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Default Pet Stories - No puppies in sight?!
I'm almost done with playing Alice's story, and I'm completely stuck near the end of the story. the game is telling me to play with the puppies, but I can't find them! They're nowhere. Do I really have to redo it all? Not a big deal if that's the case, as I had a ton of fun doing it, but it's aggravating.
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Weird, so you never got the pop-up about new pets being on the way, and the option to pick names? Or were the puppies born but now they're not on the lot?

You hopefully shouldn't have to start over: if they weren't born, it's still time to make it happen, and if they're missing, several hacks work in the Pet Stories game, Simlogical's teleporter cat (for Seasons) would let you summon them/move them in. Do they appear in the family tree on the left in the User Interface?

Is Thomas still on the lot with his dog? Did you look everywhere, the puppies are so small, they should be born somewhere behind the house, not far from the backyard stairs, normally.
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