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  1. Unlocking Treasure Chests in Debug
  2. How Do I install Awesome Mod?
  3. Harry Potter Books
  4. Sim Guilt
  5. Ever Had a Completionist Sim?
  6. Modding Sims 3
  7. Hats?
  8. Where is the Graduation trait?
  9. Wild Horses and Deer in IP
  10. Neighborood became supernatural
  11. What is this song?
  12. A new Sunset Valley
  13. Master Controller - Cheats
  14. Resort problem
  15. The Sims 3: Missing Something The Sims 2 Had
  16. Quick Question About Packages & The Launcher
  17. Kraken
  18. How to get the new Careers
  19. Army Uniform from Pets
  20. Problem with Sim death! I'm sad!
  21. My Sim won't graduate!
  22. Mod Maker For Hire
  23. Business possibilities with Island Paradise.
  24. venues and festival lots
  25. Favourite Simblrs?
  26. More than 8 RELATED sims per lot??
  27. RIP TheQuxxn
  28. How to remove laggs in the Uncharted Islands Fog??
  29. HOTELS: EA (another) epic fail
  30. 'Meet new friends' interaction
  31. Only One University?
  32. cheat box
  33. Sim is stuck
  34. Cc Magic Tool Help
  35. Working horse traler
  36. My sims won't go to work??
  37. No guests?
  38. EA Store's New Options
  39. What are the best/worst looking descendants of EA premades you have seen? (pictures please)
  40. How to update a core and xml mod??!! Please Help ASAP!!!!!
  41. Playing multiple families in one save for a challenge.
  42. Wouldn't it be Nice..!
  43. Oval coffee tables and babies never getting older
  44. Sims taking random days off?
  45. Improving genetics.
  46. my sim walks like a ghost
  47. In your opinion, what sims from the sims 2 would be wonderful to have/make in sims 3?
  48. Is this supposed to happen?
  49. Is there a way to make a community lot only visitable by a certain
  50. Missing mermaid outfit please help
  51. No Mosaic mod question, what one to use?
  52. What do I do?
  53. Can you make a werewolf turn without the full moon?
  54. Challenge where each generation has rules
  55. Working through Pregnancy using mods
  56. My vampire sim is only vampire in CAS??
  57. Moving large family between worlds.
  58. Question about NPCs and immigrants.
  59. long commutes?
  60. Aging, Trait Question
  61. If you were a sim in the Sims 3, which lifetime rewards would you have?
  62. Nifty legacy tree
  63. Sims 3 EP10: Mermaids & Disappointment
  64. DCCache files
  65. Possible to mod inheritance of Pet layers?
  66. Resorts as Hotels
  67. Making my own sims hireable at resorts
  68. Origin Sale on EPs and SP. Base game only 5$!
  69. Can zombies....
  70. Mod The Sims
  71. Resort towers
  72. Resort Casino
  73. Nraas Story Progression sacred houses?
  74. Which EP should I buy?
  75. How to make this building an apartment?
  76. Question about the Slob trait...
  77. Really need help on an issue with custom content, cant find any info online.
  78. Sims 3 Keeps crashing and Glitches occur
  79. Stuck in France Museum??!!
  80. How do you come up with names for your sims?
  81. help!!!!!!!!!! with mods on mac
  82. How do I fill in that box, before you load your saved family, that would be the description of the neighbourhood?
  83. How many households do you play per save?
  84. Can't try for baby or risky woohoo?
  85. Mermaid romance
  86. About the hotels in this game...
  87. sims 3 Sweet treats
  88. Resorts question
  89. Sims 3 Beta vs Final
  90. The Sims in Island Paradise are really actually cute
  91. May or may not be an issue with gardening
  92. I had 4 babies at once in the sims 3
  93. Mermaid shell bra
  94. Saving Mermaids
  95. Am I the only one here that doesn't like the mermaid scales??
  96. How do you see how many guests are in your resort?
  97. How to enter water from stilted foundation?
  98. No aging available?
  99. Can you park a houseboat at a residential lot?
  100. Can't lock doors on resort lots?
  101. AnySim Ivy vs. patch 1.55?
  102. Is there a way to customize scuba diving equipment?
  103. what happens when you download ims 2 items to sims 3
  104. Sims using boats on roads
  105. Walking Cane in Generations [help!]
  106. Which EP is the most trouble-free?
  107. Have combo rabbit holes been fixed for opportunities?
  108. Leisure Day
  109. My Game get more laggss... :(
  110. Anyone having this problem?
  111. Problems have Occured
  112. tips for isla paridiso specific lag?
  113. Dance studio venue
  114. Resort Rabbit hole rugs?
  115. So how du you find all the hidden islands?
  116. Do I need Ambitions Expansion to get into the Alchemist career?
  117. Question about Moving to a New Town.
  118. Mermaid scale weirdness?
  119. Question about Hidden Islands?
  120. Are the IP collective shells available in Sunset Valley?
  121. Chests
  122. Catching fish underwater
  123. Lifeguard career?
  124. Do you know what's missing from Sims 3?
  125. What's Your Sim's Morning/Night Routine?
  126. Missing piece of wave mural wall set?
  127. What is your favorite custom community lot?
  128. Is there a way to make stacked L-shaped stairs work?
  129. Is Isla Paradiso the only neighborhood where I can run a resort?
  130. A working homeworld university
  131. Modifying An Object
  132. I Need Help With Mods
  133. Maintenance workers issue
  134. Sims 3 v. Sims 2
  135. Career mod bouncer ?
  136. Found a Great floorplan resource for builders
  137. working at resorts? resort workers?
