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Default Moved Sims Know Nobody, Help Please!
I have a big sim family of two parents and five kids: Abigail Rose, Leonardo, John, Kennedy, and Connor. All the kids are grown up except the youngest, so I move them into their own homes. I moved Leonardo and John into their own individual homes (with their wives) in the downtown, but decided I wanted them to live somewhere else but with the houses they were already in. I didn't realize that by doing that, I would lose all of the people they know. So when I go to the friendship tab, they only know their spouses and none of their family members. They still have all their memories, skills, and their family tree is intact. I thought I could fix it by just having them remeet their family, but no, Leonardo had no idea who his mother was and actually had the option to flirt with her .

Obviously, I don't really want to give up this family and would prefer if they actually recognized their family as their family (beyond the family tree) because I don't want to see those kids thinking "wow my mom is so attractive" because I might gag. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried googling it, but it is such a weirdly phrased problem.
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You've just corrupted your neighbourhood. Never put occupied lots in the bin.

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From what I can understand, you moved them to a totally different neighborhood, outside of the one they lived in before (like moving them out of Pleasantview and into Veronaville)? Or did you move them to a different sub-hood?


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It sounds like they moved the occupied lot (from Downtown) into the bin and placed it into another subhood.

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Oh no, you moved the lot with sims into the bin? Do you have a backup? If so revert to that. If not run Hood Checker to mop up what it can and reset relationships in simPE. I would make frequent backups and run Hood Checker often because your hood is now corrupted. Not to say it won't still go on a good long while, it's a bit like Russian Roulette is it continues on its merry way or blows up after a week. The game would have given you a pop-up warning that moving the house to the bin will break the connections. Really the whole system should have been patched out so you couldn't have done the action since half the time we don't notice/read/fully understand what these pop ups are about.

Unfortunately EA never fixed the tools in game that allow you to literally blow up your hood or even your game.

Never place occupied houses into the bin and that includes with graves.
Never move sims between hoods. Sub-hoods are fine.
Never install occupied lots (sims or graves)
never use the sim deletion tool on the family sim bin.'
Never use the delete all characters cheat. If you want sims gone, kill them or move to a lot on the edge of the map and toss in prisoner tags.

What you should do in the future.
Place down a stay all shrub from Simlogical, click and tell it to 'objects stay at move out'
Move the sims into the sim bin.
Move the now empty house to the sub hood.
Move the sims back into the house.

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It doesn't matter where she moved them; moving them to the lot bin deletes them from the neighborhood and severs all ties, and this is not repaired by moving them back into the same neighborhood.

EA should have removed the possibility of doing this long ago, but they didn't, so the capacity remains to tempt new players to their destruction.

We are sorry for your loss. If you don't have a back-up of your neighborhood from before this, all you can do is paper over the problem using editing tools. Any number of tools exist that will let you re-link the sims (albeit imperfectly), and everybody has their own preferred ones. SimPE is the only one that lets you edit actual family trees, I believe, but once they've met each other again you can make them friends and relatives again with other tools, too. It's like mending a broken mug, though - it's only a matter of time before the glue weakens and it falls apart under the strain of normal use.

How long this takes is unpredictable. Only you can decide whether to keep playing till the bitter end (and what constitutes the bitter end - disappearing characters? Sims who think they're dogs? Cats who think they're sims? Complete failure of the neighborhood to open?), or to use SimPE to clone your sims and make notes of their characteristics and rebuild the hood from scratch, or to chalk this up to experience and start over from scratch.

In future, make sure you make regular copies of your neighborhood folders to a safe location, so that if something goes wrong you can always restore it to its previous state.

To move a family and its house to a different part of the same neighborhood (downtown to main hood or shopping hood), move the family out. This will remove the contents of the house, but you can get around this either by putting all the important things into the family's inventories, or by using a mod called the Stay-Things Shrub before they move. Tombstones/urns should either be moved to a community lot using the Move Graves feature, or placed in inventory with the furniture. Once the sims are safely in the Family Bin, you can put the lot into the Lot Bin and move it to whatever part of that neighborhood you choose, and move the family back in.

