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Featured upload! Quick Easy Hair Binner - for hair, brows, beards - UPDATED 7/10/2011 v1.1.02

by CatOfEvilGenius Posted 19th Feb 2011 at 12:28 AM - Updated 27th Nov 2013 at 2:54 PM by Nysha
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This is a featured upload! It showcases the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
UPDATE (critical) - Version 1.1.02, July 10 2011

- bug fix: no crashing on old files like Anva and helaene brows
- bug fix: OK button works on filenames with [ ] in name
- bug fix: picking the .. directory always works correctly
- bug fix: file popups removed to stop redraw bug


What does it do?
Bin all the hair / eyebrows / beards cluttering your custom color bin!
Got 4 grays, all identical, cluttering your elder bin? Make them 1 grey! (Extra grey textures are REMOVED, not just hidden!)
Nice adult hair with boring Maxis child and toddler hair? Remove ages!
Got hair that disappears if you change hair color? Familify it!
Bushy brows on ladies? Plucked brows on men? Make them ladies/men only!
Hair missing from outerwear and maternity? Fix it!
Let townies have nice hair too!

Quick and Easy
Do all four colors at once! Do all ages/genders at once!
Do binning, 1 grey, familify, remove ages, brow gender, and compress, all at once!
Don't need SimPE (binning plugin)! Faster than Wardrobe Wrangler!

Bin Files

Select File

How to install

Windows: Download. Unzip. Double click the *.exe file to run.
Do NOT remove the *.dll nor *.manifest files.

Mac: I plan to add a Mac version in the future.

How to use

1) Select four files (black, brown, blond, red) by clicking the "..." buttons.

2) Click the "Bin" button.

3) Your files are now binned! (And you have *.bak backup files.)

That's it! Quick! Easy!

HUGE THANKS to all folks helping test, making suggestions, reporting issues.
Thanks to benrg, whose DBPF compression library I use (as does jfade).
Thanks to jfade for the Wardrobe Wrangler, which is still nifty for clothes and accessories!
Thanks to the makers of SimPE for a great tool. I used it along with BodyShop to verify that the hair binner works correctly.
Thanks to Theo (author of the binning SimPE_plugin) and AmberDiceless at MATY for helpful discussion, long, long, long ago.
Thanks to Phaenoh for her very good design suggestions, and for this great hair tutorial.
You can now do many of the steps in that tutorial with the hair binner instead of SimPE or Wardrobe Wrangler.
Key: - File was updated after upload was posted
Filename - Tip: You can click the magnifying glass to see the archive contents Size Downloads Date
WIN_hairBinner_20110710_1.1.02.7z 850.2 KB 8,037 11th Jul 2011
Basic Download and Install Instructions:

1. Download: Click the download link to save the .rar or .zip file(s) to your computer.

2. Extract: Use WinRAR (Windows) or Stuffit (Mac) to extract the .package file(s) from the .rar or .zip file(s).

3. Place in Downloads Folder: Cut and paste the .package file(s) into your Downloads folder:
  • Windows XP: Documents and Settings\(Current User Account)\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads\
  • Windows Vista/7/8: Users\(Current User Account)\Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads\
  • Mac: Users\(Current User Account)\Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads\


4. Place in Program Files: Cut and paste the .package file(s) into your appropriate Install folder:
  • Windows XP: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 (Your Latest EP)\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins
  • Windows Vista/7/8: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 (Your Latest EP)\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins
  • Windows Vista/7/8: C:\Program Files(x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 (Your Latest EP)\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins
  • Origin: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins

Need more information?
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Not actually evil.
Original Poster
#51 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 3:25 AM Last edited by CatOfEvilGenius : 21st Feb 2011 at 3:41 AM.
Phaenoh Thanks for all the suggestions.

Color binned hair is accessible to townies, even with the custom star? Almighty Hat told me this too. This behavior is different from custom and decustomized clothing then? I'm a clothing maker, not a hair maker, so thanks for letting me know. I'll fix the UI labels in the next version to just say "decustomize".

File list blanking, thanks for reporting that. Sounds similar to the "filelist tooltips / redrawing" issue I'm aware of. I think I know where the problem is, and I think I can fix it, but it may take me a few days or more. If anyone reading this happens to be an expert in updating the FLU library, and has already done this, PM me.

Tooltip adding could easily be added to this tool, so you don't have to run the tooltip program. Another thing to put in Advanced, I think. I'm currently designing the UI for the version with several new features in it. Trying to keep it uncluttered. If you have human factors education, mind if I run it by you? I took some UI design, but it's not my area of expertise.