  138. Sims "living" on Community/rabbithole lots
  139. Will base-game CC work on Uni
  140. The ghost who haven't learn her lessons lol
  141. Weird Sand
  142. Dumb question about mermaid
  143. Mermaids!
  144. Part Time in Custom Businesses
  145. I want to put MTS members into my towns
  146. How exactly are the attraction points calculated?
  147. Where to buy festival ground items in Edit Town mode?
  148. A Sim and seven dwarfs
  149. Collections?
  150. Just Curious!
  151. The sims 3 running like complete garbage on Windows 8
  152. Question about Bills
  153. How fast is your game?
  154. Can I have the file TS3W.exe?
  155. Help?! Please?
  156. Avatar legend of Aang Easter egg found in Island paradise!
  157. Where have all the tourists gone?
  158. Best EA pre-made sims (sims 3) with or without a makeover?
  159. Problems with scuba diving / snorkeling
  160. Have EA stopped making Sims Music Videos?
  161. Treasure?
  162. island paradise activation code ?
  163. How to make an exact clone of a sim in sims 3?
  164. Any core mods that don't require internet
  165. Posing sims underwater?
  166. Building a Houseboat
  167. Bizarre result of restoration spell
  168. Is there a collector mod?
  169. Unroutable sims
  170. So, no fishing from boats?
  171. Underwater butterflies :(
  172. New ideas for sim families/stories?
  173. weird glitch error thing?
  174. IP: The only expansion pack without a gnome?
  175. How to change the tail colors of other mermaids.
  176. It's alive!!!(living Bonehilda bug)
  177. Did IP break everything or was that Windows 8?
  178. How to create custom Student NPCs?!
  179. Houseboat/fishing glitch
  180. What have you discovered in Island Paradise today?
  181. Icon on items found while snorkeling
  182. Am I the Only One who has broken custom worlds?
  183. How to build a good beach with Island Paradise?
  184. Is this a new bug?
  185. Making a new dive lot
  186. Is there a way to make a sim unselectable?
  187. Celebrity Status - How do you deal with it?
  188. purchasing additional homes
  189. Island Paradise not loading with mods
  190. IP sub-forum?
  191. For those interested in trading a BB code for the free stuff pack or vice versa.
  192. Scuba diving depressurize
  193. How to get dog to guard the house?
  194. I wish they'd put an instruction manual in this EP!!!
  195. Gnome Pageant (VOTE FOR YOUR BEST GNOME!)
  196. No resorts in World Adventure vacation destination
  197. Nude Patch
  198. What does a message in a bottle look like? (IP)
  199. For those who build houses for TS3
  200. Does anyone actually play the game normally?
  201. After the patch, did anyone's mods stop working?
  202. Sunlit Tides on sale (50% off)
  203. The Sims 3 Issues
  204. Can someone help me find
  205. 75 Simpoints? Latest download manager issue...
  206. Using other EPs shells as "penthouses"/rabbit holes
  207. Issues with resort
  208. Do you use custom skins?
  209. Do language matter?
  210. freezing problems? try this
  211. I just got a weird idea!
  212. sims 3 what happens if you delete items a sim is wearing?
  213. my sim keeps making friends automatically
  214. Other ideas for making a werewolf
  215. Can this happen?
  216. My First Impression Of Island Paradise
  217. Sims 3 Movie Stuff, is that the end for The Sims 3?
  218. I want this cat to go away.
  219. No Grade E?
  220. If I made a Witch drink the fairy potion, will I get a witch/fairy hybrid?
  221. Names
  222. Unexpected sim deaths
  223. Umm..EA should have made the movies we direct to play in Theatre or music records to sell in groceries.
  224. Switch to household in main world while at Uni
  225. Can you do laundry in University Life?
  226. Premade Sim Teen Moving Into Other Households?
  227. Returning and no cc working
  228. more unicorn mod- can anyone update?
  229. Inventory Management
  230. Censor pixels turned black?
  231. Has anybody ever laughed at you for liking/playing the Sims?
  232. Penthouse Lot Assignment/Lot Type
  233. I broke it!
  234. Twallan's Relativity mod
  235. Eternally Faithful = Cheat 6 Times?
  236. Music career and other instruments
  237. Please help me with my master thesis...
  238. Is it possible to make these happen?
  239. What time does the sell n swap register open?
  240. Sims-related merch
  241. Build/Buy Mode Square Equivalent
  242. Backpedaling
  243. Buggy Butler
  244. I hate to say it but I'm really liking UL :p
  245. Custom content help!!
  246. The Sims 3 Island Paradise Patch
  247. Does anyone else's Origin preview for Island Paradise look like this?
  248. Fairy and plantsim question...
  249. Sims 3 No Mosaic mod
  250. Easier control of 9+ Sims in a household?