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Creator Theme: Space! - posted on 8th Jul 2018 at 6:02 PM
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Field Researcher
#201 Old 15th Jul 2018 at 3:03 PM Last edited by sailorleontine6 : 15th Jul 2018 at 9:28 PM.
i feel so bad today because i had a horrible nightmare about my dad
i dreamed he was at work but then he fell of the stairs and then died instantly

my mom got the call from my dad's work he died, and when my mom told me, i was like omg hahaha you must take a stupid joke (with a anger voice)
my mom told me it was real and wasn't joking at all, i started crying, everyone prayed for my dad and everone prayed our respect for my dad

but then i woke up and it almost looked like i cried in my sleep or something and now i'm tired and feel so bad

Edit: thank god everything was just a dream or else my dad's sister, my sister & mom might putted that on facebook already
#202 Old 15th Jul 2018 at 11:59 PM Last edited by PANDAQUEEN : 16th Jul 2018 at 12:49 PM.
Had spent my afternoon in the hot sun. For some reason my mother couldn't find a kneeling pad for gardening. It drove me crazy running around town in temperatures exceeding 70°F. Hot weather irritates me until I am seeing red and I am red from sun burn

In my anger, I turned to NHK World Japan to hear any words of hope for those affected by West Japan's landslide. Although at my last mark, as I write, 200 have been found dead, 30 still missing, 167,000 homes are without running water and in Hiroshima's countryside, trying to get access to emergency shelters without disturbing the disaster area is not unlike a pick-up stick demo of ecological balance in biodiversity. France won the World Cup in Russia and the wars around the world are still running hot and cold with discussion and warfare.

Then came an educational puppet show that last 20 minutes (the news was 10 minutes) The subject was on sweets and snacks. The history of Pocky was a long and messy one. Different techniques produce different potato products. A staggering 3,000 snack products are released each year in Japan

I felt much better after taking time to realize I don't have it that bad and those snacks were tasty. But I may need to donate ¥1000 to the cause associated involved with the Japanese Red Cross.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
#203 Old 16th Jul 2018 at 8:05 PM Last edited by PANDAQUEEN : 16th Jul 2018 at 8:53 PM.
Been moody.

Running gag in our family: I am imbued with part of the Jersey Devil after my father as a teen rode his bike to South Jersey and encountered the demonic 13th child who ate his siblings and the mother who birthed him.

Then again, I usually feel bad when it's that time of the month and as a woman who is not pleasant under stress and scared of what I say or do either in the real world or online.

Then again, I can be hard to deal with after my therapy visit, but the next visit is to the podiatrist. I hated his bedside manner after the first visit. He was rough and demanding and prior to having a podiatrist, dentists were my worst enemy. They yell at me, they don't like my teeth, I actually bit one dentist and chokeheld another while I had a panic attack under laughing gas. I don't go down for the count that easily!

I think I will need to schedule my annual in the near future. Maybe some time next week or later. I hope I can get a referral for a dentist for patients with the ferocity of a mongoose on the chase of a viper. Mongoose are especially nasty.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Field Researcher
#204 Old 17th Jul 2018 at 12:13 AM
yesterday i felt a bit better unlike a day before, i don't even know what i was dreaming yesterday anymore so i guess that's a good thing.
and even though i don't give a damn about my best friend, after 1 year and 8 month after i maked a groups chat/app from whatsapp he leaved the groups chat
and i already saw that coming to be honest because i was like: ""be my guest but if you wanna leave, i won't stop you, LMFAO

i mean right after my other best friend lost one of his teeth, the last word my best friend said was: did you lost your mind (that was last year somewhere in june when i was back to my own country after coming from my vacation)
after i was home from vacation he didn't said a thing to me or anyone else so yes i literally saw this coming someday, and this day breaked already and i don't really care

besides when i first maked the groups chat because of the house warming party: my best friend leaved the groups chat already after 2 hours or so since she can't type anything there (she only can speak something in on whatsapp)
then my other best friend leaved the groups chat but that was mostly because of me, but we talked this out after like, 3 months?

