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  1. Sims 3 - Mini Freezing
  2. Sims 3 Bug or Bad CC Causing weird Descriptions?
  3. CelebritySim?
  4. What setting do I need to enable to make my pets fuzzy?
  5. Houseboats and CAW need some help
  6. Incorrect Executable - Expecting: ts3w.exe, Got: TS3.exe
  7. is this a glitch?
  8. I Need Help Game Loads Soo Freaking Slow
  9. How to change video memory usage(Can fix d3d9.dll crashes!)
  10. I need a cute boyfriend for my sim. Does anyone have any downloads for one?
  11. Can't make sims celebrities
  12. Mod Request: Death by Freezing "fix"
  13. Horseman/woman job?
  14. Gifting question
  15. How do you imprison passerby sims?
  16. EA VS Adjust Shine Highlights
  17. Are rotational, integrated hoods still a thing?
  18. Unicorn problems
  19. Getting the Frakkin' Aardvarks to Interact!
  20. How to make a custom mixologist in a bar?
  21. Voice editing outside CAS / cross-gender voices?
  22. Roommates Issues
  23. Photography Shutternut challenge: nothing registers as "bathroom stuff"
  24. Moveobject and/or buydebug cheats freezes my game
  25. The Case Of The Cunning Cop Cruiser
  26. Woohoer not working
  27. Hundreds of creepy ice cream trucks crashing my game!
  28. Plumbot Estate Sale
  29. Mouse pointer is really small.
  30. So is Nraas register the culprit?
  31. How many venues are actually needed?
  32. icarus_allsorts Audition for Band and Cook with Any Ingredient Doesnt work on my 1.69 Sims 3
  33. Mods that alter the body type?
  34. Thinking of getting rid of discs Can I still use with origin?
  35. Questions regarding various NRaas mods (immigration, pregnancy, etc.)
  36. Laptop Mode on TS3 / CC & Mods Not Showing Up
  37. :((( are you kidding me!!
  38. If I make a CAS sim and move them in a destination world, will they have a culture trait?
  39. Improving image quality through OBS
  40. Sliders not working in CAS
  41. Windows 10: Sim Killer
  42. How to get your videos fullscreen
  43. Game slows to a crawl.
  44. Unlocking door for dog while locking it for other people - how should I do that?
  45. So in your opinion whick is the BEST remake of Sunset Valley and why?
  46. If I move neighborhoods, will I lose my World Adventures progress?
  47. REBOOT, YO: i'll draw your sim!
  48. Family Things you like to do.
  49. I Found Two Ways to Make Humanoid Plumbots
  50. Can't uninstall expansions
  51. cc magic
  52. Restarting WA quest chain?
  53. My Game Only Works With CC Disabled but...
  54. Can you extract a .sim file from a sims3pack?
  55. Relatable things in the game that you didn't notice
  56. I wanna play, but...
  57. Origin is their own worst enemy.
  58. My question has to deal with Black Sims or African Sims
  59. Hand Tool in LIVE mode (Residential VS Community Lot)
  60. Game Crashes while Saving
  61. Hats as accessories
  62. 75% off Steam Sale
  63. Cram-la-teesh
  64. The Sims 3 won't load.
  65. Sims 3 Woohoo glitch. Both sims standing in same spot
  66. Having trouble.
  67. Lots of Lots, Best way to install?
  68. Ensemble Darkhorses (and Germans Love David Hasselhoff) of the Sim World
  69. Sims 3 singer showtime "Full Versions"
  70. Inteenimator Help!!!!
  71. Clothes Catergory
  72. How do I fix Sunken Sim Syndrome?
  73. Romance between siblings
  74. Bad Custom Content
  75. Origin wants to update... every day!
  76. Alternative Methods Of Exporting Lots?
  77. Stereo keeps playing after detonation
  78. Can anyone take pictures of 1 Sun Song Avenue/The Wan-Goddard house for me?
  79. Outfit Category Special
  80. Request for help editing Per Hour wage.
  81. 1.69 "forgets" what EP/SP I have selected.
