teleport Another Sim [description added under Teleportation section]
  • May 18 Fixes (various): Club Filters, Suppress Sadness, File download naming changed from starting with date to ending with version number
  • May 16-17-ish: KlingonDragon released a mod that supports Sorcerer Trait Inheritance and Club Filters for this mod (must use it with this mod to have Inheritance and Club Filters for this mod | His mod: >>Here<<) | Thanks to KlingonDragon for doing this!
  • May 15 Fix: Changed Create Lightning Rod, so that it will work on NPCs outside the boundaries of your lot.
  • May 13 Update: Added Icons (credit: Niker293), German Translation (credit: simsfreak 388), Italian Translation (credit: mrsb0red), Polish Translation (credit: hubi98), Portuguese Brazil Translation (credit: kibapvp2 and dudavg) | Tweaked some of the trait functionality | Video on May 13 changes: Update Video

How to Become a Sorcerer

Those of you who played with my Sorcerer Trait mod in the past will find that the trait acquisition is a bit different this time.

To obtain the Sorcerer Trait on a particular sim, you need to go into Build Mode and place a Lump of Clay anywhere on the Lot. If you already have a Lump of Clay, use that one! You don't need another.

The Lump of Clay has a new interaction on it: Investigate Object. The tooltip says the consequences of investigating may be permanent, but, spoiler alert! They are. [This is no longer true with 2.0 and beyond. You can remove the trait using the Lump of Clay.] When the interaction completes, your sim will now have a new hidden trait called Sorcerer and a Spells menu with a toggle "Show/Hide Magical Energy Tingles," even if they are as young as Toddler. Child and older can get the trait, but Child sims have a different experience than older sims. Teen or older (Teen+) gets access to all the main features of the trait. Child sims get a couple of special attributes/scenarios that will be outlined below. Toddler does not get any special features at this time (only the base "Show/Hide Magical Energy Tingles").

Ok, phew. That was a lot of words. You have your Sorcerer trait, but now what? If your sim is Teen+, clicking on them will reveal a new menu called Spells. Under Spells, you'll see a menu called "Meditate on the Spirit of Llamadeus..." Under this menu (and this is the important part!), you'll see three interactions: Ritual of Digestive Control, Ritual of Runner's Vigor, and Ritual of Forced Isolation. Hovering over each tells you what it gives you, uniquely.

You can only complete one Ritual and it will define what flavor of Sorcerer you end up with, in terms of Needs. Every type gets two new Needs called Magical Connection and Alignment. These two Needs replace two of the six default Needs.

Ritual of Digestive Control gives a trait called Iron Insides. With Iron Insides, Bladder and Hunger are replaced by Magical Connection and Alignment.

Ritual of Runner's Vigor gives a trait called Never Bedheader. With Never Bedheader, Hygiene and Energy are replaced by Magical Connection and Alignment. [May 27, 2017 Update: Instead of being totally gone, Hygiene is invisible and decays very slowly. This is to avoid bugs with essential mechanics tied to a sim having Hygiene.]

Ritual of Forced Isolation gives a trait called Sociolite. With Sociolite, Fun and Social are replaced by Magical Connection and Alignment.

Once you've chosen a Ritual and completed it, your sim can begin being a Sorcerer! Finally! Spells! Magic!

Black Arts Skill

You start with access to the skill 1 spells. You can use these to start progressing in Black Arts skill, or use Drain a Need on another sim.

Lull to Sleep: Target another sim and put them to sleep. Target can be Toddler and up.
Enchant to Kneel: Target another sim and enchant them to kneel. Can be removed by clicking on the sim and clicking Dispel Enchantment. Target can be Child and up.

Set on Fire (ground): Click on the ground and start a fire. Must be within the Build Mode outline of the lot.
Siphon Joy into Wealth: Target a sim who is happy and periodically drain happy moodlets, while gaining ticks of money. Target can be Teen and up.

