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MTS speed build challenge results - posted on 11th Nov 2018 at 8:38 PM
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Original Poster
#51 Old 8th Jan 2012 at 4:24 AM
grammapat, I believe you must have misread me. I wrote, "I believe the intent is to keep all torch holders and their spouses (past and present and graves) on a single lot."

So non-torchholder siblings absolutely get moved off the lot when they reach adulthood (or YA, if you want to send everyone to Uni). It's just the torch holders and their spouses, including the previous generation's torch holder + spouse, that should stay on the lot.

Originally Posted by grammapat
Original also said that if a teen was in love they could take their intended with them (HOW?!) and then you COULD control both while in college.

I'm surprised the original rules let you control two Sims in Uni, but I suppose that's to make sure the Sims graduate. Without control, an unskilled Sim is almost sure to flunk out. The "how" of sending a teen you're not playing to Uni is easy -- there's an option to send Sims to Uni from the neighborhood view. The great thing is that this applies to any teen in the neighborhood (except teens from Vacation 'hoods), so you can send townie teens or teens from other households.
Mad Poster
#52 Old 8th Jan 2012 at 5:44 PM Last edited by grammapat : 22nd Jan 2012 at 12:08 AM. Reason: added last bit...
Default Well, never mind then.
Thanks. Odd: he was in his own house (OK, a vacant lot - he ran out of money) when he repeatedly invited her over, but never got option to "move in" or marry! He had 2 lovers in college and THEY wandered past all the time, he would want to get engaged/marry THEM (althought still engaged to the intended), and DID have option to move them in! RATS! I had to cheat to move her in. And then never get option to make baby! What the hay...barely started and already wacked. (PS, I had removed ACR)

Finally peeked at her: she still shows the college stuff (still mid soph year)! Must be a glitch, as I HAVE invited college people to move in. I had forgotten when you do that you can SEE them become adult. So I used tombstone to age her..WRONG! She went right to old age! But she HAD one child. He's now a teen and this is draaaagin on. At least dad is plat (but don't know why, he's not max skilled. And even though he's at top of job, it's not what he wanted (I picked random, as I think that is required).

I'm on 5th generation, was going to post some pics, but it's no fun if nobody is watching, playing, responding.

Test Subject
#53 Old 3rd Mar 2013 at 7:22 PM
I'm trying this challenge but not doing the rules exactly the same. I made a family of eight in CAS: Mom, Dad, 2 teenage boys, boy child, girl child, 2 toddler boys. The girl child (Carly) is the one I play. I'm not playing with the same point system, just +1 point for every generation. So far, Carly has started a book called Space Kittens! in her free time after school and on weekends. The other kids are inviting friends over a lot and staying up all night. The mom is on some crazy sleep schedule. Because neither of the parents are the sim I play, I broke the rules for five seconds and told the dad to get a business job.
Lab Assistant
#54 Old 14th Oct 2013 at 3:23 AM
I have a question regarding this challenge. Would using the toddler's blanket or the toddler's bed (which allows Toddlers to use it on their own) be considered cheating? I mean, some players get away from using the cribs by putting in pet's bed (maxis item) because these toddlers would use it as a bed when they're sleepy. So if that's possible, then I don't think using the toddler's blanket or the toddler's bed to be cheating. what do you think?
Lab Assistant
#55 Old 30th Nov 2013 at 8:15 PM
Sounds like something I could do in my neighborhood that's a mash up of families from other neighborhoods, my made sims, and townies! I love it! :D
Mad Poster
#56 Old 5th Jan 2014 at 5:31 PM
I'm going to sort of try this again, only in a cheaty kind of way as I don't want to remove any of my CC - apart from the no social workers mod that is! So it will be a bit easier for me as I do have some mods to lessen certain irritating things that sims do, but I'm pretty sure they'll still manage to die when I'm not controlling them! :-) Shall keep you all posted on how it's going :-)

**ETA** Actually, having just reread the rules the mods I use aren't actually that cheaty :-) So it'll pretty much be a standard ISBI challenge, really.....
Lab Assistant
#57 Old 2nd Feb 2014 at 8:11 PM
I already started mine, but i didn't know there was a Thread on MTS about it, so i'll post updates here

I started with my founder, Izetta Snow. She married a man from a family of siblings i made (the site for rules said i could do that as long as i didn't play the partner's family)
He was named Gage, and they had 2 children, Marcos and Saul (im using names i generated online at Listofrandomnames.com)
I decided to go with Marcos as Torch-Holder And her married Snowfall , a girl from a house-full of roomies. They had Chas, Graham Susana and Ahmed, Izetta decided to make cheesecake on Snowfall's Final pregnancy
During Snowfall's pregnancy with the twins, Izetta died at 66 days old Two days later on Chas's teenage b-day Gage died . i went with Graham as Torch-holder and then got my first were-wolf in-game (Marcos) so i decided to make every Torch-holder and partner were-wolves. Graham married Stewette, one of Snowfall's Roomies, While stewette was pregnant with her only child Betsey, she died. Luckily i had a Grim phone, so i got her back. but she came back as a zombie. so i have 3 were-wolves, a zombie were-wolf, and a toddler right now. D:

( i'm trying to go SIXTEEN generations wish me luck!)

