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  1. Any solution for too much vertexs?
  2. Making an object diagonal??
  3. Quick question about light colour
  4. Quick Question about Editing Textures
  5. Milkshape 1.8.0 Question.
  6. Recolors of Maxi objects not being saved in lot package
  7. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  8. Creating Objects with holes? using wings 3d
  9. How do you create an object
  10. Troubles with hottub and its GUIDs
  11. Mirror surface on object-is it possible?
  12. What is a Mesh Tool?
  13. Adding lit and unlit states to a non-lamp object
  14. OFB lockable gate darker than it should be
  15. werre do I?
  16. Is The Repository Technique -- New Question Added In Reply Post :)
  17. Texture for dresser clothing...
  18. How do I work on seasons stuff in simpe _now_?
  19. Vertices,Faces, etc.
  20. Help recolouring the glass in a window!
  21. Can I reclone my cribs to use Inge's reservable code?
  22. Counter top pattern not aligning and driving me CRAZY!
  23. Adding Cushion to a chair New mesher here
  24. SimsPE disfunction?
  25. cusom Kiddy-car
  26. Can I Do This?
  27. color wrong
  28. Getting Lost Maxis Objects?
  29. Gates & lightning problems!
  30. Neighborhood Decoration Remeshing (?)
  31. A few questions ^_^ (So I don't have to make a thread for each subject)
  32. Sorry if this is a n00bish question. I'm a beginner. Read inside.
  33. How would I make these creatures into Custom Objects? Pics inside!
  34. Plz Help!!!!
  35. Making objects go down with walls !!!
  36. What should I use?
  37. Objects List
  38. Neighborhood objects not recoloring right.
  39. Help changing Png size
  40. Expansion Question Somewhat?
  41. I want to do something...
  42. How to? Make objects Invisible/Transparent
  43. i cant figure it out!
  44. Making a painting recolorable (split from another thread)
  45. Help! Trying to clone Atavera's signs
  46. Problem importing OBJ files to maya 7
  47. New object too dark!
  48. Recolouring Pictures
  49. Object Meshing help please :(
  50. New object to shiny
  51. Recolor Of A Sign
  52. How do I make Crib Bedding?
  53. How to clone neighborhood objects?
  54. Tutorial for uv mapper?
  55. How To Make Poster?
  56. Need help
  57. Is there a 'LIGHTS' Tutorial?
  58. Recolors
  59. Want someone to help check if the fence files are alright... thanks in advance
  60. Custom Furniture
  61. Any way to recolor the glass for the Light Pane window?
  62. Resizing a multi tile object
  63. How do I edit the object without doing all the 3d stuff?
  64. help needed with lost tutorial file
  65. UV mapping and texture question
  66. Now Opening my requests, (I will make only tables and dining chairs at the moment)
  67. Miles Tails Prower sculpture...
  68. Ceiling Light Help Please - BHAV?
  69. Invisible Objects
  70. Electronics Creation
  71. Adding Light to a "non"Light Object
  72. Couch Recoloring???
  73. maknig an object semi invisable?
  74. Recoloring with Simpe- "Build DXT" is greyed out
  75. How To Make Multiple Objects That Take Same Recolours
  76. I'm wanting to make a new Drivable Truck...
  77. Grand Piano
  78. please help a newbie to this area
  79. cars from need for speed in the sims
  80. Changing the shape of bathtub water?
  81. Where are the fish?
  82. Mesh Creators! Where do you get your inspiration?
  83. FaceCount and VertexCount ?
  84. Having issues with recoloring...
  85. Custom Wall Hanging?!
  86. Is there a package-viewer???
  87. Linking Recolors To More Than One Object? - updated attachment
  88. Can I Make an object with my own actions?
  89. Changing color names for "clean" and "dirty" states
  90. Cloning a painting question
  91. Milkshape help
  92. My fridge and dishwasher wont work
  93. Recolor help.
  94. Can Anyone Help Me With This!!!!!!!!!
  95. How do I request objects?
  96. How to create a curtain
  97. Recolouring a gate?
  98. Neighbourhood Objects?
  99. Recolouring Windows
  100. I have a perfect idea for a fence!
  101. mesh group importer help please
  102. YAY! My Kitchen Set!!! the Best part is! ITS INVISIBLE!=[
  103. How to Make Meshes in Paint!!
  104. Help finishing a new object mesh
  105. Recoloring Numenors Wallwindows
  106. building vehicle question
  107. how do i make a nissan s15 for the sims 2
  108. Please, I need help with my recolors *sigh*
  109. Adding a subset to an animated object. How to?
  110. EDIT: How to recolor a half wall? help please :-)
  111. Blue Countertop?
  112. My Pictures flipped...
  113. Need a fellow Maya User's Help Please
  114. Recolor textures fade at a distance
  115. Can't get that new mesh in SimPE because it has too many faces or vertices? Here's how to get around that.
  116. The New Pets-Friendly Version of SimPE
  117. Which technique is better?
  118. unicorns, beds, and downloading...oh my!