Suppress Sadness: Click on yourself and remove Sad moodlets with completion. Also adds a buff that keeps new Sad moodlets from being added for the duration.

Suppress Sadness buff lasts for much longer and you can remove it at any time by targeting yourself and clicking Dispel Enchantment.
Induce Panic: Target another sim and trap them in a state of panic, draining their Energy. Target can be Child and up.

Tabula Rasa: Target another sim and wipe relationship between yourself and the target completely. Target can be Toddler and up.
Aura of Glamour: Click on yourself and pick a sim to cast the buff on; the sim with this buff will draw extra romantic attention and have more success with romantic interactions. Picked sim can be Teen and up.

Wipe Romance: Target another sim and wipe romantic relationship only between yourself and the target. Target can be Toddler and up to allow debugging (e.g. if a bug occurs that gives a Child or Toddler a romance bar, you could use this to help with that... its intended purpose is to wipe Romance between Teen and up though). If used on someone with which you don't have a Romance bar, it just won't do anything.

Wipe Friendship: Target another sim and wipe friendship relationship only between yourself and the target. Target can be Toddler and up.

Set on Fire (sims): Click on yourself and pick a sim to set on fire; target must be within the Build Mode outline of the lot. Target can be Teen and up.

Create Fire Dancer: Target another sim and lock them into a deadly fire "dance" of panic... for the rest of their life. Target can be Teen and up.

Create Lightning Rod: Target another sim and call forth lighting to end their poor sim existence. Target can be Teen and up.

White Arts Skill

You start with access to the skill 1 spells. You can use these to start progressing in White Arts skill, or use Sacrifice a Need on another sim.

Cathartic Healing: Target another sim who is Sad when you are also Sad and jointly drain Sad moodlets while building your White Arts skill. Target can be Toddler and up.
Dry Out: Target a puddle and instantly get rid of it.

Aura of Nature: Click on yourself and pick a sim to cast the buff on; the sim with this buff will be protected from fire for the duration. Target can be Teen and up.
Simoleon Sacrifice: Click on yourself and radiate out a special Happy buff for the duration that makes sims more likely to hug each other; lose 1,000 Simoleons at the end. Recipients of the buff can be Toddler and up.

Transform Weight, Give Fat: Target another sim and periodically lose Fat while the target gains Fat; can be canceled early by clicking on the target and clicking Sever Bond (otherwise, the spell continues until you have no more Fat). Target can be Teen and up.
Transform Weight, Take Fat: Target another sim and periodically gain Fat while the target loses Fat; can be canceled early by clicking on the target and clicking Sever Bond (otherwise, the spell continues until the target has no more Fat). Target can be Teen and up.

Aura of Edibility: Click on yourself and pick a sim to cast the buff on; the sim with this buff will be capable of making food that doesn't spoil for the duration. Target can be Teen and up.
Aura of Agriculture: Click on yourself and pick a sim to cast the buff on; the sim with this buff will gain Gardening skill at 5x the normal rate for the duration.

Transform Muscle, Give Muscle: Target another sim and periodically lose Muscle while the target gains Muscle; can be canceled early by clicking on the target and clicking Sever Bond (otherwise, the spell continues until you have no more Muscle). Target can be Teen and up.
Transform Muscle, Take Muscle: Target another sim and periodically gain Muscle while the target loses Muscle; can be canceled early by clicking on the target and clicking Sever Bond (otherwise, the spell continues until the target has no more Muscle). Target can be Teen and up.

Douse: Target a sim who is on fire, or object or ground that is on fire, and put it out instantly. Can only put out one "piece" of fire at a time (e.g. if there is a raging inferno, it may take a few clicks).

Stasis Field: Target another sim and lock them into Stasis until you click on them and click Dispel Enchantment; while in Stasis, the target's moods and needs don't decay, and they can't move or perform any actions. Target can be Toddler and up.

Prolong Life: Target another sim and reset age progress back to the beginning of the life stage. Target can be Toddler and up.

