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Default Haha.
Originally Posted by masterforger
Meet Sicilia. She's a genie! She comes from a long line of genies, who find it gravely important to have "pure" genie blood. Unfortunately, this has led to a great deal of inbreeding, and a family history of morbid obesity, since genies really do not get out much by their very nature.

Sicilia has always been the rebel of the family, though, and a downright non-conformist, even in the clothes she wears. In her bottled state, she was purchased by a rich, snobby widow named Liana Stillbrook, who kept her in the private library of her estate as a collector's item, occasionally calling upon her for the odd beautification or...richification wish. That is, until she was stolen by a kleptomaniac maid named Grady Elfman, who had been cleaning Liana Stillbrook's house when that mysterious sparkling bottle caught his eye.

He took her to his apartment, and popped open the cork. To his great surprise, Sicilia appeared! She gave him the usual "your wish is my command" spiel, and although her wishes were unlimited (none of this three wishes only crap for pure-blood genies!) Her beauty captivated him, and he said he only wanted three things anyway.

"First, I want a new house, instead of this lame apartment. I want it to be simple, and easy to maintain. I don't want anything fancy...just a quaint little home in Sunset Valley."

With a wave of her hands, Sicilia transported him to the Monotone house he'd often passed on the way to Mrs. Stillbrook's! To his amazement, he noticed a piece of paper in his hand. It was the deed to the new house! She still waited before him, anticipating his next wish.

When he had gathered his bearings, he managed to speak his next wish. "Next, I'd like to deviate from my normal routine a little. It's always clean, clean, clean, steal, steal, steal, day after day. It's enough to drive me crazy. Do you think you could manage me a surprise for once?"

"As you wish," Sicilia said mysteriously, baffled at his unusual and unspecific request. She waved her hands and a meteor hit his new house. Sicilia was never good at these kinds of "surprise me!" wishes, unlucky loser as she was.

"Not quite what I expected," said the charred Grady Elfman, "but all right, I guess I can get some nice space rocks out of it." He felt truly disgusted by his surroundings, but the radiant being before him made it all worthwhile.

"Lastly, I wish you were free," said the maid, and lo and behold, Sicilia found herself standing solidly on the ground, no longer trailing ethereally from the bottle! She gave a shout of joy!

" that you're free, I have one last wish. Of course, now, you're not bound to it at all, so you can go ahead and walk away if you don't feel comfortable with it. Sicilia, will you marry me?"

How could she say no to the beautiful man who had freed her so selflessly from her glass prison? "Yes, yes, yes, my Grady!" And she melted him with kisses.

Sicilia knew this would be a great opportunity for her. She always wanted children, but she didn't believe in her parents' insistence that the genie lines must be kept pure. No, it was time for genie geneology to branch out, and even if it meant losing their ability to grant wishes, it was more of a curse than a gift, anyway. And, best of all, maybe one day all the signs of inbreeding and tendency toward obesity would disappear! As Sicilia faintly heard the twinkling of a sweet lullaby in her ear after the first wonderful evening with her new husband came to a close, she knew she was making the right decision for her future children.

Fascinating indeed.
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I seriously will play this one!
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Expect pictures from me in the coming 3 days!!!! Delute!!!

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Meet Sabine Bolb. Inappropriate, hot headed, no sense of humour, couch potato, slob. Her mother was a hamster and her father smelled of elderberries. She lives in an old barn, once owned by her long-lost uncle who mysteriously disappeared slightly after she was born.

For some reason, Sabine feels herself drawn to the science career. She thinks it might be because of her mysterious uncle - as the tell tales - was once a great and respected scientist, and a human-creature cross breeder at that! Sabine will join the same career track and try for the highest positions, maybe that could give her clues about what happened to her uncle. And why did SHE of all 7 children inherit the beautiful barn? Sabine is still full of questions, but she is too lazy to research the matter further. Besides, as an orphan (apparently her loser dad disappeared too and her mother died by running herself to exhaustion - whatever that means) she has to make lots of babies and finally see her beautiful genes spread through Riverview.

But first she must watch some TV.

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This is Gorgie Ballville. Her mother is said to be the product of a farmer and and a pig on viagra. No one knows who her father is, not even her mother. Aparantly she got pregnant after sitting on a toilet in the supermarked.

Even so, she is a happy and outgoing person, and will stop at nothing to find her true love.
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haha these are all great guys i would try one but my game runs slow as it is and i have a legacy on going at the moment so after that (:

keep up the fuglys

if its 'Survival of the fittest'
then why are you still here?
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Sabine met whatshisname and flashed that flirty smile of hers.

