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Name: Alexandra Olsen

Age: 24

Birthplace: Aalesund, Norway

Culture: Scandinavian

A Short Biography: My name is Alexandra Olsen, and I'm an art student from the Norwegian West Coast. Currently I'm living with my Norwegian forrest cat in a little flat.
My interests are painting, travelling, Italian and American food, photographing, music and most of all; The 1950s. Sense my hairstyle. My real hair color is not really black, but I color it because it suits my style better than my original light brown.

Why do you want to be Miss World?
I've never ever even thought of becoming a model, before some of my friends suggested I should try out for this contest. I just want to prove that no matter what kind of outer image you have it's possible to get far. I'm outgoing, friendly and I love to hang around with people. And as I mentioned I absolutely love travelling! Since Miss World will probably be able to travel and meet a lot of people this is it for me I think. Winning something is big for everyone, and especially if it means you can share your ideas and believes with a lot of people. For me getting the world and all cultures together is an important achievement.

"On the Internet you can be whoever you want. It's strange that so many choose to be stupid"