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#1 Old 28th Feb 2015 at 6:33 AM Last edited by PANDAQUEEN : 1st Mar 2015 at 1:50 AM.
A Day Not Worth Reliving...Share Yours
Aside from Leonard Nimoy getting visited by the Grim Reaper, which is minor in my book but has some importance in Star Trek, what I consider to be the most influential social experiment in sci-fi culture to have a reach beyond entertaining nerds, which I am one, I had such a rough day that makes my drug addled psychosis seem like a walk in the park.

I wake up at 5:00AM, right before mom got up. I took my pills with a caffeinated soft drink. Not one for coffee, unless you sweeten the hell out of it with syrups and cream. The fact I had drank caffeine throughout the day was my big mistake. I have panic attacks that manifest as crippling headaches. Adding caffeine amplifies the pain.

While going to the hospital to get my headache pills, we talked of my recent doll collection acquisitions. But dad couldn't believe the fact Mattel got away with characters in Monster High and Ever After High being the byproduct of bestiality. My father went to the dark side quick. Dad swore at the GPS and it was like Ralphie Parker reminiscing of his father's obscenity tapestry hanging in space over Lake Michigan. Just sub the lake with Puget Sound.

At the hospital, I use my old "will-not-fly" joke as I absolutely hate planes to the question if I left the country for a trip. I informally addressed my doctor by her full name, which is a Chinese name and my parents call her by the wrong names. I got my pills after talking mindlessly.

On the way back, dad brought up a sex convention in Portland, Oregon. I told him I dabble in BDSM, but I would only allow mutual partnerships for such things to happen. Not a normal father-daughter conversation, but my father was the first person who held me and he was the first person who I developed an imprint with. He is concerned about his only child's welfare.

We went to the bank and paid off my parents for the rent, the phone plan and any incurred fees over February. It was awkward as I expected a long line as it was Friday, or pay day for most adults.

We stopped at Taco Bell for a lunch break. I was panicking. But dad joined me with two cheeseless tacos

We went home and recovered before the next appointment.

Then came the dreaded psych appointment. After much grilling, my therapist said my self esteem was low, but not low enough to be suicidal. She suggested writing to help with my issues. I said I would be the type to hole myself up in Alice Cooper's basement or attic, only coming out if he had a dinner I could eat. I am timid like a fawn. I am a bit intimidated by Alice in terms of accolades. My only resume-worthy accolade was that of MVP of the women's division at a now-defunct school.

After that I received mail. I got a notice from the government on HIPAA policies. Nothing was required of me in actions. I received a trophy catalog and a freebie of a gold medal for road racing. I was stunned that I received a sample. I have a few accolades from prior to high school. I bowled a 300 game of bowling during a field trip in 3rd grade the first year (I skipped 2nd grade and was in 3rd grade twice) and in the 2nd year, it was the USA States spelling bee where you had to spell all 50 states in order of joining the USA. Needless to say, that was a epic win. I had aced the study and the bee.

I was invited to dinner. But I had panic attacks and hot flash-like surges of heat. When I was at the restaurant, I panicked while trying to cool off. My panicking state made it hard to distinguish backfiring engines with gun shots. I ran back in and while running, tripped over a mat and faceplanted and chafed myself.

Well, I guess I should break the news. Grandpa begged my family via dad to move into the house he had since the late 1970s as Grandma died last summer. It's extremely quiet with my grandfather and my eldest aunt Mary who inherited the balding\thinning gene now wears a wig. My grandma was chatty. My position on the move was against moving. Not only the red tape of changing addresses at numerous online shops and medical and social services becomes a nasty headache, but I'm too sick to travel. I take after my father's family in terms of inherited major illnesses to inherit. I'm the ill cousin while my other cousins on that side of the family are perfectly healthy.

Now that you heard me out, this is one day I never want to ever repeat again.

Tell me your worst days imaginable. They must be real ones you lived through.

EDIT: When I faceplanted...I ended up with a ragged-looking bruise. Did not show up until this morning.

