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Default Aalia Williams, Applications

In my native language "Aalia" means "of highest social standing". While I was born in India I was raised in the upper east side of New York and had a very privileged childhood. So I guess you are assuming that I am some stuck up socialite like you see on Gossip Girl? Sure, I got a Mercedes for my sweet 16th and I have a walk in wardrobe Carrie Bradshaw would envy but my parents raised me to work hard. I graduated with honours and was about to head off to college to study architecture until I found out about this contest. Modelling has always been a secret dream of mine and the timing is perfect so why not? My parents don't approve (they don't approve of much) but I think it's about time I do something for me.
Why do I want to be miss world? Well, I am not going to carry on about going against the odds or redefining the face of beauty. That would be a lie. Simply put, I think I would be good at it. No, not good. The best.