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MTS Movie Night #4 - posted on 19th Feb 2018 at 4:46 PM
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#5601 Old Today at 7:45 AM
Originally Posted by ihatemandatoryregister
But drinking warm pop? Yuck.

Iceman blew on the pop to cool it down. And by "on" I mean he blew right down the open neck of the bottle, right into the pop. He was not the one drinking it either. As far as I could tell it was an awkward, clunky way to show off his ice powers. Ended up looking kinda gay, tho.

Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
You sure it was soda they were getting out of the cupboard? Because I understand there's some microbrews that are supposed to be served warm rather than cold.

Yep! Wolverine asks "You got any beer?" and Iceman says, "This is a school," then says, "there should be some soda in the cupboard." Wolverine pulls out a bottle of soda, uncaps it, and then hold it out to Iceman who blows on/into it, leaving frost all over the glass bottle.
#5602 Old Today at 7:47 AM
Originally Posted by Rosawyn
But then in the one X-Men movie, they were keeping bottles of soda pop in the cupboard, so maybe sims aren't the only strange ones!

Oh, yeah - X2 X-Men United. It's good that they have Ice Man, but if he wasn't there, I can't imagine willingly drinking warm soda either.

I remember that we had a field trip to a factory in the city long ago and they gave us hot soda, on an especially humid day when the AC on the bus was broken.

The only ginger ale I've seen is Canada Dry. I thought it was an odd name at first... I tend to use rice water more since I cook rice every day anyway.

My life is a series of incomprehensible sketches, illegible notes, and running away from angry reptiles. I don't enjoy that last one.
#5603 Old Today at 10:31 AM
Canada Dry used to be my favourite drink when I was younger (I dislike ginger though).

There was an French advertisement:
It looks like alcohol, it seems like alcohol but it isn't alcohol.

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#5604 Old Today at 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by ihatemandatoryregister
If you buy a bunch of soda pop on sale there's often not enough room to stick 10 or 12 bottles in the fridge at once. So in the cupboard it goes until the one in the fridge runs out. But drinking warm pop? Yuck.

The X-Men movies were weird because they made it seem like they are housing hundreds of teenagers in one New England manor (which also featured enough classrooms and offices and stuff to run a school) and feeding them all with one kitchen (who's even cooking for their army of kids? Jean and Storm? Is that why they don't get any screen time beyond a stupid one liner and being the pathetic token love interest?). Well the X-Men movies were weird and bad for a lot of reasons, but only this one is related to soda. So yes, it's not unthinkable that they had to store some bottles of soda in a cupboard.

And Ice Men is canonically a bit...dumb...so he'd be the guy to just blow on your drink to make it cold.

On giner ale and other soda; I can't really say one way or the other; my stomach doesn't like anything carbonated, not even water.

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#5605 Old Today at 12:50 PM
Originally Posted by Rosebine
What is the classic look, and how do i change it, or where? All I see is..
Bootstrap - BlueFish (I have)
Bootstrap - Slate.

You have to change the url manually - it's no longer available as a clickable option.

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Thread for yakking about making TS2 stuff
#5606 Old Today at 12:51 PM
I'm wondering why I can't do barn roofs today.
Just spend two hours trying with no success and it's making me angry.
I really don't understand what I'm missing with this tutorial: https://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=156028

I did those a few years ago though.
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