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#6826 Old Yesterday at 11:08 PM
There's a cinematic for aging up to adult?

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#6827 Old Today at 1:50 AM
There's a cinematic for every age transition under the right circumstances (I think you need a birthday party and then have them age up with the cake)
Not that I've seen them in years, it bothers me to no end that they age up wearing random clothes, that kinda ruins the cinematic for me completely.

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#6828 Old Today at 2:31 AM
The only aging cinematic I regularly see is the entering college cinematic, and usually they age up into something terrible, or worse, their new outfit glitches out and makes their body invisible for the rest of the cinematic. However, one time my teen sim aged up into the YA version of his teen outfit and the cinematic was pretty much perfect.
#6829 Old Today at 2:56 AM
Ah, that's why I never see it. I never do birthday parties.

I've got one or two things on MTS, but most of my stuff is on my main site here:
(Now recruiting budding creators.)
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#6830 Old Today at 5:56 AM
Default Just discovered how to make multi-house lots.
I've been working on a huge project for a while. I made a huge multi house lot with eight houses using the myme doors, When I got done, I changed the lot zoning to dorm. Not only does it prevent YA's aging up when they are on residential lots, it's free housing too. Then I moved in 8 sims, claimed their doors, locked them for all but the assigned sims. The adults can claim doors too when moved in. I made a central community area with a mini nightclub dance floor and two other hangout buildings.
The sims being assigned to their own houses worked like a charm. the whole lot works perfectly with no errors, glitches, or corruption issues. What other secrets does sims 2 hold? I will just have to play more and see.
#6831 Old Today at 9:54 AM
Oh, that's like sims 3 in sims 2! Will have to try some time!
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#6832 Old Today at 11:39 AM
Dorms only can be used in Uni, can't they? Because dorms don't show up in the regular house bin in the main neighborhood, or so I thought.

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#6833 Old Today at 12:17 PM
The lot will only be available in uni if you save it as a dorm and put it in your lots and houses bin. To prevent that, Keep the lot as residential when moving to lots and houses, Then when you put your lot back in the neighborhood, go into build mode, bring up the cheat box, then type "changeLotZoning dorm" (without the quotes.) Enter it, then save your lot and exit to the neighborhood. You will see the change from for sale (residential) to space available (dorm). Be warned, Once you finish building your lot and save it as a dorm, You won't be able to build onto it, only redecorate walls, floors, and gardens. Buy mode is still available. The only way to enable build mode on a finished dorm is to use the cheat
"boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled false" (without the quotes) but I haven't tried that cheat. I just usually finish building my lot, save it, put it in lot and houses, put it back in the neighborhood then change it over to dorm.
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