he said he was such a jerk to me and everyone else on the groups chat, i apologized too because of how i acted, i guess i was just mad when he leaved the groups chat.
i asked him if i wanted to take him to the groups chat again after we moved past that, he wouldn't mind at all, he said he'd like to join the groups chat again, he never leaved the groups chat ever again after i join him to the groups chat again :P

but then i had a friend who leaved the groups chat and after like 2 months her sister leaved the groups chat too. i guess i didn't even care since they barely said a word to the groups chat

then not that long later my best friend no longer used her old mobile and when i checked the contacts she wasn't even there anymore, i thought she lost her mobile while going to her country (suriname)
but then after she came home again after like a month? i got a reply from an unknown number and it turned out it was my best friend, so i decided to delete her old number from my groups chat,
i asked if she wanted to join the groups chat again but she didn't wanted that, i respected that,

then i invited a new friend of mine since he wanted that so badly, but then sh!t happens i had this other friend (the friend who lost one of his teeth) who only sended porn video's
he kept doing that, my best friend thought he got hacked or got a virus, and i literally thought he was forced to do that or something, i Always jumps into conclussions.
,then my sisters boyfriend asked me to delete him to the groups chat, my sister also found that very weird he sended porn video's on the groups chat, that's really unlike him

and now yesterday my best friend leaved the groups chat, i mean i get i only maked them because of the house warming party mostly but ever since all of my friends + cousin + sister & her boyfriend stayed at the groups chat i thought i could start the conversation about stuff :lol (i only have 5 people on the groups chat i once made for the house warming party)

but once i throw a big party again i gonna make a groups chat again with my best friends in them (and i exactly meant something like: birthday party, marriage or other stuff that has anything to do with it)
and after that they can leave the groups chat again if they want to, and if they want to start an conversation they can stay there i respect it either way. IDGAF ;-)
Field Researcher
#205 Old 17th Jul 2018 at 12:34 AM
oh well everything could get worse i guess, every month a friend of mine wanna make a new group on the groups chat, me and his best friend doesn't want that so everytime when i get the chance i leave the groups chat ASAP!
besides i watch YouTube video's: the funny one's but also about teen mom/teenage pregnancy (sims 2) like everyday as much as i can but every year one of the sims 2 teenage pregnancy get's delete

and sometimes it get's crazy i literally see's things (not hallucinations though) i don't remember all of the sims 2 series what it's called anymore, some of the youtubers just only delete most of the old sims 2 video's
but there are also people who delete their whole YouTube channel and sometimes i'm so sad it has to be this way because i can watch everything all over and over again when the sims 2 series are finished
i mean i really enjoy it

i mean sure i couldn't accept it at first everything comes to an end one day but now i do and when someone don't have any motivation to do the sims 2 again i also respect that but in my opinion we have a right to know why someone don't have any motivation to do the sims 2 filming thing anymore, they don't need to tell us the whole details but it won't hurt to say a few things as to why they can't continue to film sims 2 anymore so we know what's going on with them
so some fans are gonna stop complaining about the whole sims 2 series thing (there are Always ignorant people who keeps complaining about everything but just so they know what's going on with their personal life)

so yes to make it short: we need some explanation as to why they can't continue to film the whole sims 2 thing if they don't put any sims 2 video's on YouTube for years anymore so we stay alert
but that's my opinion, that's all ;-) everyone has their own opinions and their own taste
#206 Old 17th Jul 2018 at 11:16 PM Last edited by PANDAQUEEN : 18th Jul 2018 at 11:25 AM.
Like I'm about to go steal the souls in retaliation against my father mistaking a snot bubble for a tear drop in an emoji he chose.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Top Secret Researcher
#207 Old 18th Jul 2018 at 10:48 AM
tired, in so many ways. physically tired, mentally tired, and just tired of life in general
#208 Old 18th Jul 2018 at 9:20 PM
Got a call from my supervisor and she asked if I have my medical conditions under control. I told her:
"No, my pills and orthotics are to be taken care of."
"Yes, I'm still interested in the position."

It was a nightmare to realize how much of my life is slipping away and that the only way to earn side cash along the tune of $40\week, is now at the point where, I am likely to die alone if I cannot get involved sooner.

