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Default I just love the little nuances.
This wouldn't even normally be a thread worthy event, but something that just happened in my game amazed me just a bit.

I tend to play with autonomy on because I find for me personally it just creates an all around more interesting experience to see what my sims can get up to. And, as some of you might remember, even though I'm not particularly fond of the headline effects, I tend to keep them on as well for things like thought bubbles, which is linked to what happened in my game just now. Anyway, so one of my sims was sitting down to eat and I turn my attention away to another sim for a minute or so while he eats. Well, I happened to scroll by just as he finished, and a thought bubble for the clothes dryer comes up over his head. I switch over to him and he actually had it in his queue to "get clean laundry" too! Such a small and mundane thing I know, but that's really cool. Even more still, he was a slob sim that I was "training" to be clean by picking up after himself, doing the laundry, that sort of thing. Has anyone else ever seen a small detail like that in game before?

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I'm sure there's a lot that I miss in my own game but when I do catch glimpses of it, it is very fascinating how the AI is quite aware about other Sims and surroundings. This experience caught me off guard with an appropriate thought bubble icon.

I wonder though if I remember correctly wasn't there something about TS3 that Sims can recognize the color red, certain clothing as revealing, body shapes and have their own hidden attractions? Maybe it was a just discussion many years ago before TS3 was released. However, this screenshot always makes me think there is definitely something left in the coding concerning the hidden AI attraction system. Then there also was a scrapped trait called Wanton. I'm sure there's quite a bit that got scrapped but some of it may be still in the game being used which is interesting.
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