Eyebrow gender can definitely be hidden, and I can differentiate between hair and eyebrow files, so I can probably enable/disable it when the user selects their first file. What do you think? Not a coding problem, more of a "How do I do this without confusing the user" thing. I agree it shouldn't show up if you're doing hair / beards.

"All the buttons were confusing" - Which buttons? The ones in Choose File, or the ones the main hair binner window? If you mean buttons in Choose File, I intend to rewrite that thing later, with less bells and whistles. I added package file image preview capability and two arrow buttons to it, all the other buttons are what it came with (it's FLU library code). It was made to be very general purpose, needs some streamlining. If you mean my main hair binner window, I can try to streamline that too. I want this to be easy to use for non-creators as well as creators.

The "image preview" arrows are backwards from the "file" arrows? Hadn't noticed, thanks for letting me know. That's a 5 second fix, and I'll definitely put it in the next version.

I happen to hate the arrow placement in the Choose File dialog box. I would prefer the "image" arrows under the image. However, that dialog is mostly library code, with my "image preview" arrows tacked on in the one place I could get them to show. They wouldn't show at all when I put them in the logical place. Luckily I have the library code for that dialog, and could rewrite and put arrows and buttons in better places, it's just going to take me several days, at least.



If you have version 1 or 1.01, you need to REDOWNLOAD and get version 1.02, see main thread

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Original Poster
#52 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 3:44 AM
Originally Posted by rickzoe
Wow, this is really fantastic and even more so if you might make a Mac version. Please make a Mac version? please?

I will if I can. The current version does not port to Mac OSX correctly, the Choose File dialog is giving me problems. If I can make that Mac friendly, the rest will be cake.



If you have version 1 or 1.01, REDOWNLOAD and get version 1.02, please see main thread

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Top Secret Researcher
#53 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 3:52 AM
Ooh, I need to see how this works!
Lab Assistant
#54 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 2:15 PM
Thank you so much for this, Cat! The Sims community has been waiting a long time for a quick-'n'-easy hair binner, and this looks like it fits the bill.
#55 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 5:07 PM
Default Ha ha ha ha...
Catherine Great! Glad I could save you some work! Or did you mean you were going to write a tool like this? Did you already start? Would you want to look at the source for this?

- Oh my, my tummy hurts from laughing so hard!
Me? Program something? I did take a class way back when I was in Uni... 1986? Maybe? I'm sure my poor old Prof is rolling right now too!

But seriously, this is a great tool! I just DLed your new version - thanks for the quick fixes! And, I'm looking forward to the incorporation of several ideas I've seen already mentioned - especially:
Originally Posted by Gwenke33
>>>...would love to have just one window for the application rather than two or three...

>>>...about the sort index... that decides the order in which stuffs show up in the catalogue. For hair, it could help arrange similar styles together, like long, short updo etc.
(^^^I read your explanation - even with 'taking a long time to sort' it would still be quicker than doing it by hand in SimPE like I've been doing. A separate tool is cool too!!!)

>>>Adding a 5th bin for custom colored, yet familyfied hairs.
>>>The Advanced Tab is definitely worth a "standing ovation!"

Thank you for this terrific tool; and for graciously asking/taking comments and suggestions from the peanut gallery. We (well, at least I) are not worthy *bows down*

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CatherinesJewelry ~ Artisan Jewelry
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Ah, well... there is that
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Original Poster
#56 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 6:06 PM
UPDATE version 1.03, Feb 20 2011

You can now color bin less than four files, if you are not familifying.

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Test Subject
#57 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 6:15 PM
Hi, I think I would really like this, but I'm one of those idiots who is programmed challenged. I'm not sure where to unzip this to. Do I put it in my downloads folder or on my desktop and run if from there (like the Download Organizer)? I'm sure the answer is obvious, but I'm confused.

Not actually evil.
Original Poster
#58 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 6:18 PM
Becky6757 You can unzip this on your Desktop if you want, but I would put it in Program Files. Do not put it in Downloads, it is not a package file. Once you have unzipped it, you will have a folder. Do not delete anything in the folder! Double click the *.exe file to run it.

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Test Subject
#59 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 6:26 PM
Thanks so much for your quick response.

Top Secret Researcher
#60 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 6:34 PM
Default An Index Sorter
Originally Posted by CatOfEvilGenius
Sort indices, massively useful for hair, clothing, accessories, and anything else with a catalog sort index. Will keep this in mind for a *possible* future sort index project. I can't just stick it into the hair binner, unfortunately. I wouldn't want to change hair sort indices for 4 hairs without first checking that this won't clobber sort indices of existing stuff in Downloads. Scanning all of Downloads would be quite lengthy in terms of time, even if you just do it once. That, and the applicability to clothing and accessories, makes me want that in a separate tool.