Increase Chance of Boy: Target a pregnant sim (can be yourself or another sim), setting the current gender chance to the highest amount for giving birth to a boy.
Increase Chance of Girl: Target a pregnant sim (can be yourself or another sim), setting the current gender chance to the highest amount for giving birth to a girl.

Extract Spirit: Target a gravestone or urn and "pull out" the ghost. Note: Won't work if you've already released the spirit to the netherworld.
Resurrect: Target a ghost and bring them back to life.

Devote Yourself to the Dark

Requires Max Dark Alignment and Level 10 Black Arts skill. You can choose one of the following three rituals:

Eternity: Become Immortal, aka: Can't age or die.

Might: Special Ability Fight for Llamadeus's Favor under Mean menu; drains the target's needs and fills your Magical Connection. Target can be Teen and up.

Wealth: Special Ability Wealth from Death under Black Arts menu; kill the target and gain 50,000 Simoleons. Target can be Teen and up.

Devote Yourself to the Light

Requires Max Light Alignment and Level 10 White Arts skill. You can choose one of the following three rituals:

Transcendence: +50 Fine Buff that can be toggled at will.

Salvation: Special Ability Sacrifice Magical Connection under White Arts menu; tank your Magical Connection and fill all of the target's needs to full. Target can be Toddler and up.

Creation: Special Ability Create Life inside Target and Create Life inside Self under White Arts menu; target another sim and make yourself or them pregnant. Target can be Young Adult and up.

Rethink Dark Commitment / Rethink Light Commitment: If you've used one of the above rituals, you can undo it by using Ritual of Pollution / Ritual of Absolution.

Alignment and Spell Cost

Spells cost 5 Magical Connection by default. As you progress in Alignment, spells go up in cost for the opposing side. It progresses at a rate of +2 cost for every 10 Alignment. For example, if you reach -50 Dark Alignment, that's 2x5=10. So now if you cast a Light Spell, it will cost 5+10=15 Magical Connection. At -100 Dark Alignment, a Light Spell will cost a total of 25 Magical Connection.

If you reach Max Alignment and use an Alignment-Lock Ritual, your spell cost for that Alignment is now 0. For example, if you reach Max Dark Alignment, Level 10 Black Arts skill, and use the Ritual of Eternity, casting Dark Spells will now cost 0 Magical Connection. Light Spells, on the other hand, will have another +25 cost, totaling it to 50 Magical Connection for each Light Spell.

Note that locking your Alignment will lock you out of any Drain/Sacrifice Need spells of the opposing Alignment (for example, if you are Dark-Locked, you can no longer choose to Sacrifice a Need), but you will still have access to any other unlocked spells of the opposing Alignment.

Sorcerer Removal and General Cleanup

You can now click on the clay with a Sorcerer and click on the Purge Magic menu, then Return Magic to Object. This will remove everything Sorcerer-related from the sim, so don't use it unless you really want the sim to be Sorcerer-free. Note that Black Arts and White Arts skill progress will not be reset or removed; however, with Sorcerer removed, those skills will be irrelevant to your sim anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Some tooltips/notifications have been changed, added, clarified, etc. For example, Child Sims who use the clay will now receive a more accurate notification about what they can do as a Sorcerer. The clay has also been given a few tooltips for cases like if your sim already has the Sorcerer trait, or if they are a Vampire or PlantSim.

Teleportation (this is the same as pre-2.0)

That's right, Teleportation. Earlier when you completed that initial Ritual, you also got access to a teleport ability. This ability is called Teleport as Llamadeus's Torch. It's called this because when you teleport, there's a brief pinkish/purplish flame effect and Llamadeus is all about the pink and the purple and the flame and such, yeah yeah.

The Teleportation comes in two other visual flavors, though the mechanics of it are exactly the same. If you're into Light Alignment far enough that the Alignment bar changes color, Teleport as Llamadeus's Torch changes to Teleport as Purity's Flame and the flame effect is now a yellowish color. If you're into Dark Alignment far enough that the Alignment bar changes color, Teleport as Llamadeus's Torch changes to Teleport as Reaper's Shroud and instead of a flame effect, there's a brief black smoke effect like when the grim reaper teleports.

