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Boarding House Noises (OPEN)
Story line;

You’re living in a boarding house, somewhere in Britain, with nine other people. You didn’t own enough money to live on your own so getting a change to live in a boarding house had been an escape, but was it the right choice? Was it okay to leave your parents, family and friends to live on your own life? You decide..

- Of course ALL forum rules apply.
- You can only have ONE character.
- If your character says something write it like this "enter your text here please"
- Have to say something out of the rp? Write it like this ((enter your text here please))
- Follow ze rulez please, that way everyone can enjoy rp-ing :D


First floor
- Dining room
- Kitchen
- Living room
- Bathroom
- Two toilets [Yes the toilet is downstairs~ You gotta pee in the middle of the night? Run down the stairs! xD]

Second floor
- Rooms

- Garage [for cars/bikes/motors/skateboard/Whatever]
- Small garden [Just a grass field, if you want flowers or something… You have to plant and take care of them yourself]

Wanna join? Fill in the application form ^^

Application form;

Name: [What do people call your character?]
Full Name: [Full name please~]
Sexual Orientation: [Male, female, both?]
Age: [Current age character][Please keep the age of your character between 16 and 25 years old..]
Race: [What country does your character come from? A bit of variety is always fun right?]
Looks: [Eyes, hair, body accessories, build, height]
Bio: [What kind of person is your character?]
Room nr.: [In which room does your character live? There are 10 rooms~]
Stay Age: [For how long have you been living here?]
Work/School: [Does your character have a job or does he/she go to school?]
Gadget: [Name something your character can’t live without.. Like a mobile phone, wallet, socks ;)]

In need of 10 characters~

I'll get back to you as soon as possible ^^

Rooms filled;

1. Raquel Nez (Raq)
3. Vivian Reed (River)
7. Crest Seam (Alu)
8. Mattieu Vince (Matt)
9. Alison Hayes (Alice)
10. Crystina Mae Glenbrook (Chryssi or Crys)
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Hahaaha~ Sorry for the double post ^^ This is my application!

Name: Matt
Full Name: Mattieu Vince
Sexual Orientation: Both
Age: 19 years old
Race: French
Looks: Matt has forest green eyes and short blond hair. He has a black lip piercing on the right side through the bottom of his lip and wears lenses because of his poor sight. He has a healthy muscular build, no he doesn’t have a six-pack. Matt is 1,80 meter.
Bio: He doesn’t really care about anything, you find him most of the time sitting on his butt reading comics or listening to music. He doesn’t really like going outside and he holds a grudge against anything or anyone who keeps him away from his comic books. But if you ask him nicely to help you with the dishes he will help you.
Room nr.: 8
Stay Age: He has been living in the boarding house for almost two years.
Work/School: Matt is still a student, he goes to college.
Gadget : Cigarettes
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Name: Alu
Full Name: Crest Seam
Sexual Orientation: Male
Age: 18
Race: German
Looks: + She is 5'5 very skinny.
Bio: Crest never really speaks, but she is really smart and nice. She Bates to be laughed at and cry or get angry. Crest stopped caring about people that's why she came to the boarding school. If no one cares about her why should she care about them, in her opinion no one loved her. She always sits in her room reading or drawing.
Room #: 7 ((Me lucky #!))
Stay age: 1 year
Work/School: Currently in college.
Gadget: A crest moon shaped staff that she found in a German castle when she was little.
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Name: Alice
Full Name: Alison Hayes
Sexual Orientation: Doesn't matter
Age: 19
Race: Caucasian (Was born in the USA, but is unsure where her ancestors came from)
Looks: Brown eyes and hair, pale skin, 5 feet 2 inches tall. She has just enough stomach fat to stop her ribs from poking out, and has more fat in "those areas" than most girls. She wears glasses and her hair looks like this:
Bio: Alice loves her comic books. She also goes to college. After her classes are over she works at a comic book shop. She tries to help as much as possible, but when you make her mad, Alice will hate your guts for a while.
Room nr.: 9
Stay Age: She has been staying for around 3 years.
Work/School: She works after school
Gadget: A copy of her favorite comic book.
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Name: Chryssi or Crys
Full Name: Crystina Mae Glenbrook
Sexual Orientation: Female
Age: 17
Race: A little bit (like only 3% each) of French, Portuguese, and Spanish, but mostly English/American (English mom, American dad)
Looks: Green eyes, shoulder-length dirty blonde hair, light medium skin, pretty thin and short.
Bio: Cryssi is pretty shy, but once you get to know her, she is very perky and bright. She has an English accent, but she does have a hint of an American accent in some places. She plans to learn French and Spanish, to communicate with her family better. She also has Portuguese roots somewhere in the family.
Room nr.: 10
Stay Age: 1 year
Work/School: School full time
Gadget: Computer
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Default Stranger
((Please forgive me if I've messed up--I've never tried this version before. When does play start? Thanks! ))