Challenges in the making:
- ISBI ()
Test Subject
#58 Old 10th Aug 2014 at 9:58 PM
I'm re-trying this challenge. Haven't done it in a while.
#59 Old 28th Nov 2016 at 12:10 AM
I'M going to try this since my good computer is getting A much needed upgrade so for the time being I,m using my VERY ancient first ever computer until I get my good one back
#60 Old 3rd Dec 2016 at 12:17 AM
Default I'm Surrounded by 100 Idiots 1.1
Meet Terra Evans

she is a Cancer and has a LTW of becoming an Education Minister unfortunitly it's not going to happen as shes going to be to busy taking care of kids and chasing men to have a real job.

Terra : then how am I going to make money
Me: well you can always start a home arts and craft business

Terra: but this machine is ancient
Me In a whisper: like my computer (2004)

soon some neighbors show up and there is an instant attraction to a guy named Danial Plesant

maybe too much of an attraction

Me: you do know he's married right

Terra: so my only other choice for a baby daddy is Goopy Gilscarbo and he's not getting anywhere near me

Me: okay then work your baby making magic

The next morning after sending Danial back to his wife I send Terra down to the local shops to check out the potential baby daddy market
First is Darren Dreamer and he is a definite possibility

Terra: OHHH Yes Please

And Then there is Armondo Cox

Terra: there might be no cemestry between us but he is definitely nice to look at and fun to boot

once back home Terra starts making more pot holder when she feel the first strings of pregnancy

Terra: a baby how did that happen
Me: didn't you take health class in school how do you think it happened

one day as Terra is painting a picture of her favorite TV program she goes into labor

Terra: owww this hurts Watcher I hate you

only to get a surprise


meet your daughters

and Saffron


Saffron (Crocus)

I'm sorry if the graphics are bad
#61 Old 12th Dec 2016 at 12:29 AM
Default I'm Surrounded by 100 Idiots 1.2
In the last episode of I'm Surrounded by 100 Idiots Terra Evans just gave birth to twin Girls Dahlia and Saffron +10 points
I'm using the Scoring system from this site here thanks Toxi

Now Terra's days are filled with the goo gooing

and doo dooing of the twins

Terra: who knew something so tiny can make such a big smell

once the twins are snug in there cribs for a nap

Terra: aww she looks so sweet and innocent

She invites Amando Cox over for some quality time

And well one thing leads to another

After sending Armando home Terra heads out (leaving the twins with the nanny) on the pretense of needing clothes for the babies

Terra: and maybe on outfit or two for myself
Me: and to check out the future baby daddy scene

Terra:that too but the only guy here at the moment is Amin(don't remember his last name) but he is never going to touch me

But as day turn into night we are introduced to Joe Carr

Terra: please watcher please make him a future baby daddy
Me: we'll see even though you spend a good chunk of the evening chatting up Darren Dreamer

Terra: well he'll make a good looking baby as well

after putting the twins to bed for night Terra gets the conformation that there is indeed another pregnancy in the works

the days pass without much excitement until it is time for the twins birthdays
First up Dahlia

Me: Pre-makeover

Then with out warning Saffron

Me: also pre-makeover

now the days are filled with teaching the twins to walk

talk and use the potty

Terra: though it is often hit or miss with this skill
Me: yeah especially when you can't keep track of there needs

and for that reason we get our first fail Dahlia after her bath passes out on the bathroom floor (-5)

then one night a couple of days later with the Twin occupied with there toys Terra sneaks out to clean up her yard she was just about to recycle the old news papers that have been gathering up on the porch when when her water breaks and she goes into labor

at the same time Dahlia passes out for the second time (-5)

After much screaming and howling Terra gives birth to a son named Cedar (+5)

Total Score +5

(white) Cedar

Random Pics
Saffron jamming to some tunes

Me: I know potty training is boring but drugs aren't the answer

Me: whoa mood swing
20th Dec 2016 at 9:22 AM
This message has been deleted by Elynda. Reason: Never mind
20th Dec 2016 at 10:04 PM
This message has been deleted by TrillianRikku.
#62 Old 21st Dec 2016 at 5:51 AM Last edited by Elynda : 21st Dec 2016 at 3:09 PM. Reason: correcting
I've been considering attempting this challenge for some time, ever since reading TigerAnne's MacAvoy ISBI and alittlestrange's Dimwits. Also I considered it an excellent way to break myself of the habit of cheating. Besides, I've just re-installed Sims 2 on this computer and I fancied doing something... well, challenging. So here goes.