[Added in May 21, 2017 Update: You can "Teleport as Llamadeus' Torch..." another sim. They will get a 30 second moodlet, which is the same for Child or older, but different for a number of Toddler traits]

That's it for Teleportation! Now let's get into Magical Connection. We can do this. *Takes deep breath*

Magical Connection

Unlike Alignment, Magical Connection works exactly like a normal Need. Well... mostly. It decays over time like a normal Need. When it gets low-ish, you get a +1 Dazed Moodlet. When it reaches rock bottom, you get a +3 Dazed Moodlet.

In addition to decaying over time, Magical Connection also lowers every time you cast a Spell (though you can get the cost for, for example, Dark Spells at 0 if you've maxed Black Arts skill, maxed Dark Alignment, and Committed to the Dark). It ranges from -100 at the lowest to 100 at the highest and each Spell drains 5 Magical Connection. Spells can't be casted when Magical Connection is at -90 or lower. You won't be able to know what the exact numbers are by looking, unless you use the UI Extensions Cheat mod and manually modify the value. This information is just to give you an idea of how many Spells you can use before you run low and what you can expect when you get low.

Getting back to Spell restrictions. At -90 or lower, I partially lied; some Spells can be casted. You have some Spells that don't cost any Magical Connection and their key purpose is in refilling Magical Connection.

Under Spells > Renew Magical Connection, you'll find two menus: Drain a Need (Bonded) and Sacrifice a Need (Bonded). Once you reach level 10 in Black/White Arts skill, you'll get access to a faster version of these spells. The default versions are periodic drain/sacrifice and leveling your skill in the process.

Under each menu is a separate Spell for every Need out of the default six that you have. For example, if you chose Iron Insides, you won't have Hunger or Bladder, so under Drain a Need, you would see Fun, Social, Energy, and Hygiene.

How each works and their purpose is as follows:

Drain a Need / Sacrifice a Need (Bonded): Works like the past versions, but the draining/sacrifice is done over time, steadily, rather than all at once. You can cancel out of at any time by clicking on the target and clicking Sever Bond. Otherwise, it will cancel when certain requirements are met, like you running out of a need if you're sacrificing one or the target running out of a need if you're draining it from them. This version also levels Black Arts (Drain) or White Arts (Sacrifice).

Drain a Need (Instant): You drain the target's targeted Need to -90 and yours refills to 100[full], in addition to Magical Connection filling to full. The target's targeted Need (ex: Bladder) must be 30 or higher for you to be able to drain it. To give you a rough idea of what that means, 30 is somewhere in the vicinity of 2/3rds full, visually.

Sacrifice a Need (Instant): You drain your own need to -90 and the target's targeted Need goes to 100[full], in addition to your Magical Connection filling to full. Your chosen Need (ex: Bladder) must be 30 or higher for you to be able to drain it. To give you a rough idea of what that means, 30 is somewhere in the vicinity of 2/3rds full, visually.

Note that for "Instant" version, the amount the Need needs to be at is a rough number chosen to be in the vicinity of "not full," without being "so low it's way too easy to do over and over." If you are draining other sims' needs a lot, you may want to be thinking about how to make sure that they can get them refilled, so that you're able to keep doing it. If you're sacrificing your own needs, you may want to be thinking about how to get them refilled in a timely manner.

It's all up to you to play as you want. You can even go around draining random people if you want and gain lots of Dark Alignment points, if you're into that sort of thing.

Now for the crescendo, let's talk about Child Sims and their lot in life! Those of you who played with my Sorcerer Trait in the past will recognize the part about Spontaneous Combustion.

