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Default Athena Liu Mei Hua
Name : Athena Liu Mei Hua

Age : 22 years old

Birthplace : Taipei, Taiwan

Culture : Chinese

A Short Biography :

But you can call me Athena, that's my English name and all my foreign friends call me that way.
Well...what can I say about my family. My father is one of the successful business man in Beijing. My mother has blue blood in her veins.
I'm their only daughter, so you may already know, I think I'm a little spoiled and I'm definitely my Daddy's little girl ^ ^.

Why do you want to be Miss World ?
Okay, it may sound absurd, but the reason I decided to join this contest is because of a MAN. He is my first love ever since I met him a few years back. His name is Jared Lin Jin Long and I'm secretly in love with him.
But the sad thing is he NEVER noticed me....that's why by joining this contest, and being known by the entire world, I hope the man of my dreams will finally be able to SEE me the way I want him to.





There are four things that you could never get them back :
1. A stone...after it's thrown
2. Words...after they're spoken
3. Chance...after it's passed
4. Time...after it's gone