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  1. Help Please!
  2. Frequent and unsolvable false accusations at Uni
  3. How can you see what day it is?
  4. Mods Stopped Working (out of the blue)
  5. Debug menu help
  6. Help
  7. Can I get a height map from a non-sims3 world?
  8. Additional age stages
  9. anything like this or similer?
  10. Custom dive lots = fail fail fail.
  11. The Sims Community
  12. Please Help Me
  13. Do different towns have different base temperatures?
  14. What's up with Luna?
  15. Why cant I call Celebrities?
  16. DLC breaking other DLC
  17. Is it possible to create show from sims?
  18. Help!!
  19. Spooky Day Costumes
  20. Promotion question
  21. I just realized why i never got to the 2nd or 3rd generation in The Sims!
  22. Now with complete expansions and DLCs...is the Sims 3 worth playing?
  23. Master Controller Force Kill Questions
  24. custom world with expensive houses?
  25. Make up presets for The Sims 3
  26. I'm Tired of the Sims
  27. A thank you to all the modders out there
  28. What lot size is preferred?
  29. Total Noob
  30. Colour changing plants in present world?
  31. 3gb RAM Memory
  32. Messed up all my previous file, Help!
  33. a love-letter to the grim reaper!?
  34. How to download content with Windows 8?
  35. TS3: quick little question about the skill "Guitar".
  36. Recommended computers/laptops to play TS3 on?
  37. living underground
  38. Are there any base game players here?
  39. The Berrycrazy Cakes! (And my simself and Sunset Valley's premades)
  40. My Origin Installing Nightmare
  41. 20 bucks for a neighborhood? Really?
  42. Houses
  43. Awesomemod No-CD Not Working For Me
  44. Still Life Portraits
  45. Where can I download this file?
  46. Similiar-Looking Premades
  47. Does anyone know any free-working washing machines and dryers?
  48. CAW Edit-in-Game crash
  49. Storing Mixed Drinks?
  50. Top must have mods!
  51. Remove objects from sims hands, Mod?
  52. Making an android/robot hybrid plumbot
  53. Rabbit Hole Rugs?
  54. Sailor Moon related stuff needed! (Please help with this)
  55. How to get into Plan Outfit without dresser?
  56. Ice Sculpture poses
  57. Best Worlds
  58. How to upload sims/lots to MTS
  59. Where are the modding forums?
  60. Nraas Careers Self-Employed Help
  61. What are your favourite expansions?
  62. Nude Skin and Fairy Wings
  63. Can sims eat on sofa?
  64. Over bed wardrobe/dresser??
  65. Unlocking new jobs for Stylist
  66. University right in home world?
  67. How do you get Celebrities?
  68. Fast skills mod.
  69. no download button
  70. Last Name reusing?
  71. Nanites not appearing
  72. Boat Docks
  73. mods that improves the sims 3
  74. any mod out there that slows down time?
  75. help with channel count /pixelated?
  76. I forgot my foundation...again.
  77. Create this?
  78. Who is guilty of the "Simself-marry-Simcrush" scenario?
  79. mods to stay away from?
  80. I learned how to make tattoos!
  81. PC Specs
  82. What should I buy from the store? (Only 2107 Simpoints Available)
  83. List of games required for your builds
  84. Making a baby with a single female sim?
  85. Private Investigator LTW is Bugged?
  86. Dragon valley
  87. Your favorite Custom made lots in all of the Sims community
  88. How To Create Custom Content on TS3 (HELP ME PLEASE)
  89. How to organize and delete cc objects whitout launcher.
  90. Do your sims have set routines?
  91. Oasis Landing Dystopia as a home world?
  92. Power suit is rubbish, sweet holo pipboy is where its at.
  93. Can somebody help a Noobie like me? Please?!
  94. :new: Can somebody help a Noobie like me? Please?! :mod:
  95. penthouse wish
  96. Selling objects from inventory
  97. Made a YouTube Channel I Need Help
  98. Science Research Station and the Science Major Question
  99. Sims speeds om the clock
  100. Quick ways to learn traits?
  101. Replacing audio cues and/or music?
  102. Can i turn off the aging only in my active household?
  103. Good murder/apocolypse downloads
  104. Food in refrigerators
  105. WTF... Really? (LTW-related)
  106. getting arrested?
  107. story progression nraas
  108. Question for you builders
  109. Custom worlds
  110. Ways to get rid of the selector icons (see latest post)
  111. Need help please! How to place lot on cliff?
  112. Continue The Story - Silly! 8d
  113. How do I give skills to Townies
  114. Do I need WA?
  115. Is it worth my time to make CC and (maybe) mods?
  116. Is there a mod to bring a toddler with to University?
  117. Witches
  118. Sim Version of Weird Al Yankovic
  119. To be or not to be that what the vehicle ask
  120. How do I get rid of phone calls for dates?
  121. Help please!
  122. Bridgeport
  123. Festival Parks
  124. My Female Sim Couple Tried For Baby and it Worked?
  125. Uncharted island marker gone
  126. Well.. this is frustrating.
  127. story progression... have I broken my game?
