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Default Create your own story?
Is it possible to create your own story, with everything that it entails? Like, in Age of Empires you can create your own scenarios. Would be cool if it was possible in Sims Stories On the case it said you could create your own stories so I was a bit bummed out when I realized they just meant free play... :P
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Yes and no, you can not create the controller to run things like the story mode does but you can use any base game hood in LS you want to as long as the hood number is different than N001, N002 and N003.
You can remove those and replace them with the org hoods from the Sims 2 base game and they will work though.
You can put at least 3 more hoods in and they will go into rotation. (Maybe more but I have not went above 3 yet.)

There is a player made controller that when something happens in the story a pop-up comes up and a gift is given.
If you are great with SimPE you maybe able to figure out how to use it for any hood you want.

The hood is called "Fury & Lark hood" here

Here is pics showing Riverside, Sedona and Old Town in rotations.

All my Beginning Hoods here at MTS.
All my Beginning Hoods as Shopping Districts plus Old Town.
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Thanks! Hm, I don't think I'm good enough with SimPE to figure that out. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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No, it's not possible, period. They just meant freeplay, like, you can create custom sims or do what you want with the premade sims after the scenario is over. You cannot create a new story mode with objectives, chapters, and so on.
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It is technically possible but it's require A LOT and I mean A LOT of modding.
You'd have to change dialogues, add new Sims and make scripts targetting them, objectives and whatnot.

And to my knowledge there is no documentation to do this.
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I'm in the same boat as @Gurluas . I think it could be done, in where you could overhaul one of the existing stories. A really messy way I could see it being semi-doable is if you were to, as you said, alter the text strings accordingly and do Sim Surgery on the characters from the original story so their appearance can be unique, and once this is done you could copy those altered character files to something outside of the folder, delete the (now broken) stories (the whole Neighborhoods folder) and let the game re-generate it, and then cut those altered character files to the newly created story and, if it all works, you'd have a working story with the same characters, but completely different appearances. You could go all out and make an entirely custom story, and I can almost guarantee you this could be done since the game uses various tokens which essentially "marks your progress" as you go. I'm guessing the 2 default stories could be completely replaced with your own, but it would take a great deal of work and brainstorming since, well, think of it: Maxis had to think about players who do the story at their own pace so the game restricts you in various ways (not being able to fall in love before the end of the story, for example). The absolute nightmare with making a fully custom story would be the custom wants.Can custom wants even be added to the normal Sims 2? I'm guessing they might, but I never really looked into it.
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