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2018 Calendar Contest Winners - posted on 10th Jan 2018 at 5:38 PM
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to be fair, if everyone died, there would be no story to tell!
I'm now decorating a house that I've been working on for months and let me tell you than no matter how much I want to put the adorable cow sculpture in the kid's room - I FORBID IT. It just makes me feel like my sims could get visited by Mr Abaddon and a random innocent woman in my hood would die!

I gave up my dream to earn a living.
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#152 Old Yesterday at 9:11 PM
Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Twenty One - Don's Termination

A Pleasant Story

Chapter Twenty One
Don's Termination

When Nina and Dina came home from Brandi's memorial, Nina told her sister, "I'm worried about Don--he's not answering his phone. I'm going over there to make sure he's okay."

The house seemed dark as Nina approached. She knocked on the door and waited. Nothing.

She noticed that some light seemed to be coming from the kitchen window and walked around to peer in.

"Don!" she cried out as she saw his still form on the floor, and ran back to the front door.

She bashed against the door until it sprang open and ran over to Don.

"Don? Don! Are you okay?" she cried.

Suddenly, Don groaned and began to climb to his feet. "Oh, hey Nina. Is it time to go to the memorial?"

Nina grabbed him and hugged him. "No!" she said, "You missed it! What happened?"

"Gosh," he said, "I'm not sure. I was working out really hard and I was really tired. I got up to take a bath and I guess I just passed out. Were you worried?" he asked, winking at her.

"Of course I was worried, you dimwit! I just got back from Brandi's memorial! She was murdered, in case you forgot!" Nina spoke more angrily than she really felt; truly she was very relieved he was fine. And she was still very fond of him.

"I'm sorry," he told her. "I didn't mean to scare you."

"I'm all right. Just almost had a heart attack, that's all," she said. She hugged him again. "You big doofus. Don't scare me like that again!"

Don returned her hug, thinking of how much he loved Nina. She was so like him!

"Do you want to come upstairs with me?" He asked. "It's been a while."

Nina took his hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom.

They had a great woohoo session, then snuggled together to sleep, both of them feeling warm and comfortable.

The next morning, Nina asked Don if he wanted to come to the mall with her. "I have to look for a dress for Dina's wedding, and then we could go have lunch."

Don said, "I'd really like to, but I've got a delivery to make, and I need to drop it off this morning."

Nina asked him, "What kind of delivery?"

Don explained about Samael Abbadon giving him a package to deliver and Nina exclaimed, "I got one too! I delivered it the other day! But listen Don, I think these people are criminals. I heard Dustin was doing deliveries, too, and now his mom is dead. I'm not going to work for them anymore, and I don't think you should either!"

Don replied, "You're probably right, but I can't just keep the package. I'll only deliver this one, then get paid and never do another one."

"Okay," Nina said. "Just be careful!"

Don looked at her, sweet and caring about him--his first kiss--and he said, "Nina, do you want to marry me?"

Nina laughed and hugged him. "Of course not, you doofus! And you don't want to marry me! We're all about the romance, Don--it would be a disaster! How about we just be nice to each other?"

She nudged him playfully, "And don't hit on my friends in front of me!"

After Nina left, Don got dressed and headed for the address where he was supposed to deliver the package. It was on the outskirts of town, but he didn't mind the long walk. It gave him time to think about his muscles.

When he approached the house, he paused and looked at it.

"Kind of creepy," he said to himself.

As he walked toward the front door, two large dogs observed him.

He said nervously, "Nice doggies. Good doggies. I'm just going to the door, now."

The dogs watched him closely, but let him pass.

Don climbed to the front door and knocked, and waited. No one answered. He knocked and waited again. He hadn't been instructed on what to do if no one was home, so he waited a while more, but all was quiet.

Don wasn't sure if he should just leave the package on the porch unattended, but he wanted to get rid of it, so he knocked one last time, then left the package in front of the door.

As he turned to leave, he found he wasn't alone.

"Oh, hi good doggies," he said. "I'm just going to leave now. Will you just let me leave now?"

They wouldn't.

Don fought the dogs off, and jumped up and ran around to the back side of the house, hoping they couldn't follow him. He thought he'd seen another set of stairs in the back, so maybe he could get out that way.

As he ran, he noticed many graves in the backyard.

"I've got to get out of here!" He panted.

After he'd gotten off the porch, he still had to make his way back to the iron gate to get out. Luckily, the dogs didn't seem to be interested in following him, and he made his way past them onto the street. All he wanted was to get home as quickly as possible, but as he passed the front of the house, he noticed he wasn't alone.

There was a woman watching him from a second-floor window. She was pale like a ghost. He shivered as he looked at her, then ran home.

As he entered his house, the phone was ringing. When he picked it up, a woman's voice said, "Don Lothario. You did not complete your delivery. You hurt my babies."

"Babies?" Don exclaimed, "What babies? I got attacked by your dogs!"

"They hurt their teeth on your thick skull," she said. "So this is it, Don. You won't work for us anymore, and you won't get paid." She paused for a moment. "Consider yourself lucky."


Don shook his head. He DID feel lucky. He was glad Nina wasn't mixed up with them anymore, too.

"Well," he sighed. "Guess I need to get a real job. Maybe I could work in the slacker career with Nina. That might be fun."

Test Subject
#153 Old Today at 12:46 AM
Glad it was not 'termination' as in 'The Terminator'! Ha, ha! I think you have Don & Nina's relationship just right. He's a mess, but still a lot of fun to play.
#154 Old Today at 2:34 AM
yes Don, you're super lucky cos in my game you got devoured by flies from a dozen old pizza boxes.

also...what if...THE COW IS GRUMPY OTTER?

I gave up my dream to earn a living.
Field Researcher
#155 Old Today at 5:38 AM
Grumpy Otter I am loving "A Pleasant Story" - great job writing your story and keeping us guessing with the mystery and our favourite sim characters! Although like several other simmers already commented, I was choked up about Brandi's death - she is my favourite premade and I end up putting her in all my custom hoods and stories. Keep on writing - I can't wait to read more!
Cheers, Vllygrl
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