Notes for Translators about 2.0

The following strings have been removed:

- Cast Curse of Life on
- Tear the Curtain
- Heal Sadness
- Cast Sacrifical Wealth

The following strings have been changed slightly, so these strings have been reverted to English in all languages to avoid creating an inaccurate translation and also so it's easy for you folks to see what needs updating:

- "Transcend" has been changed to "Ritual of Transcendence" (ID: 7611B565)

- "Ritual of the Immortal" has been changed to "Ritual of Eternity" (ID: 5BE93707)

- "(From Ritual of the Immortal)" has been changed to "(From Ritual of Eternity)" (ID: F010730C)

- "Siphon Wealth" has been changed to "Siphon Joy into Wealth" (ID: 45AF6D97)

- "Drain a Need" has been changed to "Drain a Need (Instant)" (ID: BC17D60D)

- "Sacrifice a Need" has been changed to "Sacrifice a Need (Instant)" (ID: BC2CC972)

- "Sorcerers are affected by performing certain types of spells, shifting them toward the light or dark. Moving far toward either extreme will unlock new spells, but be careful! Some spells may lock your alignment permanently." has been changed to "Sorcerers are affected by performing certain types of spells, shifting them toward the light or dark." (ID: 22E6D99D)

Finally, there is an unused string, "Outline Evil Plan." You can translate this or ignore it as you choose. I may use it at some point, but it's currently unused.

Child Sim Sorcerers (this is the same as pre-2.0)

Child Sim Sorcerers can't cast Spells yet. In the wise words of a petulant child, "Maybe later."

Child Sim Sorcerers have a different relationship with magic than older sims. They have a lot of magical energy, but don't understand how to use it yet. Sometimes this can manifest in the form of Spontaneous Combustion. Spontaneous Combustion works as follows:

Spontaneous Combustion: When Angry, there's a chance that your Child Sim may spontaneously combust (known in edumacated parts of the wurld as catchin on fire.. what am I saying?). Anyway, you catch on fire.

The exact numbers for chance of it happening are: Minimum 4 hours initially, maximum 8 hours initially. Then min 6 hours, max 24 hours. It's intended to be rare overall, rather than being something you habitually have to deal with. But let's keep it moving before we catch on fire here...

After spontaneously combusting at least once, Child Sim Sorcerers can ask an older Sim who is a Sorcerer to do a Flame Containment Spell on them, which protects them from spontaneously combusting for two days. This buff is called Combustion Suppression and when it's added, all Tense, Angry, and Uncomfortable buffs are removed. (This does not apply to buffs that are dependent on something other than time remaining, like the low Hygiene discomfort from being dirty after being on fire, nor does it apply to buffs of these types that are added AFTER Combustion Suppression is added.)

Child Sim Sorcerers can also Teleport, with some heavy caveats. For a Child Sim to be able to Teleport, a Teen+ Sorcerer needs to do the interaction with them, under Friendly, called "Imbue with Teleportation Power." Upon completion, the Child Sim Sorcerer (let's just call him Bob... that's easier to type... Bob is an easy name). Upon completion, Bob gains a 6 hour, +2 Fine buff called Teleporty Tingles. Bob can now click on the ground and use Teleport as Llamadeus's Torch.

But there's a catch. A snag. A hitch. A... I'm running out of variations on the word catch.

I've lost my thread now. Can you look for it for me, while I continue? The catch is, when Bob teleports he'll get a 30 second, +3 Uncomfortable Moodlet called Queasy. While Queasy is active, Bob can't Teleport. His little Bob body isn't built for such speed. Once Queasy drops, Bob can Teleport again, provided he still has the Teleporty Tingles buff.

And that wraps it up for Child Sims. Enjoy the quirk. The quirk is strong in them, I feel it!

Inheritance and Club Filters

If you would like to have either of these features in relation to the Sorcerer mod, head on over to KlingonDragon's mod here and add that to your game, in addition to this mod.