He was single, vulnerable and too intimidated by Sabine to attempt fleeing the scene. It was his last chance, but he was too weak... something about Sabine sets off a fire in his good ol' farmer's soul.

"Make me pregnant or I'll clobber you blue" was the last thing whatshisname remembers hearing, before waking up the next morning outside by the haystacks.

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OMG I have to do this. LOL.
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Omg this is pure genius im off to do it now pics soon
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OMFG These are all really good. I think I will try to. Hmm............. hehehe expect some uglyness coming from me really soon.
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This is Mergle Fugly
She was found by the sea when she was a baby and raised by a pack of wolves untill she was 20

When she's not eating men's faces

She likes to have some butt ugly babies And also likes to freak people out when she's pregnant

Here's one of he "beautiful creations"

And here's the same beautiful... *cough * little girl as a child

Can't wait to see what comes out of the end result XD this should be exciting
(p.s sorry for long post)
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I tried to make an ugly starter, but she ended up extremely good-looking, like one of those supermodels that's oddly attractive. I had her ears as big as they go, and as stuck-out as they go. Maybe I should have made her fat...
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Well, it's getting a bit better. Rebekkah is gen 3 of the ugly legacy:

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Oh yes, Rebekkah looks a bit better. Her eyes are really pretty.

Casandra(2nd gen) all grown up:

I think the ugliness stopped there, it didn't even make it 1 generation! But I went one more, just to be sure.

Casandra's daughter, Genevieve as a kid and teen:

And Casandra's son, Bryce:

I think I'm going to start fresh, and hope that the ugliness lasts a bit longer.
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Wow! Aside from the hideous new rave hair, Genevieve is extremely attractive. Gold star for you!
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My fugly sims keep crashing my game
Guess my comp doesn't like ugly sims. :P
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I can't wait to try this. I did it by accident with a moderately ugly sim when I first started playing, and she married the maid, Grady, and her son AND her grandson ended up looking exactly like her. Skintone, hair colour, facial features, everything. And her son's wife was absolutely gorgeous. And then their kid was just... eww.

Anyway, I want to do this so badly now, but I haven't got time. But I have got a weekend and the rest of the summer holidays ahead of me. I get through generations very very quickly.

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Lucy you it takes me ages to do even one generation
I guess other sims just don't wanna woohoo with my ugly sims :L
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This is Caramyah Alle.
She's Unlucky, a Loser, Flirty, a Coward, and Family-Oriented.
On her home planet everyone is ugly. As Caramyah is the ugliest of all, they sent her down to Earth so that she could take them over by filling the land with her offspring so that eventually all of Sunset Valley would be ugly. But with only humans to mate with, will her ugliness survive the ages?

She's married to Geoffrey Landgraab II (he's a workaholic, hopeless romantic of a genius). (yes, the second!) They have a daughter called Jana (an evil genius) who is a toddler.

The ugly gene isn't gone yet!
For some reason, because I gave Caramyah a big head, she looks taller than her husband. But he was still happy when she got pregnant... AGAIN!

And soon they had a baby boy called Alexei (brave and athletic). Well, he's blue, but will he be ugly?

Test Subject
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Alexei looks cute

Hopefully that's not the end of your ugly gene though
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I had to try this and started out with what I thought was one ugly Sim, Dorcas Fugly!

1st Generation:

"What?! You don't want to see the fruit of my loins?!"

She lost a little weight and found herself a man, poor fella! (didn't get a shot of him, though...sorry!)

2nd Generation:
Her daughter...not much change except for non-blueness.

3rd Generation:
Her daughter...another virtual replication. I'm beginning to think this is all I'll ever get. Gotta find prettier Sims to reproduce with!

4th Generation:
Finally a son who's a smidge better looking.

5th Generation:
His daughter, kind of homily. Progress, though!

(Her parents had a 2nd child when she was already pregnant w/her own spawn. The sister is much better looking than her. Should have waited for her! )

6th Generation:
The next generation's scion.

7th Generation:
And then his own daughter!

She was one of a set of triplets and I had a hard time deciding who was prettier!

Just 7 generations to break the Fugly curse! I guess I'll go all 10 generations to see what happens and then maybe start over with an even uglier Sim!

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ooh, fun! I must try it. I'll post pics soon of all the phugly! :D
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The ending generation looks very pretty! If that kid could meet the first gen. LOL
#74 Old 13th Aug 2009 at 3:42 AM
It's getting better!

4th Generation:

Not bad! Considering this was the 1st:
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#75 Old 13th Aug 2009 at 5:40 PM
Holy Simoly! That is one fugly Sim!
The new guy looks like he just saw his ancestress and is scared!

Thanks, Auroradreamergirl!

"My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can."
~Cary Grant
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