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Name: Argariss Maugá
Age: 24
Birthplace: Milan, Italy
Culture: Mediterranean/Hawaiian
A Short Biography: Ciao! My name is Argariss Maugá, I’m 24 years of age and I currently live in the fashion capital (and my home place!) Milan. I live with my fiancé Penn, who is a minor league soccer player who hopes to get into the nationals. My mother is from Hawaii and my father is from here in Italy, so I was blessed with mixed culture. I am working as a coffee barista in town at the moment but my dream is to become a world famous model! Italian is my first language but I speak good English with an accent. I am 5’7 and have the typical Mediterranean skin and hair but I have blue eyes, people say I have good generics! I'm confident and i am not shy about my body, i will take risks and try new things. I love summer colours and long dresses, I hope to do well and make my family proud!
Why do you want to be Miss World? I want to become miss world so I can change the face of modelling and prove to people that if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can succeed at anything! I am so proud to represent Italy and show the world our culture. To me, modelling is more than a profession it is an art, I will be the next Picasso!
- A Headshot
First up, we had to do the headshot. I visted Milan's fashion studio where the picture was taken by the famous photographer, Pablo Cetta. A simple strong facial expression and my hair styled in a simple fashion.

- A profile shot
next, we took the profile which was done the same. i was a bit embarressed as i have a strange nose shape from the side veiw.

- A Body shot
finaly a shot where i can pose and express myself! i decided to wear my favourite summer dress and pose so i can flaunt my long lean figure. Pablo said the blue in the dress complimented my eyes!

- A Free Shot
for a free shot i used a picture that i took when i was living in Hawaii. I'm standing in the Tiki anscestor pool, it was a special place for me as it is connceted to my family. I was wearing my cute pink bikini and my hair was braided. It turned out pretty good and it shows some of my culture.