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MTS Bob Ross Paint-Along Night - posted on 4th Sep 2017 at 10:54 PM
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#4151 Old Yesterday at 9:37 AM
I did not know that...

#4152 Old Yesterday at 9:57 AM
The only reason I know about that is because it's mentioned in the Prima Guide. It's certainly not obvious and it's understandable that people think nothing happens.

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#4153 Old Today at 5:48 AM
That if you plan to age down townies to toddlers or children, make sure to remove their jobs before doing so. I had carpool notifications coming up and none of the in-game things I had was able to make them unemployed.

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#4154 Old Today at 6:47 AM
Originally Posted by *_Drew~
@grammapat: basically, the global setting should be "use normal maxis" but one of my Sims recently caught her husband with another woman and she didn't got mad. It might be another mod, or maybe because she has romance as secondary aspiration... Dunno, honestly.

I've had a similar problem. I had a Pleasure/Pleasure couple where the husband got jealous. They divorced and he got a Pleasure girlfriend. No jealousy. Then I thought, there was a problem with the settings. I can't recall what it was set to, probably Married Only since he is a Pleasure Sim. But I set it to In Love and still no jealousy. I thought the problem was Dynamic (changing) vs. Static (stays the same), so I changed that. Still nothing. Then I set it to Crush/Static. Still no jealousy. So, I decided he was probably heartbroken by his wife, did not get all that attached to the girlfriend and the "love" he thought he felt for her was fake.

The only thing about the relationship that might have affected it is the Adults Go Steady mod. I had it in. Then took it out -- but it left the "going steady" icon on their relationship. When he did not get jealous, I realized I needed them to "break up." But to do that, I had to put the mod back in. Reinserted the mod, had them argue and break up. Now, they hate each other. I tried to get them to be friends again just to see if he would get jealous, but every time she sees him she beats the crap out of him. So, I'm guessing that relationship is really over and done with.

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#4155 Old Today at 6:18 PM
Originally Posted by Lili975
That "feature" appeared in someone's old legacy, years ago, I don't remember who, it really is hilarious

No problem, I wasn't complaining
I think I thought you "fell asleep" and didn't see the lightening strike. I was probably "half asleep" when I made that comment.
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