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"In the heat of battle, my father wove a tapestry of obscenity that, as far as we know, is hanging in space over Lake Michigan."
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#2 Old 28th Feb 2015 at 9:51 AM
ooo now you're asking ... but I don't think I'll relate one of the worst days because, to be frank, I've been through some real bummers. Yesterday was bad enough - not only did Leonard Nimoy die, something which saddens me greatly, but I had a (minor) operation yesterday and so spent the entire day wasting time in hospital; my left arm is encased in dressings so I am struggling to pull up my own knickers; I can't type so my Internet waffling is going to be limited; the pain is intermittantly horrid; I have to take some antibiotics which sound as though they have horrible potential side-effects; I can't play Dragon Age this weekend; I have a pile of marking on my desk; I have to go into work on Monday (normally a day off) for an important meeting when I can't dress myself properly or put up my hair; and the houseboy (husband) is late with the second coffee this morning.

See: crap.

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#3 Old 28th Feb 2015 at 10:57 AM
Friday was bad - class held back in math as usual because we can't shut our damn mouths, all the toast is gone, so I throw my card on the ground in frustration, can't paint within the lines in art because I work too fast, nearly getting involved in a big argument at lunch, afternoon was okay until I was on my way home, where one of the usually silent passengers was in a bad mood for the second or fourth time, and everyone except the driver turned against him. I only got involved because he called me a "dumbo" when I mentioned I was going to be Switzerland, and he thought I had an IQ of -1 and said I was England, and that set off a flame war in the cab. Suddenly, he shuts up, and I flee in the back when the second passenger was dropped off, I come home, mother talks to the driver about the incident, then a few hours later, I learn that Nimoy has died, and now today, I'm looking to actually stay off YouTube for a week successfully. God help me.
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#4 Old 28th Feb 2015 at 3:47 PM
I've had lots of bad days/weeks/months over the years, and most I'd not want to repeat.

A few of them happened when I was in Nurse Practice. There's spending hours mopping up various very runny excrements - not just once, but several times, often for the same patients. There's the day when I'd gotten treatment for a skin problem on my feet, and had to almost run after my supervising nurse for 3 hours with giant blisters forming on my feet, in too tight shoes, feeling like the undersides of my feet were on fire and barely able to walk at all. And that's just a couple of things (most of the other things I don't want to talk about). Lots of bad days at 'work' there...

There's also the day when Gran (on mom's side) died. She'd been there for me throughout my life, and sitting there by the hospital bed several hours, waiting for her to die... it's one of the worst days I can remember, and that includes lots of funerals.

I also have those regular crappy days where lots of things go wrong, but at least I can put things into perspective. Yes, I had a bad day, but I've had much worse days, and still somehow managed to get through those. I usually just live through the day with all its big or small problems, and just hope the next day will be better.
#5 Old 28th Feb 2015 at 8:26 PM
Every day of my life is fucking awesome. Yes, even those.

I don't care how shitty it is. Life is a fucking precious commodity and bitching about shit never fixes anything. So treat it all as brilliant sunshine, it's what you've got.
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#6 Old 1st Mar 2015 at 11:55 AM
I agree, Mook. No matter how bad the yesterday was, the today is always a blank slate. That's not to say I haven't had horrid days, or days I'd rather forget, rather I look to the new day to be a better one. If you actually take a moment to reflect on your day, thinking about it, you will usually find more good things happened, but some people are so focused on the negative aspects that happened, simple joys go unnoticed.

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#7 Old 1st Mar 2015 at 12:23 PM
Wasn't a complete bitchfest. I did go shopping and bought dolls for my collection, pajamas, a wig and wig caps, the first season of the 1990s Sailor Moon redubbed for true to original story sake, earbuds and a box of chocolate to share with mom. Also received my headache pills. Got my catalogs in the mail, with one coming with a gold medal for road racing as a sample.

It wasn't all THAT bad. Just had an overshadowed day.

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"In the heat of battle, my father wove a tapestry of obscenity that, as far as we know, is hanging in space over Lake Michigan."
Ralphie as an adult, A Christmas Story
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#8 Old 1st Mar 2015 at 4:43 PM
I miss catalogues. I used to spend hours looking at clothing in them. I should order some.

