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Name: Xi Mei Walker

Age: 24

Birthplace: Beijing, China

Culture: mostly Chinese

A Short Biography: Xi Mei is a Chinese American. She is born in the Beijing though, she later lived in Shanghai. When she was 15, her father was transferred permanently to the USA and her whole family moved there. After graduating high school, Xi Mei went to Germany to study Architecture. Once she got her Diploma, she went back to the US and lives there until now.
Although she lives most of her life outside China, Xi Mei's parents raised her based on Chinese customs and traditions. Her main interests are traditional music and games. She plays the Guqin and er-hu (traditional Chinese music instruments).

Why do you want to be Miss World?

I wanted to represent the rich cultures of China, even though I do not live in China. I could also learn about the different cultures and traditions from around the world. To me, becoming Miss World isn't just a huge leap in the modeling Career. It's an opportunity to see the parts of the world I haven't seen. Like opening my eyes to what had been hidden from me
(Wait a sec, why the hell did I write something this sappy? Oh well. Whatever)

Hope the picture quality doesn't affect the scoring that much.