It is possible that some data will remain in the copy of the house left in the lot bin and that this data might cause problems in a new hood. We're not sure on this point. If you're concerned about it, and want to reuse the house in another neighborhood, there's a method for cleaning up stray data from a house.

The thing to remember is that removing sims from a neighborhood always breaks it. The Family Bin is inside the neighborhood; the Lot Bin exists in a limbo between all neighborhoods. Dead sims have all their data stored in their urns or tombstones, so killing a sim doesn't delete him, but deleting the tombstone or moving it to the lot bin does.

Remember also, that you can't play soccer with a clean ball. Just as a soccer ball gets dirty the moment it's kicked, a sims neighborhood starts to accumulate little bits of programming grit that could potentially cause a problem some time. So play and have fun, observe good game hygiene, make your backups, and roll with the punches.

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I agree with Bulbizarre and joandsarah77. It's an easy mistake to make because EA never fixed this, but if you have backups you can go back in time before you made that decision with no problems. If not then the only thing you can do is either start over or use the Hood Checker by Mootilda.


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Yeah the neighbourhood is corrupted now and no matter what you do it will eventually blow up and become unplayable. However this might not happen for years from now (or it might happen next week). So you can either start a new neighbourhood or play with the risk.
To explain further, the Neighbourhods that already come with the game: Pleasantview, Strangetown and Veronaville are already corrupted before you start playing and if you want to use them it's best to install clean templates:

General tips to avoid corruption:

And on the positive side, if the brothers now meet their sisters again, I'm pretty sure they can start romantic relationships, since their links to each other were deleted.

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@simmerze, are you on a Windows computer? If so, do you have Windows 7 or above? If so, you may be able to revert to a previous version of your folder. Doesn't hurt to try, so I'll post the instructions here just in case you can. Restoring a previous version of a file or folder is a useful feature I only learned about a few months ago--I use it at work when I accidentally delete or save over a file on the work server, since those files can't be easily retrieved, especially without contacting IT.

Okay, so navigate to the folder you want to restore--let's do your Neighborhood folder (My Documents/EA GAMES/The Sims 2). Right click on the Neighborhoods folder. There should be an item in the menu called "Restore Previous Versions," but if not, click "Properties" at the bottom of the list. A pop up should appear; check the last tab, "Previous Versions." Is there a version of the folder from before you moved sims into the bin? (Like, if you know you moved your sims on Thursday, is there a version from before Thursday?)

If there is an older version saved, you can select it, and hit "Restore" which will revert the entire folder back to that date. Or, if you only want to change something within that folder--like one Neighborhood, for instance, you can select a version of the folder and hit "Open" and you will see the contents of the folder from that date.

At that point, you can copy, zip, move, etc. the files within to another location on your computer as normal. So select your neighborhood (E001 is Belladonna Cove, F001 is Desiderata Valley, G001 is Riverblossom Hills, N001 is Pleasantview, N002 is Strangetown, N003 is Veronaville. Any custom hoods you have added will be listed in order of creation after that.) and save it to another location. If you haven't already done so, I recommend downloading a program like WinRAR that lets you zip and extract files and zip it/create a .rar of the folder. Some simmers don't always use .zip or .rar to make backups, but I find it not only saves space but also ensures that all the subfiles have been copied correctly.

Once you've copied the neighborhood folder--congratulations, you now have a backup. Swap it with the corrupted one in your Neighborhood folder and load up the game to see if it worked and the neighborhood is back to before you made the change.

Hopefully, this works for you!

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to move an occupied lot between sub-neighborhoods (of same neighborhood) or between sub-neighborhood and its main neighborhood::
1. put wanted objects into inventories.
2. evict the household.
3. move lot to lot bin.
4. enter the other location.
5. place the lot.
6. move back the household and restore objects from the inventories.

an alternative to putting objects into inventories could be the "Stay Things Shrub".

your current neighborhood; running the Hood Checker program might fix it.
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If you can't restore from back up and decide to continue to play the hood and want family ties restored, my preferred way is to use the simblender. It's like a swiss army knife of useful in-game editing. You can import the family via it and then make sims selectable too, and go through and manually make them whatever family you need them to be again.

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