She was rouge and red lips, dark hair and soft hips, mischief and laughter - and she wanted you to love her faster.
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#9 Old 1st Mar 2015 at 5:37 PM
@Nymphetamine I have a fair food industry equipment and supplies catalog, which started with my desire for flavored cotton candy; a Barbie Collector catalog, despite my disdain for Barbie, I enjoy seeing what's en vogue for 1:6 scale dolls and work on my skills in sewing and an award catalog, as the award for my MVP in the Phoenix Academy was a Pepsi can covered in an oversized sticker. The sports I excelled in were ball-based sports.

Yeah, I got them either with purchase or by request.

Avatar: Jingjing the Black Ring Panda from Beijing 2008 Olympics.

"In the heat of battle, my father wove a tapestry of obscenity that, as far as we know, is hanging in space over Lake Michigan."
Ralphie as an adult, A Christmas Story
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#10 Old 1st Mar 2015 at 7:48 PM
My day has barely begun but so far captains log proceeds as...

captains log...
star date march 1, 2015
I awoke from a phone call from my partner prompting me it was time to take my medicines and with my system slowly digesting those and not wanting to arise I laid in my comfort until about 1000 I arose from my comfort and started the process of adventure to the internet. It has now come to my attention that it is 1100 AM and my stomach is making the rumbles that only hand can satisfy so I must replicate some hands and continue my journey.
Captain out.
#11 Old 3rd Mar 2015 at 7:30 PM
A lot of days have been not worth living to me. These past 7 years haven't. The quality of life for me has been gradually declining since 8/28/2008. However, there is a saying about seven years of bad luck, so maybe the rest of this year will get better. I'm skeptical about that though.

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#12 Old 3rd Mar 2015 at 9:16 PM
Getting annoyed by the mindless idiots I'm surrounded by and forced to deal with all the damn time tends to bring my mood down, but otherwise every day is a (fairly) good day.

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#13 Old 4th Mar 2015 at 1:32 AM
Any day where a close family member or friend dies.

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#14 Old 4th Mar 2015 at 4:05 PM
Your day actually sounds like a pretty good one, to me! I love going to Taco Bell, and going out to a restaurant for dinner doesn't sound half bad. I love fast food and I love eating, so that would actually be a memorably awesome day for me.

My worst day to date was the day I was in the hospital room watching my grandfather-in-law die slowly, taking labored breath after labored breath, while his family watched, tears streaming from their faces, nothing left but a husk of the strong, loving, and cheerful man I once knew. That was probably the toughest day I can recall, and a day I wouldn't want to relive. The day of his funeral and that of my grandmother-in-law, also came pretty close. The times I've had a CT scan, chest x-ray, MRI, cardiac echo, and endoscopy were also really tough on me, because I think I've never been as scared in my entire life as those days because I'm totally medical-phobic. I felt totally encompassed by fear and terror at what I thought they might find during all those tests.

Although I don't really have any days worth reliving except those days I get to eat fast food, which are few and far between because getting older and trying not to get a heart disease.
I go to work where I'm miserable all day. Then I go home. Eat yucky veggies and other vegetarian crap for dinner. After that, play Sims 4 or something, which has been getting pretty boring, so I fall asleep, sometimes on the floor. If I want extra excitement, I'll go pluck some grays. Not because I'm really that vain (well, maybe a little), but it's something to do. Wash, rinse, repeat. Kind of always feel perpetually down in the dumps and like the future holds nothing but doom and gloom, but I still love life anyway and try not to let my worries about the future permeate my present. Every day I'm around and healthy (to the best of my knowledge) is awesome even if it doesn't really feel awesome.

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#15 Old 4th Mar 2015 at 4:46 PM
Yesterday. Kind of want to die now. Want to wipe yesterday from my memory at all costs.

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#16 Old 4th Mar 2015 at 5:18 PM
For me, it would have to be the day where I came back from a trip to visit my grandparents - who cannot clean their house, even though the floor is covered in their pets' urine and fecal matter, and put me in a room that turned my white socks yellow from walking across it once (this place has been condemned before, though my dad and his siblings managed to clean it - and then things went right back to previous conditions) - sick from aforementioned conditions, and then found that my mother had kicked me out and had me sent to a place that had nearly caused me to commit suicide (and my mom knew this, since she witnessed one of the attempts and had me sent to therapy). In fact, it made me suicidal again, for much the same reasons. I would have stayed with my grandparents if I'd known that was coming.
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