For some annoying fire-related stuff, there are two overrides. Otherwise, everything that needs to be added in scripts is added in scripts. The two overrides are as follows:

interactions.interaction_cancel_compatibility | S4_03B33DDF_00000000_B17F7F4EF5ED9623
(to ensure Douse shows up during fires)

services.fire_service | S4_03B33DDF_00000000_7A60E6E4F74B7502
(to prevent fire from touching a Sim when they have the Aura of Nature buff)

Beware of using this mod with other mods that edit the same files.


Q: How do supernaturals interact with one another?

A: Sorcerers can't drain/sacrifice needs with one another, or with the grim reaper (and a few special active roles, like yoga instructor). They also can't do it to Vampires or Plant Sims; this is simply because Vampires and Plant Sims have different Needs and it would be an obnoxious level of complexity trying to factor in all of the different scenarios. Also, Vampires and Plant Sims cannot become Sorcerers; technically, you could bypass the current restrictions to make it happen with cheats, but the traits that give Sorcerers unique Needs and give them access to their Spells in the process would make a conflicting mess. What would happen is you'd lose one supernatural's unique Needs, or it would just glitch in general. [Note: Aliens aren't included in these restrictions because they don't have unique Needs. I have not tested them as Sorcerers, but I don't have any reason to believe it wouldn't work.]

Apart from that, nothing special.

Q: Is anything autonomous? Will there be Sorcerers running around in my game randomly?

A: Nothing is autonomous. Every interaction is set to not allow autonomy and no one should be getting the Sorcerer Trait without you making it happen. If you experience otherwise, let me know and I'll look into it. [Side Note: If you had my old Sorcerer Trait mod and you replace it, in saves where you had it installed, there may be some random sims who have the trait, due to it having formerly been a CAS/Personality trait. The interactions will still not be autonomous though.]

Q: I have X idea for what you should do with the mod in the future. Will I be socially ostracized and have my tonsils forcibly removed for mentioning it?

A: I'm happy to hear ideas. Magic is an insanely wide and varied topic, and there's no way I can begin to cover it all in a mod.

Q: I'm currently using your Sorcerer Trait mod. What do I do to switch to this mod?

A: Simply remove the old mod and add this mod to your game, as you would normally. You only quirk you might see is in relation to the occasional unplayed sim still having the Sorcerer trait from random CAS trait generation, in pre-existing saves (see FAQ question about autonomy)

Q: I can't start a fire / my fire isn't working in X area.

A: Fires can't be started outside the Build Mode zone of a lot. If you are unsure where this begins and ends, go into Build Mode for the lot you're on and you'll see the outline. I will try to make this more immediately clear in a later update. If you find you can't start a fire within the Build Mode zone either, it may be an incompatibility between mods. [This should now be clear in 2.0]

Q: The mod uses visual effects from the Vampires Pack. Is this really base game compatible? Are you pulling one over on me, slick? Cause I ain't no clown, aight.

A: Hi, strange speaking version of myself. I talked to SimGuruModSquad about this. Visual effects (VFX) are typically added as part of the base game patch before a pack release (meaning, they are accessible with base game only). Animations are typically added with the pack itself. This is why I can use VFX, like the Vampire Ghost's Sun-in-chest-cavity effect, and not require more than base game. But I can't use the Vampire powers animations and keep the requirements as base game.

Q: My sim has a red/orange/yellow Plumbob above their head when they have Dark Alignment progress. Is this normal?

A: As far as I'm aware, there is no known way to change this with modding, but it's nothing to be concerned about either. The Plumbob changes color because Alignment uses the Needs coding and that coding signals your Need being low with a Plumbob color change. Because Dark Alignment uses the lower end of a Need (it not being full) it shows up as a different color.

Q: My sim has a debuff, such as Low Energy, even though I'm not supposed to have the Energy Need at all.

