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Default Frustrating spam of just 1 interaction
I'm trying to get an autonomous sim going in Life Stories, but the social interactions are incredibly boring: meaning that one sim just spams 1 interaction until it's time to go to sleep. It might be Congratulate, infinite times in a row, or Admire. Is there some mod or adjustment that can get the sims to realize that their conversations need not be the same phrase repeated by the same sim infinite times?
#2 Old 24th Jun 2017 at 11:40 PM
Twojeffs has a fix for the congrats madness specifically:
I have it in my regular game but haven't tried in LS, it should be OK since it's NL or higher. I would make a back up and then try it.

For annoying repeated interactions more generally speaking, Cyjon made a loop fix:
I haven't tested that one in LS either, or the Smarter EP check mod which is required for this one to work.
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