  119. Recoloring Paintings and Windkeeper's 3x4 rug
  120. Texturer needed for the texturing of drums!
  121. PolygonCount&Simpe
  122. half wall help
  123. GMDC Files?
  124. Making a custom Spoon or fork - how is it done?
  125. Mirror Problem
  126. Best Meshing Program
  127. Help with object compatabilities for The Sims 2.
  128. Objects that light up and blink
  129. Extracting objects, 3Ds Max 8 etc
  130. drop of quality in using 'Update all sizes'
  131. Reducing meshes without crapifing them?
  132. Object making HELP!! PLEASE
  133. Adding Bumpmaps to new meshes
  134. Lighting Recoloring
  135. recolouring Maxis cars
  136. errir when trying to import my object back into simpe
  137. Creating object in Skech Up 5
  138. Where's the file to take? (recolors)
  139. Guitar texture?
  140. Couple of questions *new question*
  141. hot tub problems!!
  142. Chessboard top recolor
  143. invisible =[
  144. Is it possible to make a single door two tileswide?
  145. How to add just a glass texture on certain part of my object? :(
  146. Canopy Making
  147. My strange object creation problem
  148. To many Verticals Or Faces? NOT AGAIN!
  149. How to make your own custom magazines and dvd's?
  150. Recolouring the Toy Oven
  151. Maya
  152. Problem with the Geometric Data Container.
  153. Simpe changes texture
  154. The bathwater in tubs doesn't rise anymore once it's modified.....
  155. Why don't my recolors ever work!?
  156. roof textures
  157. On to problem 5 =[, making from scratch.
  158. Object creators using Milkshape - You need msAlignNormals!
  159. how to put three sims 2 packs into 1 .package file
  160. My new meshes overwrite objects I cloned
  161. A better intro for UVMapper please?
  162. How do i See my texture Materials In Milkshape????
  163. Cloning bunk beds?
  164. Changing the size of an object
  165. How do I make custome objects from scratch?
  166. Shower Curtain not closing
  167. Sketchup.
  168. Linking+recoloring enabled
  169. 2 Q's - 1 About UvMapperPro and 1 Milkshape
  170. placing objects in OFB shelves
  171. Poly count
  172. More colors in a single package might save loading time?
  173. pictures
  174. Poly counts - Help please :)?
  175. Fun Shaped Rug Problem
  176. Problems importing texture maps (serious pixelation)
  177. What's all this other nonsense in the GMND?
  178. Transparent
  179. UvMapper help
  180. 3d Editor help with GMDC
  181. The alpha "blend" mode bleed
  182. Car lights removable ?
  183. Trouble with making new Archway from maxis base?
  184. make object shine but only in certain areas
  185. Concerning Food! How Do You Make A Custom Plate And Texture Inside Of Food?
  186. DefaultBabyBottleReplacement
  187. Plugins for Simpe
  188. How would you recolor this?
  189. Need help getting started recolouring birds please
  190. How To Add Glass Textures And Reflectivity To Objects?
  191. Magazine??
  192. Recoloring modular stairs
  193. Problem with picture recolor
  194. Is it possible to do opaque recolors of glass?
  195. "Is Chair a Booth" / "Is Sofa a Sectional" global patches - Discussion thread
  196. Making a door let light in
  197. Colonial tubs and Pets
  198. Vertex Problem
  199. Import objects meshes, by using Cannonfodder's SMD Importer.
  200. Spare vertices?
  201. Custom envcube maps?
  202. Texture Question
  203. can some one help me please?? my picture object with frame is pitched black..
  204. Chimney Recolor | This Is Making Me Crazy
  205. Chritmas Tree?
  206. Help with Stairs Recolor
  207. Tip about wall shadows
  208. Help Please - Book Recolouring
  209. Venus Statue~text. confusion
  210. Latest SimPE
  211. How do I get rid of the posts mesh in a fence?
  212. Luxury TV available at EAGames through Best Buy
  213. Problem with Sheer Curtains
  214. Number of meshes and textures are different
  215. Help with recolors
  216. i need help with......
  217. cTransformNode coordinates sometimes ignored
  218. Sketchup
  219. Wondering about recolouring collars
  220. modular/ sectional seats
  221. Invisible object or an object that just doesn´t work
  222. Animated dressers etc. with 3ds Max
  223. cant open tutorials
  224. how do you make cars
  225. recolors loaded from other package?
  226. Need help adding glass to an armoire
  227. Please Help - Error in SimPE after clicking on GMDC
  228. Cloning OFB Freezer Bin
  229. how to extract cars?
  230. How Do I Make Glass Objects?!?!
  231. How do i recolour my self made content
  232. Bathtub&Animation
  233. Adding/Removing another tile to an object?
  234. My mesh doesnt have color
  235. Anyone know what is going on with Milkshape?
  236. Help needed with mesh shaping
  237. Is MilkShape the best 3D Creation Software?
  238. Enlarge texture
  239. SimPE For Pets
  240. how do you make the amplifier invisible?
  241. How Do I Recolor?!?!????!!!??!!
  242. Which type of UV map is best to use?
  243. uv mapping more than one shape at a time.
  244. slightly confused
  245. Stand Alone Object? Clone? A Specific Question...
  246. Blender 2.42a problem
  247. recoloring CC??
  248. Making New Windows
  249. jwood cell animation technique problem
  250. Need internet to create new objects? What's wrong with my mesh?