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#13851 Old Yesterday at 2:01 AM
Originally Posted by joandsarah77
Sorry, I must have been asleep. I meant it is the custom/genetisized skins that you shouldn't just remove-not unless you are prepared to use simPE.

haha it's all good. But I gotcha, but the skins I plan on using I like the most so I doubt I'll find anything I don't like about them. But still, your instructions are helpful


Mad Poster
#13852 Old Yesterday at 9:30 PM
Originally Posted by maxon
I see you're working out how you want to do it (which is the right way for your game of course) but I just wanted to comment on this bit - Inge didn't 'intend' for us to play with the school mod in any particular way - my way of doing it is just as valid as anyone else's and is accounted for in the way the mod is designed. I have a personal preference for not playing 'commercial' activities on home lots. I don't like it - causes too many issues for me. That's one of the things I have never done entirely - play a business on a home lot. I always use owned community lots for that.

Interestingly, I play my vicars the opposite way. They own the church lots and use the ticket machine. I set it on it's lowest level (cheapest-of-the-cheap) and see the income from that as their stipend. I only need to remember to get the vicar to go to their lot and remove the machine when there's a wedding or funeral in the offing.
Sorry, maxon. "Intended" was probably a bad choice of word. I certainly didn't mean to suggest that your way was "invalid". "Suggested" might have better choice of word.

It says on schools institutions page at Simlogical "This is a set of objects that will help you run a functioning school for children and teens on a residential zoned lot. You will need at least one resident Sim just to keep the lot accessible." Actually I had no choice in New Desconia, because I set up and started playing the school several months before I bought OFB.

Similarly my parish church in Veronaville: I built St Simeon's Church before I got OFB. I have thought of the priest buying the church, but the Rev. Elspeth Anderson's stipend is only ยง150 a day (custom Church of England career) and the church is worth well over ยง50,000! I suppose you just have to use a money cheat. I make sure she's there for services by including her in the visiting group or teleporting her in.

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#13853 Old Yesterday at 10:30 PM
Okay, which one of you wrote this Amazon review for a plumbob key ring?


[They have jewellery too!
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Similarish...-bin=Similarish ]
Mad Poster
#13854 Old Today at 10:09 AM
Thanks Charity for that link to DiLight's mods to give Romance Sims positive memories of going steady, getting engaged and getting married. I don't think any of my Romance Sims really regret these choices. Some of them have wonderful open relationships where they share absolutely everything with their partner -- including all the "friends" they bring home for woohoo.

All Sims are beautiful -- even the ugly ones.
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Sims' lives matter!
Field Researcher
#13855 Old Today at 10:52 AM
Ok, this might be a really stupid question, but is woohoo fun? (I mean in the sims, not real life, ha ha!)\

I've had a few sims woohoo and just seem to get no fun from it. I've never noticed before.
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