My father has the number for the office to one of my pills, but he just went to work. I will need to talk tomorrow.

The only thing of an optimistic nature was the possibility of codecs in Snake's gameplay and conversations with Palutena in Pit's gameplay in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate updated and new ones for new to them characters.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
#209 Old 18th Jul 2018 at 10:05 PM
I can't find the motivation to finish this part of my dissertation. But for now it's all that I can do. But I don't want to. but I'm only half way through. But arrrgghhh I'm so tired! I don't want to do it today!! I have friday off - I can do it friday! but maybe Friday can be my first and only day off for the past few weeks and the forseeable future. Argh.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
#210 Old 19th Jul 2018 at 10:26 PM
Is it Friday yet?

Found out my parents lifted an expense issue and things have been fine for the most part. Was once again upset at my podiatrist after he chided me for my shoes.


"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
#211 Old 19th Jul 2018 at 10:40 PM
I was just trying to work on my math today when the site just stopped working. Apparently, it wasn't a problem my end - the site was experiencing outages, so I won't be able to finish until the issue gets fixed. Also, I forgot my calculator at home and class starts at 5:30, so I don't have enough time to go get it.
Today is a mess.

Life is paradoxically coincidental to the ironical tyranny applicable to the unparalleled definition of reverse entropy.

"A thunderstorm breaks the wall of darkness." - Lyrics to Storm

"Meh." - me
#212 Old 19th Jul 2018 at 10:44 PM
I am so ill. I'm trying to write my dissertation but I have such stomach pains. Shouldn't have eaten that cheesecake. Otherwise my day was good, me and my boyfriend relaxed in a reasonably big paddling pool in the afternoon after spending the morning in uni. We're currently childless while my brother's staying at my Dad's for the next few days.

Turns out Friday is not going to be a day off. I have no days off in the foreseeable future, other than my Dad's wedding on Saturday (and I wouldn't really call that a day off considering I'm pretty much this family's damage control)

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
#213 Old Yesterday at 10:08 PM
Once again, my father's butt-texting and I got a butt-dial and thought he needed clarification on my upset feelings about him thinking Powerade or Gatorade would be in soft drinks (Gatorade and Powerade is located in the juice aisle) he bought me hint water and it tasted awful. The flavor was too light and the water's neutral flavor was more like licking a metal hand holding pole in a subway car.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
#214 Old Yesterday at 10:40 PM
I got home at 8pm after testing participants all day and taking part in an MRI experiment. I don't feel like writing my dissertation. I hate life. I'm tired. I just ate 1 and a half pizzas, cheesecake and cold custard. Arghhh I hate life. Now I have to get ready for travelling tomorrow and my Dad's wedding and having to deal with all of my sister's bullcrap.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
Top Secret Researcher
#215 Old Today at 8:39 AM
i'll hide this behind spoiler tags. read it if you want to, or don't, it doesn't matter

#216 Old Today at 1:36 PM Last edited by PANDAQUEEN : Today at 8:38 PM.
Remembering the slow days in Congress during the Obama administration. Yes, slow news days were common and I missed them, especially if there was something good in this world to report like ducklings rescued by strangers from sewers.

My father and I joked that to speed up the process of Congressional activity, a paintball tournament is held to decide something at a standstill. Republicans shoot red paint and Democrats shoot blue paint. If any stray shots hit the White House, the President has the discretion to shoot green paint at the offender.

Of course, this stemmed from two churches across the street from each other: One Protestant and the other Catholic. My father, being brought up Catholic, giggled over the idea of the two churches tossing water balloons across the street from each other.

Actually, the last time there was such a war between Protestant and Catholic forces, it led to the invention of cheese fondue.

But yes, turning the American system of government legislation and democracy into a Splatfest seems strange, but keep in mind, this was during 2011 that my father joked about how to speed up the process of government.

Took a look at the DVD section and inserted a contradictory DVD in an empty spot of the "Faith & Religion" subsection, took a photo and currently spreading it to go viral. I run risks with my life just waking up. This is no different.l

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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