Name: Raq
Full name: Raquel Nez
Orientation: male, probably (she hasn't explored much yet, not wanting to get distracted)
Age: 18
Race: Native American/Afro-Brazilian
Looks: dark brown skin, below-waist black hair worn down, braided, or up in a traditional knot (never loose at work), distance runners' build (so some muscle but not quite heavy), shiny black eyes
Bio: Raq was raised by her Dine (Navajo) mother in Arizona, US, until she was 12. When her mother died, her father took her back to his hometown in Sao Salvador, Brasil. She wants to get to and stay in an economically stable place, which is why she came to Britain for school. Having to support herself in a new country is not easy, but she knows how to work hard. She misses being able to have a social life, especially dancing and playing Capoeira, but school and work are too important to her.
Room #: 1
Stay age: just got here, needing a cheap place for school
Work/school: full-time student, part-time bar waitress/bartender
Gadget: A coat (gosh, does it ever get warm this far north?!) and music or instrument of some kind
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Name: River
Full name: Vivian Reed
Orientation: Both
Age: 19
Race: Irish/Scottish
Bio: It was an easy life for Vivian, but she still wanted to leave. She never knew why. She loves the water and swimming, she's very kind. She loves hanging out with her friends and is never afraid to be herself. She gets good grades and she works at a clothing store.
Room number: 3
Stay age: 4 years
Work/School: College student, works in clothing store.
Gadget: lily hair clip and bathing suit (To swim)
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Originally Posted by hayoolkaal
((Please forgive me if I've messed up--I've never tried this version before. When does play start? Thanks! :) ))

((Don't worry about messing up, I mess up all the time ^^ We'll start when all of the rooms are filled~ But if that takes too long, we can always start sooner! I don't like waiting so it won't take long ;)))
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((Okay, so let's just start this thing ^^ Thanks to everyone who has signed in! You make me all so happy <3 If anyone wants to join, you can just fill in the application form! Jeeeej~))

Matt was shamelessly walking down the stairs in his boxers, going to the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee. It was still a bit early so he didn't expect anyone to be downstairs. Yawning he slid his hand through his blond hair. He was dying for a cigarette but he didn't feel like facing the world already so he just ignored the nagging feeling from his brain. As he walked through the hall towards the kitchen he heard soft stumbling from someone else who just woke up and was either walking around or falling out of their bed. He slammed the door open and yawned again. "Bonjour.." he called out into the kitchen not looking if there was someone in the room in the first place. He had a habit of greeting people in French even though he spoke perfectly English. Matt walked in and poured himself a coffee. When he was done adding so much sugar it could made him a diabetic he turned around to see if there was someone already in the kitchen.

((That just sucked(am I allowed to say that?).. I'm sorry, I guess I need to warm up a bit. Keep in mind anyone can react any time but make sure to read what others post otherwise the story itself could get really weird~))
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Crest wore her hoodie to sleep. She couldn't help it, it was so fluffy! She walked out of her room locking it. She was very secure about her things. She walked downstairs to the kitchen seeing Matt. When she heard the greeting she responded "Hey." She walked to the fridge getting a cold water bottle then walking outside. She put up her hood sipping the water. It was peaceful and quiet. She closed her eyes and thought to herself.