To group all "short" styles and all "long" styles, you would have to manually tell a tool which ones are short, which are long, and that gets more complicated than just grouping recolors by which mesh they use. I like the idea, but would take me some time to implement. On longterm list. After finishing up the tooltip adder and extra texture remover.
At one time I was fantasizing on making a re-sort index tool, but I know I will really never have time or inclination to do so. In case there's anything in the thread that might be remotely useful, here it is (near the bottom). My thought was to have the user take the responsibility of organizing the clothing by folder, then the tool would go through all Downloads folders in alphabetical order and re-assign sort indices on the way. So the tool could have a very simple, almost non-existent user interface.

In part because of the lack of a index sorter, I abandoned the use of more than one or two body shapes, because to try to find them in buy mode was just too much bother, and quite error prone. Then when I switched to "playing" (actually mostly designing for) medieval only, this was a further disincentive for me to make such a tool, because there really are only two or three body shapes for each gender that have any medieval use. But although I really don't have a reason to produce this tool for myself, I do think it would be of great use for the wider community.
Lab Assistant
#61 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 7:16 PM
This is genius!! I wish it existed when I created hairs lol. Anyway, this is fantastic, amazing job!
#62 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 7:29 PM Last edited by Gwenke33 : 21st Feb 2011 at 8:10 PM.
I have now tested it on a new download and it removed unneeded greys like a charm
I did miss the ability to include and family the second brown, but I see it's among the future features. Along with adding custom hair, if I may hope.
One thing that has already been mentioned but would be really important is to have the Decustomize check OFF by default (and preferably to tuck it away somewhere in the future Advanced menu).
Oh and thanks for making eyebrow textures visible! The WW does a really poor job of that.
Not actually evil.
Original Poster
#63 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 8:23 PM
Thank you, folks, for the positive response, makes me so happy that folks find this useful. :D

Sophie-David Thanks for letting me know about your previous work in this area. I'm sure it will help if/when I tackle that project. Gwenke mentioned to me that sort indices need not be unique, and if that's so, it would tremendously simplify the code.

Gwenke Now that I know color binning makes hair available to townies, I will have decustomize off by default in future versions. My area is clothes, and those need to be decustomized to be townified, I thought hair was the same way, but knowledgeable hair folks explained hair works differently. Is that what you meant by "along with custom hair"? Thank you for testing!

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#64 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 9:15 PM
Thanks for explaining, Cat! This is fantastic
Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
staff: retired moderator
#65 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 10:33 PM
Cat, I'd love to help you with you on your User Interface. This is a great tool and I'd love to see it at its best. PM me so we aren't working in your comment space :P
#66 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 10:40 PM
Originally Posted by CatOfEvilGenius
Gwenke Now that I know color binning makes hair available to townies, I will have decustomize off by default in future versions. My area is clothes, and those need to be decustomized to be townified, I thought hair was the same way, but knowledgeable hair folks explained hair works differently. Is that what you meant by "along with custom hair"? Thank you for testing!

By custom hair I meant that it would be useful to be able to family unbinned custom hair of the same style (e.g. a purple or turquise etc.) along with natural colours. 'Unnaturals' would also benefit from the removal of unneeded grays, and we would benefit from not losing the style when switching colours
Lab Assistant
#67 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 10:40 PM Last edited by Areyan : 21st Feb 2011 at 10:46 PM. Reason: new download!
thanks so much for such a wonderful tool... i was amazed that not only does it bin and family the colours it also saves them as *base game* type hair rather than with a little custom star on them and i found them amongst my base game hair groups. i only had one issue with it to report - when i binned a group of colours although it saves the file with BINNED at the beginning, none of my browns were binned.

every other colour was though, so thank you so much! i wonder if it's because i am binning hair for the base game? i have both university and nightlife installed but i assumed it would be ok to bin the hairs for the base game in case i wanted to share them... perhaps i need to bin for nightlife instead?

this tool rocks though, seriously... i've been colour binning hair the long as way in simPE, been waiting for something like this to come along. please keep it here.