A: This is a bug. See my post made here for more information: Debuff Bug


If you have the language skills and would like to translate, this might help you get started: Deaderpool STBL Tool

Translations sent to me will be added to the mod and you will be credited by name here. Doing a full language translation for any language with all the text this mod has is probably a time-consuming endeavor. I'm not asking anyone to translate, but I figured I'd mention it for those who might be interested in doing it. I'm not bilingual, unless you count scripting languages, so it's completely out of my sphere of ability.

Thanks to these folks for doing some translations: simsfreak 388, mrsb0red, hubi98, kibapvp2, dudavg, Amalenne, Moonly Sims, Trozuu, justin10

Pointers for Installing Scripts

Upon downloading the mod and unzipping it, you'll see a file of the PACKAGE file type and a file of the TS4SCRIPT file type. Both go in your Mods folder, as is, without being further unzipped/extracted in any way. If you have a lot of mods and want to be organized, you can place them within an unzipped folder inside your Mods folder and they should be recognized and function as normal. (Example: You could create a folder called BecomeASorcerer within your Mods folder and place the PACKAGE and TS4SCRIPT files from this mod inside of it.)

TS4SCRIPT file type is essentially a zip file containing python scripts that has been renamed, so that it's more clear what its purpose is. You should never unzip a TS4SCRIPT file, unless you're a modder and you want to see how the scripts work as a reference point for your own work. Unzipping it won't open up a black hole in the universe and destroy your computer; it'll just confuse you if you aren't a modder and/or know what you're doing with scripts.

Additional Credits:
In addition to the usual suspects who have made or contributed to various modding tools (Scumbumbo, Zerbu, Kuree) I have some specific people to mention who helped me in various ways throughout the process of this mod.

They are, in no particular order: Candyd, Neia, DramaticGamer, and SimGuruModSquad

I would also like to thank air for being breathable. Mmm... air. [Air... it's what you breathe. Buy now on sale for just $19.99 and we'll throw in a complimentary SECOND breath of air at NO ADDITIONAL COST! That's a STEAL!]
Download files
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May-15-2017--CLR-Fix--Triplis--BecomeASorcerer.zip 257.2 KB 166,564 15th May 2017
Triplis--BecomeASorcerer--V1-1.zip 257.3 KB 84,643 18th May 2017
Triplis--BecomeASorcerer--V1-2.zip 267.2 KB 66,351 21st May 2017
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Triplis--BecomeASorcerer--V1-4.zip 275.7 KB 59,495 11th Jun 2017
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Triplis--BecomeASorcerer--V2-2.zip 849.2 KB 68,122 7th Jul 2017
Triplis--BecomeASorcerer--V2-3.zip 863.7 KB 63,356 19th Aug 2017
Triplis--BecomeASorcerer--V2-3-2--IdleAnimationChange.zip 864.2 KB 57,243 25th Sep 2017
Triplis--BecomeASorcerer--V2-4.zip 1.44 MB 63,438 7th Oct 2017
Triplis--BecomeASorcerer--V2-4-2.zip 1.44 MB 95,424 14th Nov 2017
Triplis--BecomeASorcerer--V2-4-3.zip 1.44 MB 118,273 25th Feb 2018
Triplis-Sorcerer-V2-4-4.zip 1.46 MB 29,296 17th Jul 2018
Triplis-Sorcerer-V2-4-5.zip 1.46 MB 155,511 20th Jul 2018
Basic Download and Install Instructions:
1. Download: Click the File tab to see the download link. Click the link to save the .rar or .zip file(s) to your computer.
Read the upload description for installation instructions. If nothing else is specified, do the following:
2. Extract: Use WinRAR (Windows) to extract the .package file(s) (if included, ts4script as well) from the .rar or .zip file(s).
3. Cut and paste the .package file(s) (if included, ts4script as well) into your Mods folder
  • Windows XP: Documents and Settings\(Current User Account)\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\
  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1: Users\(Current User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\

Need more information?
  • Anyone can use both .rar and .zip files easily! On Windows, use WinRAR.
  • If you don't have a Mods folder, just make one.
  • Mod still not working? Make sure you have script mods enabled
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