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Alice woke up in a cold sweat again. She never really slept much at night, she had too many nightmares. Deciding to get dressed, she put on her clothes and grabbed her bag because she would have college in a couple of hours. After brushing her hair until it was soft, she began to walk down the stairs. Crest and Matt were already downstairs. "Hey Matt, hey Crest." She greeted them. After Alice greeted them, she sat at the table and got out some new comic books she had received as a gift. "Hey, anyone want some comics? I already have these ones."
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Vivian dried her hair. She got up extra early to swim. She wrapped the towel around her waist grabbing her bag. She slid it onto her shoulder making her way back to the boarding house. When she got in she saw a couple of people were awake. She walked back to her room without a sound. She placed her bag on the floor closing the door. Opening her closet she pulled out a new outfit. (( lulz)) She jumped onto her bed laying down. She looked at her clock. She looked back to the ceiling yawning. Maybe she would get some more sleep. She picked up the clock setting her alarm till 9:30 AM. She kicked off her socks wrapping the blue blankets around her. Just a couple more hours, just a couple.
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Matt watched Crest walking outside amused how the rather small girl was enjoying her moment of peach outside. He chuckled and walked over to the table to pick up one of Alice her comic's. The cover didn't look very familiar. He sat down next to Alice and took a sip of his coffee. He placed the comic back on the table and took another one. But it didn't look familiar either. He sighed and decided to read it even tho he was still only in his boxers. After reading a few pages he looked up from the book and looked over at Alice.
"Are these new? Haven't seen them before.."
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"Yes, they are." Alice responded. "I already have them through a subscription, but these comics were a gift from the owners of the shop. Didn't want to waste perfectly good comics. I have the others in the series the book you're reading is in, as well." What Alice left unsaid was the fact she liked Matt in a more than friendly way, and wanted to let him have first pick. Besides, he was the only one here who seemed to understand her love for comic books.
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Raq woke with a start, hearing unfamiliar voices in a language she still had to piece together to understand. Once she remembered she was okay, in her room in her new home, she realized these must simply be her new roommates. Voices, she thought, I can deal with people just talking at all hours. She looked at the clock and realized it was time for her to get ready for class anyway, so she put on her jeans, boots, and colorful top, grabbed her bag, and headed downstairs. She paused at the kitchen door, took a deep breath, and walked in.
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Matt gave Alice a small smile and continued reading. "I have to go to college around 10.. Can I borrow this one from you? I would love to read it in my break." He pointed at the comic book he was reading, hoping she would let him borrow it from her since he had already taken a liking in the book. Matt ran a hand through his blond hair and noted he had to take a shower before going to college.
That's when he heard the door open again but he was enjoying the comic to much to look up and see who walked in.
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"Of course you can borrow it." As Alice said that, she noticed the kitchen door opening and looked over at who walked in. She remembered she got home late last night, but heard there was a new girl. Alice had to assume the girl had been sleeping when Alice came back. "Hey, I don't believe we've met. I'm Alice." Extending her hand for a handshake, Alice smiled.
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Crest got up bringing her cup inside. She placed the cup on the counter walking back to her room. She took off her Hoodie taking black pants and tank top from her closet putting them on. She found a light blue hoodie putting it on grabbing her boots then walking out. She looked at her watch looking at the time. She had a few minutes to get to class. She grabbed her bike off the bike rack riding it to her class.
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Matt looked up wanting to thank the comic loving girl but she had already left. He looked around to see her greeting a girl who he had never seen before. Matt sighed and got up knowing he too had to get ready even though he had enough time to sit on his butt for a little longer. He left his cup on the table not really feeling like putting the thing on the counter. Matt walked towards the girls. "Thank you, Alice" He said as he lightly touched her shoulder and walked towards the bathroom forgetting to introduce himself to the new girl.
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Raq noticed the young woman she hadn't seen last night come toward her. She looked friendly enough. Raq smiled and took the offered hand. "I'm Raq. Nice to meet you, Alice," she said just a little slowly. When the young man said goodbye to Alice and then brushed out, Raq was slightly startled. She wasn't used to being ignored by the men in this country. She raised her eyebrows and laughed to herself. 'Must already be taken, and hard' she thought to herself. She looked around, grabbed a cup sitting on the table and took it to wash, and asked the nice Alice how she was doing. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything," she added.
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"I'm well, and you're not interrupting anything. That was Matt, by the way." Alice said sitting down at the table. She looked at the time, and excused herself, saying, "Well, it's almost time for me to head to college, I need to go. Nice meeting you, Raq." Alice left, and grabbed her backpack filled with her books on the way out, and thus began the walk to school.
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Raq set the water on for her tea and started her usual breakfast. Luckily, the jet lag and the offset schedule happened to help each other out. She was glad she didn't have classes until mid-morning--at least this term. When she was going to find time for her morning run, she had no idea. Water boiling, she filled her thermos with tea and sat down to quickly finish her meal. It was about time for her to head out, as well. 'Alice, Matt,' she thought to herself, still trying to learn everyone, 'they must've been asleep when I got home last night--like any sane, sober person.'
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Vivian woke with a jolt of an alarm clock. She hit snooze hard with the palm of her hand. She rolled off her bed getting her boots back on. She rubbed her eyes. She walked to the kitchen turning on the stove. She grabbed some pancake mix and started to mix it all together. When the pancakes were finished she sat down to enjoy her meal. "Hey" She greeted the others in the room. As soon as she finished she cleaned her plate and made her way to the local swimming pool to began practicing for her swim team.
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Matt stepped out of the bathroom and ran up the stairs towards his room to get himself some clothes. He entered his room and picked a clean t-shirt out of his closet and a pair of jeans from a chair standing near by. He looked into the mirror and decided his hair looked good enough for the day even though it was a total mess. He stepped inside his combat boots and he took his cigarettes from the nightstand. He walked down the stairs as he saw Vivian rushing out the door on her way to the swimming pool, he assumed. He walked into the kitchen and picked his bag from underneath the table. He sighed and looked at the clock, it read 9:50. ''Time to go.. he said to the empty kitchen.'' He picked the Alice he comic from the table and tucked it inside his back. Matt walked out of the door and lighted a cigarette while he walked to college.