Simblr: Elyndaworld * Live Journal: Elandaer
#63 Old 24th Dec 2016 at 8:48 PM
Default I'm Surrounded by 100 Idiots 1.3
we start off with the birthdays of Dahlia

and Saffron

the next morning seeing that none of her potential baby daddies wanted to come over Terra being desperate called the matchmaker for some male company

Terra:I Wasn't that desperate but male company is greatly apperciated

Me: then meet Jimmy Phoenix

Terra: he seem a bit out of it
Me: you'd be too if you got dropped into the side of your house

Me: but by the looks of it you two seem to be getting along

Me: maybe to well

Me: well that was quick

Terra: can you say dream date
Me: it's a good thing your kids are otherwise occupied

as soon as Jimmy left it was time for another birthday this time Cedars

with the Dahlia and Saffron off to school

it's was time to teach Cedar his skills ( is smart milk cheating? I must look this up)

after putting Cedar down for a nap Terra continues her is work leveling up her sewing skill to make back what she spent on the matchmaker when she felt a familiar wave of nausea swept over her

Terra; it was money well spent... Urp....bathroom... NOW

it seems like school was too much for Dahlia as she walks into her mom room to dump her homework on the floor she gives a whole new meaning to falling asleep on ones feet (-5)

Me:Yep your pregnant

after seeing Dahlia and Saffron struggling to stay awake after school it might be better for them if the girls went to privet school

right on time (5:00) the headmaster arrives the twins use there free actions to Smooze him

soon after dinner just as Terra gets up to try to finish the job she goes into labor

And gives birth to a daughter Poinsettia (+5)
Me: I forgot to take pic of the girl

Even through all the kerfuffle and chaos both Dahlia and Saffron get into privet school

Terra: don't she look smart

the next afternoon I forget that it's Cedar's birthday


The flowers of the poinsettia are unassuming and do not attract pollinators. They are grouped within small yellow structures found in the center of each leaf bunch, and are called cyathia or false flowers

Random Pic
Me: is that really an appropriate subject to be talking about with your daughter

Score still +5
#64 Old 25th Dec 2016 at 6:43 PM
Sorry I'm not taking nearly enough pictures of this challenge, I'm really not used to taking so many screenshots whilst I'm playing. I'll get used to it.

There was just one little matter that needed settling before things started getting hectic. Vicky had rolled the wish to throw a big wedding party, but since she hardly knows anybody, I thought we'd just make do with the wedding arch. It was a 'white wedding' in the sense that it was snowing.

Later that same day this happened.

'This' being Harry Price by name. I decided that they would take Victoria's surname from here on, since she is the founder. Notice that she somehow acquired some awful looking eye-shadow once she changed back into casuals. I had to use the mirror on the wall to fix matters.

I was informed that she would have 3 days off from work to take care of baby, but she went to work anyway. She was actually in the car and gone before I could stop her, so this is actually just another picture of her going to work I just happened to take.

Fortunately I'd already called the Nanny. Can't remember this one's name, Karen something? She kept taking Harry out of the crib and putting him back, so he didn't get much shut-eye, but at least she fed and changed him.

Simblr: Elyndaworld * Live Journal: Elandaer
#65 Old 8th Jan 2017 at 9:32 PM
Default I'm Surrounded by 100 Idiots 1.4
With the kids growing up fast Terra thought it might be a good idea to take her tykes on a vacation before another round of diapers and bottles takes up all her time so leaving Poinsettia with with a nanny Terra and her brood depart for Three Lakes

Once there Terra takes the oppertunity to play a game with Dahlia

Terra: Ouch she's good

While Saffron joins in with some slap dancers

After exploring the campground for a bit The Evans head out to the Lumber Mill for some fun
Dahlia and Cedar are the first to discover the log roll

Terra: that looks like fun alright Saffi your going down

Terra: Gulbbbb......Glubbb

The next morning as Terra was sleeping the kids enjoy the morning fishing (even in the rain)