oh! i just see you've updated to a newer version already... will try this out again, lol. again, thanks so much! :D
Lab Assistant
#68 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 11:00 PM
mmm i just tried your little program just a 2 minutes ago , right now im waiting for bodyshop to open, which will take a while , even there nothing in it but the hair files in it that i just binned, anyhow, i thought i tell my adventures in binning. i did use wrangler hair binning tool and the SimPE hair binning tool. them tools didnt work for me at all. mm.i m pretty sure i followed the instructions and i always clear out the cigen cache . i delete it all the time . nothing worked, all the hairs binned in both SimPE and wrangler didnt work for me, dont know why, so this new tool i hope will work. i do like that u can remove all the extra grey hairs, i had no idea how many files there were before i started my hand at binning, i guess lot of creators dont clean out the files or something, which is understandable somewhat , creating , coloring is time consuming and so ones want to just get it over with i suppose and there the uploading the new created files in your excitements or maybe one is jsut so weary, being creative is tireing at time for sure. mmm stil waiting on bodyshop eh.
i think that the new upcoming feature that will clean out the baby, toodler and kids or teens hair files will be good features for sure. one must check out in bodyshoppe that the hairs can be used or not used in every age group . so that you can decide what part of the hair files to keep.
Not actually evil.
Original Poster
#69 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 11:09 PM
Gwenke Ah, I see now. Dye hair lime green, switch back to brown, don't lose style. Let me think about if/how to do that. Thanks for the suggestions.

Areyan Can you please give me a link to the hair where brown did not get binned? All the colors work fine for me, including brown, but if they don't for you, I want to find out why and fix it, if it's a problem on my end.

mamxnb Feel free to let me know if the hair binner gives you any trouble, or if it works fine for you.

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Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
staff: retired moderator
#70 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 11:50 PM
Cat, you can family custom as well, I did that with Nouk's Dark Lady Braids. Familify them, just don't bin them.
Lab Assistant
#71 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 11:56 PM
ah im still waiting for bodyshoppe to open , i had to restart so that why im slow, i just saw that it started so in few minutes i can post what going on eh.
ah i seem to have binned the lasky male hair this is a myos hair mesh 10-1 .
it seem all the hair are binned right . i wonder if i have always did the binning right , in all the binning programs i used before , including your binning programs. because i couldnt find the hair in bodyshoppe , i thought it was not working . but i see that after using your newest version 2 hair binning tool , which i i did find super easy to use yeah , that the hair was pushed way down the line after the hair with all the little custom star in the picture showing the hair in bodyshoppe, i have a feeling i missed that before . i thought that the hair would show up first in line with the custom star in the top of the picture.it doesnt have a star - custom thing in the picture to tell me it is custom , i have a feeling that will be a thing that people will be confused on , is that happening because when i did the binning i did checkmark that the hairs is basegame?
to pick the right expansion couild be a problem in that we might not know what expansion it come from mmm.
how we to make sure the newly binned hairs will have the custom star in it . i still think it a great fast tight small tools wow.
Lab Assistant
#72 Old 21st Feb 2011 at 11:59 PM
i'm about to re-try these recolours with the new version... i'll let you know how i get on, thanks for the reply.
Lab Assistant
#73 Old 22nd Feb 2011 at 12:35 AM
im gonna try to bin the hairs again , this time i will uncheck the decustomized box , perhaps that what i should have done before . i checked again in bodyshoppe ,they dont have the custom star in the hair's picture .but at least the hairs are binned in the right color bins.
Not actually evil.
Original Poster
#74 Old 22nd Feb 2011 at 12:55 AM
mamxnb Yes, the "decustomize" feature gets rid of the custom star, and puts it with Maxis hair. In the next version, I will leave it unchecked by default, since a few folks have asked for that.

Phaenoh With SimPE, it is possible to familify without color binning, so if you want to familify your lime green hair, you can. I may add that option to the hair binner. Maybe add another slot named "custom color(s)", under "grey"?

Maybe I could have the "custom color" thing be a *dropdown list* instead of just a slot for one file? Then you could familify your lime green, your neon orange, your electric blue, all at once?

Maybe I could have dropdown lists for instead of single slots for regular hair colors too, but then indicating which hair file has the grey would get tricky. Must think about this. Ideas welcome.

Areyan Sure, thanks. Remember to take the original files out of Downloads, just leave the files with "BINNED_" in their name in Downloads. You can stick the originals in a backup folder somewhere. Or rename them from *.package to *.backup, and then they can stay in Downloads.

I really need to add options to change file extentions on originals to *.backup, or to overwrite originals.

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Lab Assistant
#75 Old 22nd Feb 2011 at 12:55 AM
i binned the hair again using the orginal files and did the binning process all over again ,but i unchecked the decustominzed box this time, so the hairs are all binned in the right color bins aand with the custom star in the hair pictures. i msut say that program is some fast wow. thanks for such a nifty little program. will look forward to the next update.
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Also recommended:

If you don't already have jfade's nifty Wardrobe Wrangler, why not?
It's not as quick and easy when hair binning, but does other things,
like clothes and accessory binning.

Here is Theo's very nifty binning plugin for SimPE .