I'm awesome like that...

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Knock, knock...
"Do you still have any rooms available? I would like to apply.
My name is Maria Terress Goodbody, but please call me Moon. I used to like men - a whole lot! -but it's been a long time. I'm 55, a white American, of English descent (but named after a French grandmother). You'll notice I have green eyes and hair down to my waist. I am a large woman - over 200 pounds- but very active and strong. I like long flowered skirts, bare feet, and jewelry I make of 'found' things (like shells, flowers, feathers). I lived for years in a commune in southern California, just an old hippie, an earth mother that loves flowers and cooking. I also like science, and am quiet; people who don't know my past expect me to be reserved and judgmental.
If room 6 is available, that is a magic number!
Sadly, I have no children, although I've been married a lot. I'm a widow now, living on a small pension.
Living with a bunch of lively teens would keep me young, but not if they expect me to be the housekeeper!
If everyone approves of me, I am ready to move right in. Oh, and I can't live without my 3 cats, Hairy, Piddles, and Fang."
P.S. Oh, dear, you said "gadget". Maybe I should get ANOTHER cat and name him Gadget.

Not getting a reply, Moon goes into the back yard. " No one seems to be home; well it's a fine morning, I'll just sit on the grass and sing to the birds. Maybe someone will come home soon."

LATER: "It was interesting reading everyone ELSE'S bio; wonder why they let me read it. Guess I'll go home and feed the cats. Hope Fang hasn't eaten my underwear again. Oh, well, who needs underwear? I'll come back tonight and try again. I'm about to be kicked out of my furnished apartment; next stop, bag lady.

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