Cedar enjoying his big catch while Terra working on her ax throwing

Terra: just in case one of my baby daddies get to clingy
Me: Terra this isn't the Black Widow Challenge

on that happy note I think you need some relaxment at the spa
so while Cedar,Dahlia and Saffron (not pictured) relax in the hot spring

Terra gets a relaxing Message

Terra ahh... just a little to the right...yeahh.... right there

While on a nature walk Terra discovers a map to a hidden burrow
curious about the place the enter only to find a Bigfoot

Terra: at lest he seems friendly enough

and it doesn't take long for Saffron to wrap the big luge around her finger

Saffron: Can we take him home
Terra: absolutly not I'm not going to spend my days cleaning his hair balls out of the tub

The kids did end up having fun with the big guy before heading back to the campground

With the kids fast asleep in there tents Terra sneaks off to the local shops for some souvenirs and to look for some plaid covered mountain man but she didn't find any just a back packer

Terra: what was his name again William or Benjerman I don't remember

Terra: oh watcher he seems to be a good guy please make him one of my baby daddy's

the next morning it is time to say good bye to the great outdoors and say hello to cilvillization

Score still +5
Test Subject
#66 Old 4th Jul 2018 at 2:30 AM
ISBI challenge isn't as popular as it used to be huh? Anyways, I have been playing one for a while now and it's currently in 4th generation. Soon to be halfway done! I've cheated on one aspect though; I've controlled both the spares and the heir through the university, but only made them study if they had wants for it.

Here's a quick summary of things so far:
-1st generation founder Jane had one child, a boy, John, with one of her 50 dates. After fulfilling her crazy LTW, she finally settled down, marrying a local postman called Barney.

-Later, her son, 2nd gen heir John, asks his townie father Carbrey to move in with them also. John finds a beautiful criminal wife, Kellie, trough a blind date. John and Kellie have 4 children in total. Barney and Carbrey become enemies, fighting daily, for both of them are in love with Jane. Speaking of Jane, she is enjoying the situation. Finally Barney throws the towel on the ground and gives up with his marriage with Jane. Kellie and Barney have a fling and Kellie becomes pregnant with Barney's child. John cares for the new baby as if it was his own. When said baby, Barney II becomes a teenager, he has a classic dance with John, which starts a huge family drama with Kellie accusing John of having an affair with her son Barney II. Their butler keeps calling the police after Kellie almost daily.

-Finally 3rd gen heirs Kolina and Janette are taking the throne. Everything is okay after Barney II moved out of the house, except John who is now elder, hates one of his daughter's husband and fights occur daily again. Kolina has 5 children in total and Janette 2. Social services are threatening the family because of poor school grades. Of Kolina's children, her latest triplets are fighting constantly when they hit teenage. I regret choosing to double heir.

-Once all of them are done with university, graduated or not, I can't decide on next heir, so I make a mini survival challenge for them. Again, I end up with double heirs. I hope that they don't make as many babies as the last ones. And that's where I currently am with playing.

Here's a link if anyone wants to have a proper read with pictures: https://strangebumb.livejournal.com/8060.html
Mad Poster
#67 Old 4th Jul 2018 at 4:49 PM
Glad to see your stuffs. I continue to play random ISBI families - I just like the hysteria. Too bad prior entries don't show pictures of all the fun.

Test Subject
#68 Old 5th Jul 2018 at 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by grammapat
Glad to see your stuffs. I continue to play random ISBI families - I just like the hysteria. Too bad prior entries don't show pictures of all the fun.

Hope that you enjoy. Yeah, it would be nice to see everyone's pictures. This is my first proper ISBI family and I've really enjoyed it!
Test Subject
#69 Old 19th Jul 2018 at 2:20 AM
I started it yesterday! And i am already gen 3 uni.
The beginning was really hard, because the founder was single mom of 5, 2 girls and toddling triplets when her sweet(President, business career, 1400 per day), stupid husband died of starvation after bathing his son... Luckily, the oldest, and now torch-holder grew up into teen just day after.
And now, while current torch-holder's husband and ex royal butler make friends, mother(and founder) make lovers of newspaper boys and co-workers, and babysisting around, snapdragons are producing like in a factory.
Parenting skilled ex-torch-holders and snapdragons can save the day! And normal nannies who prefer bathing than putting babies out of cribs!
Field Researcher
#70 Old 7th Aug 2018 at 8:04 PM
Originally Posted by Kailacat
Wow, I really want to try this. Controlling multiple sims for multiple generations can get boring, I guess, if it's a challenge. But this seems less ... I don't know ... high maintenence? Just control one sim and ignore everyone else.
I don't have the heart to treat my cute, little Simmies this way. Guess I'm just a big, old, softy.
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