  128. Houseboats
  129. HELP!! I just lost all my lifetime rewards!
  130. Is it possible to apply Bridgeport routing fixes to a saved game?
  131. Ideas on Making France More Fun?
  132. Teen pregnancy|Which mods do i need?
  133. Downloading Store for Safe Keeping?
  134. What EP's do you still play with?
  135. Can i delete file from save file?
  136. Who runs Sims 3 well on a RECENTLY purchased laptop?
  137. Shader_win32.precomp original
  138. Package file cleaners for mac
  139. "The Hollow Trilogoy"
  140. [WIP] Merfolk: More Fish-like Mermaids (Help Wanted)
  141. two versions of the game on one computer
  142. can i install sliders with CCMagic?
  143. Editing vacation world sims?
  144. I can't see the forest for the trees, anyone else lost in the forest of sliders?
  145. Interactable coathanger to put on/take off outerwear?
  146. The urge to play without CC (a bit of a rant, join in if you like!)
  147. Disable/Remove the Weather Stone?
  148. Maintain Fire Alarm?
  149. Improving Shadow Distance in the Sims 3?
  150. Want families to progress, but feel bad when townies age up and die?
  151. Prussian Uniform
  152. Wondering if there is a sims world that is know for least routing issues
  153. Days until next stage: Never ?????????????
  154. Deck Foundations
  155. Heartshaped Moonstones worth over a billion
  156. Choppy performance on high end PC with all EPs. Please help - stumped!
  157. Favorite premade houses?
  158. Farewell, TS3
  159. Sims 3 townies
  160. Sims icon not showing up , can't control my sims please help
  161. The "Game Glitch" Story!
  162. CC You can't live without!!!
  163. Error Trap HELP?
  164. Is there any way to completely disallow imigration?
  165. smaller world?
  166. Sims 3 Doesn't Work On Windows 8
  167. Pregnancy Do Not Want
  168. Create Custom Roads?
  169. .sim file not loading?
  170. Garden Career, is there level 11?
  171. Is this a bug or just a (gamebreaking) illusion?
  172. What is a good lifetime want for someone in the gaming career?
  173. Help Merging Packs On Mac- Delphy's Not Working For Me.
  174. How do you get rid of Spare Sims?
  175. gender preference in sims 3
  176. Freezing but not frozen
  177. Moving (big) lot with built house to a smaller lot.
  178. Going back to Sims 2?
  179. Stop automatic outerwear
  180. No Spooky or Snow Day
  181. Is flood and avalanche possible in The Sims 3 Seasons?
  182. Lots no Longer Named?
  183. Looking for a Medieval Challenge!
  184. Twallans Kama Simtra
  185. Default Replacements?
  186. Why can't I download?
  187. What happened to Lemon Leaf's Website?
  188. How to make the Child Stage interesting
  189. Make Wizard and Kungfu Duels deadly?
  190. Rabbit hole fix? Fired for not going to non-existant job building?
  191. default replacements you use
  192. What changes would make The Sims 3 "perfect"
  193. Is there a way?
  194. Who else is looking forward to EA ending support for the Sims 3?
  195. starting first legacy. have question
  196. just got uni
  197. Create a World Replacement?
  198. Having my own families leave their kids on my Daycare?
  199. Help with playing in Rotation
  200. Lot Adjuster?
  201. Most Expensive Nectar
  202. Story Progression Stuff
  203. Sims 3 Download Not Working?!
  204. Copying house and moving to another world?
  205. Travel worlds
  206. Growing Up Baby Aliens
  207. Magic broom stands, but no brooms in "Edit Town" mode?
  208. Penthouse Lobbies
  209. Sims 3 Natasha Una
  210. How long did it take you?
  211. Bars and Clubs
  212. lag
  213. Mods keep making my game crash.
  214. Aurora Skies or Roaring Heights?
  215. Tallest Rabbit Holes in Game and EP's
  216. Does anyone have trouble with this?
  217. I Dare You To . . .
  218. Simoleons bill texture
  219. Help with Mods
  220. I'll draw your sim!!
  221. Change your favourite ep?
  222. Do you use a Lighting Mod?
  223. How to fix baby loop glitch permanently ?
  224. Can I delete some content from the saves folder?
  225. Build mode ideas
  226. Can You Move in Sims from another Country?
  227. creating wet socks
  228. Fireplaces
  229. Who would you cast in a Sims movie?
  230. Mod Request: Vampires never Bite Wrists
  231. Apartments Dorms
  232. Sims 3 third floor
  233. You know you're spending too much time at MTS, when
  234. i have to ask..
  235. Help with reinstalling
  236. Origin offline
  237. Is there a Way to Hang Signs onto Doors?
  238. Does anyone know how to fix the texture of these walls?
  239. needs menu
  240. Looking for a Fantasy themed world
  241. Downloading Sims is frustrating
  242. can someone fix some mods for me
  243. Other safe places for CC
  244. NRass mover help?
  245. CC not showing up
  246. Can sims 2 CC work on Sims 3?
  247. Perks of Business Partnership?
  248. About family trees?
  249. after supernatural expansion our ghosts can no longer go to other sims houses without invitation (SOLVED)
  250. Glassblowing Station Not Functioning