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#15551 Old Yesterday at 4:45 PM
Originally Posted by smorbie1
This is a mix of what I discovered and a question. Last night I discovered that I can use sims manipulator to move strays in as pets. Yay! As an animal person, I was always upset by the little pixels wandering around.

Anyway, once I get the critters moved in, I don't know how to tell which sex they are. Is there somewhere to find this info?

Did you check in the Relationship panel @smorbie1? The little icon should be there on their portrait


#15552 Old Yesterday at 8:03 PM
about enthusiasm gain; looking at the programing of objects that build it might be a help.
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#15553 Old Yesterday at 9:24 PM
Originally Posted by lauratje86
How difficult is it to add skill and enthusiasm gain to a custom object? Are there tutorials around for this sort of thing?

I would love to add Creativity skill and Film & Literature enthusiasm gain to Limonaire's TS4 Buildems Blocks but I have no idea how to go about it or if it's something that I wouldn't stand a chance of being able to do.....

Crisps & Kerosene posted a hobby enthusiasm tute here: http://crispsandkerosene.tumblr.com...bbys-enthusiasm. As for its difficulty....It's BHAV editing, so how hard it is will likely depend on your level of familiarity with that and/or whether or not you're willing to become familiar with it. My own level of BHAV-editing familiarity is currently zilch, but I have the tute bookmarked for some day when I finally get off my butt (or get ON my butt, as the case may be ) and sit down with Echo's tutorials...

I'm mostly found on (and mostly upload to) Tumblr these days because, alas, there are only 24 hours in a day.
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