  82. Installing worlds when using CCMagic
  83. Fun Family Things To Do
  84. Sims 3 Warrior cats
  85. Do you dream of sims?
  86. World Editor: Rocks?
  87. Changing the default University townies.
  88. Butler's Age
  89. floating trees or objects
  90. Cc Magic Crash Help
  91. I want Origin GONE!!! (I want to play without internet!)
  92. My Mods all Stopped Working
  93. Which world is your favorite?
  94. Whenever the sim casts a spell on himself or another sim...
  95. Sunrise/Sunset Season Offset with 1:69?
  96. sorry to ask
  97. Uncategorized casparts
  98. How many ways does your game mess up?!?!
  99. How to revert to patch 1.67?
  100. More sims on community lots?
  101. Is it bad that I am not releasing my world?
  102. Sims 3 Pose Player
  103. What happened to Simcredible?
  104. Graphics Card
  105. Something about interacting with ghosts...
  106. Car teleport's to work in one area?
  107. Future supernaturals
  108. Distant Terrain not showing in game
  109. My gameplay mods are working but content mods arent and its ridiculously slow!
  110. mods crash
  111. Incorrect Executable??
  112. Worlds won't load.
  113. career conversion
  114. Katy Perry version of Showtime, or why I am pissed at EA.
  115. It is possible to change fonts...?
  116. Late Night fish in Lucky Palms?
  117. Is there a Sims 4 Studio equivalent for The Sims 3?
  118. Deleting ground tiles
  119. sims 3 mods on windows 10
  120. No More Protests
  121. Completely green with this one ... reinstalling with Origin
  122. How do I prevent a family from leaving town?
  123. "Ghetto" Clothing, Buildings, ETC
  124. THE SIMS (Honest Game Trailers)
  125. Installed world not showing
  126. How do I install Custom content on Sims 3 + 4?
  127. How to stop body-shaping during workout
  128. Adult hair for Children
  129. WCIF this Necklace
  130. WCIF this Necklace
  131. What are your favorite expansion packs? Top 11
  132. NRASS not working!!!
  133. Help Removing Custom Content
  134. Open Download Manager
  135. Help: Move gravestones from the graveyard to home lot
  136. What The Hell Happened To My Game?! (TS3) [Solved]
  137. Can i buy disk expansion packs for a digital version off origin
  138. Locate a particular townie?
  139. Sims can't enter apartment
  140. Easiest way to raise celebrity level?
  141. Messed up audio
  142. Tombstone question
  143. Fairy Clothes
  144. Incorrect Executable Error with Master controller
  145. Running a store?
  146. A question about Delphy's programmes
  147. Vampires favourite food 'glitch'
  148. Suggestion: Awesome Bookshelf
  149. Any way to get rid of imaginary friends turned real?
  150. Convert into a Fairy
  151. How does Imaginary Friend work?
  152. Hoverbots are SLOWER than leg bots
  153. Good laptops for recording?
  154. Sims are asleep in bed, and one of them appears ringing the door bell!
  155. TSR and browser hijackers/malware decoys
  156. Where should my mods folder be?
  157. If you own a Nvidia GTX 970, you might wanna see this
  158. WCIF this necklace?
  159. Potent Skill booster and fountain of youth potion
  160. WCIF Semi-Alien Worlds
  161. The potato was my first clue something was up...
  162. Help needed! Save files corrupting in custom world
  163. Downloaded content showing up in game but the files are not in mods or downloads folder
  164. Mod inquiriy
  165. Best way to backup sims?
  166. Maximum Household value?
  167. the Bohemian Garden
  168. Help: Ugly looking Sims with strange smile
  169. Any way to have a baby without the pregnancy?
  170. Pregnancy / It's a boy/girl/twins moodlets, negative moodlets for dislikes children?
  171. Time Speed
  172. modding pictures
  173. Sims 3 - No Map Tags show up.
  174. Unable to place plattform for port
  175. wooher mod problem. Help Please!
  176. Custom Skins don't work
  177. all my cc are gone!
  178. SimsBlender
  179. HELP!Please
  180. Help with Violence and Aggresion mod
  181. Back in the Game!
  182. World Editor lot disappears when I try to place community lot on it
  183. reshader for sims 3 help
  184. Animals Glitched.
  185. Help with Edible Cake Mod! (Specifics Inside)
  186. Anyone Update CAW 1.69 to use CC?
  187. sims 3 origin problem
  188. is there any good cc recipes out there?
  189. Better management of needs for non-player Sims?
  190. Can anyone help me?
  191. Is this... Normal?
  192. More of a Building Question about one of the premade lots.
  193. Apartment design/implement help needed!
  194. Should I get a graphics card for my laptop?? and which one should I get for TS3+4?
  195. Should I keep it?
  196. Would this computer be good for HEAVILY modded Sims 3?
  197. The Sims 3 vs. Windows 10
  198. Glitch: Cannot remove Haunted Residential lot?
  199. How do I install MasterController?
  200. Graphic Card Problem, Please Help :)
  201. Any Undertale Mods?
  202. I'm curious is it actually possible to make a Turn Ons/Turn Offs Mod For the Sims 3?
  203. Is there any program that will let you recategorize sims 3 clothing?
  204. Help installing mods through origin!
  205. difference between sims 3 and 4 packs?
  206. The Sims # Haikus
  207. Fastest Way to 5-Star Celebrity?
  208. Survey posted on /r/TheSims reveals that TS3 is the community's favourite game by a significant margin
  209. What are your sims up to?!
  210. Downloading patch from Origin
  211. Sorry for posting much Wainwright stuff
  212. Hogwarts world
  213. Horses
  214. Sims always in work clothes
  215. I need some help with gardening
  216. Werewolf form problem!
  217. Trouble installing older patch cc
  218. Need advice for haunting a house....
  219. Role on a specific object? (mod)
  220. Tutorial: post-processing effects for TS3 & TS4 with ReShade 2.0
  221. Can you remove all sims from a town at once? [solved]
  222. Swiching households?
  223. Weird Outfits
  224. A question on inscription plaques
  225. The Kraken
  226. Potion ordering
  227. Town For Imaginary Friends
  228. Windows 10 How to Install Mods so They Work
  229. How to have a teen/child sim without no parent without mods!
  230. Number of lots in Bridgeport?
  231. Raw fish and Werewolves
  232. Into the Future bills..
  233. Replacement fridge item
  234. What's up with the cow plant in Base game decor?
  235. Any Gothic clothing?
  236. What do most of your Sims die from?
  237. Request for assistance
  238. Smooth bones?
  239. Deleting every npc
  240. What lot types do WA Tourists visit? (Solved I think)
  241. How do modders make their sims look so GOOD?
  242. Best approach to organize/sort pre-made sims in CAS screen?
  243. Can't Contenct To Facebook
  244. Request: I NEED STAIRS!
  245. Ocean Water Color
  246. Autonomous scratch (werewolves)
  247. How to keep jealousy with woohooer?
  248. Sims 3 Help
  249. Glitchy Things That Have Happened In Your Game :)
  250. Are You Actually A Sim Masquerading As A Human?