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MTS Movie Night #4 - posted on 19th Feb 2018 at 4:46 PM
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#12451 Old Yesterday at 7:03 AM
Has anyone ever used hotel doors and tents together, like building a campsite with cabins (using the doors) and tents? Does it work? Can sims stay in the tents free and in the cabins for a price? Or do I need to test it myself?

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#12452 Old Yesterday at 9:12 AM
From memory (really not good) It didn't work. I don't think the tents were usable.

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#12453 Old Yesterday at 9:50 AM
Originally Posted by ihatemandatoryregister
Does anyone know why the Relationship Decay controller would occasionally error with "too many iterations"? Deleting it just makes the issue recur the next time the lot loads, and the error logs just spit out random object names.

If you post a few of those logs, someone may be able to read them and get an idea of what might be wrong.
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#12454 Old Yesterday at 9:14 PM
hidden sub-neighborhoods.
can there be more than the ones that came with Pets through Apartment Life?
if so, how?

pre-made playables.
how did Maxis/EA decide their names?
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#12455 Old Yesterday at 9:44 PM
Probably. Try adding the appropriate folder in the appropriate place in an earlier EP and putting a custom subhood into it, then start a new neighborhood. Do the characters from the subhood appear in the family bin?

How on earth do expect an answer to the second question? I doubt there was a company policy on it or there wouldn't be so many duplicated names, and the different developers in charge of populating the premades probably all had different naming habits.

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#12456 Old Yesterday at 11:47 PM
Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
How on earth do expect an answer to the second question?

Maybe because it has been said, mentioned etc...
Look in the Credits. You'll find that most of the names in game, are names of people working on the game, the team.
Look in game, or take a look here:

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#12457 Old Today at 12:02 AM
Are the tourist families associated with a single vacation destination, or will they visit different ones if you have more than one attached to a hood?
#12458 Old Today at 12:17 AM
They'll visit different ones. I've seen the same family in several vacation destinations.

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