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Tesuo and Lylaleigh Grunt, children of Ripp Grunt and Cleo Shikibu
Tesuo just became a teenager this rotation

Purple Hart, daughter of Sarah Love and Matthew Hart. With family cat Caesar

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Default Two kids from Angela and Dustin
As some of you guys might know, I made Angela and Dustin get married and have kids as teens. They first had twin girls Candy and Christine, when they moved to a cheap apartment, Brandi insisted to Dustin that he gave her one of them, He gave her Christine. Later Angela got pregnant and had Dustin Jr(I still surprised that pre mades could have kids born with the vitiligo skin )
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Little Gentry Monty just had a birthday party!

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Dustin's twins. He has four children (1 with Angela Pleasant when they were teens, 3 with his wife Sandra Roth) and ALL of them look like mini versions of him.

Lexie Broke

Cory Broke

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Maria Arlecchino of Veronaville had a son with one of my sims. Her son had her looks and went by the name TJ. He has grown up completely now.

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