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Originally Posted by Tleilaxu3
I think it's Bluewater Village (the subhood for the shopping hood default add on); there's a toddler toy _"Twirl, Spin & Wobble".

Anyone take their toddler to the park and let them play on this ?
I've never taken a toddler anywhere from the home lot as I don't play toddlers very much.

And how the heck did Maxis' get this toy on the community lot ? It's a 'skilling' toy.
Yes, I know you can buy a community lot, plop your home made wares and pre-purchased catalog stuff on it -- and the masses will come; but in BV, it's a city-owned comm. lot.

I don't tend to play Maxis lots but I do take toddlers out to lots.

That toy can be used by kids as well which is why they included it.

I have many extracted buyable maxis objects including the toys, aspiration rewards, flowers etc. No doubt maxis also had access to all the things too. However, I would also not put it past them to simply have a sim own the lot. All maxis lots have sim references, all of them, even the unoccupied bin lots and if people want a clean game its best to clean them all.

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