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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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#1 Old 6th Jul 2015 at 9:01 AM Last edited by ChiTheBloodQueen : 27th Jul 2016 at 9:40 AM.
Default The Assassin Challenge
Your just a normal girl. You don't think your that special but according to a duke you and five other girls are the most beautiful im the kingdom. But one of the girls....is weird. Whenever shes around the prince she has a murderous look in her eyes and she won't let anyone in her room. One day you get the mail and find a letter for the girl it has a red seal with curious markings, you open it. Its a letter from a assassin association. The letter states she must marry the prince and kill him to rule the and do whatever it takes even kill the other candidates if she must.. You quickly use some wax to reseal the letter and the girl thankfully doesn't notice it was opened.
What are you to do?! You try to tell the other girls but they all think your making it up and your lucky none of them mention it to the Assasin or you would be dead.

Goal:Marry The Prince and save the kingdom

1.You must flirt with the prince but if the other girl is around or could possibly catch you too you must not or you will become the target.
2. Motherlode cheat is allowed nothing that forces love or aspiration.
3. You can not leave the palace. Sorry.
4. You may only control your character.
5. Prince only visits the house on Fridays.
6. Start in new crest or delete all the homes in any of the other worlds and create your kingdom.
7. If any of the other girls kiss the prince or are very very close to the prince and of course the assassin will somehow know because the other girls will not know the girl is an assassin, so they must die by midnight
8. No controlling the assassin. (Unless instructed too)
9. No using your aspiration points
10. You may use cheats to kill off characters (aka the Trick with Handbuzzer murder mod)
11.You may only talk to the prince on Friday, or when you move in
12.Do not kiss the prince the first visit
13.No woohoo with the prince before marriage, you're not a concubine (I hope) and you would be kicked out if you did that.
14. You may check relationships the prince has with other girls but no controlling them.
15. Long Life for all sims(or turn off all aging)
16. You may hire a maid
(I dont think there's anything else...)

You will make two households
The candidate's
1.The sim your playing:Must have successful lineage trait, Must have good trait, and no negative traits
2. The Assassin:Public Enemy
TraitsEvil, optional explained below) Mean, Genius(Active, Hot headed, or Insane)

The other girls must all have different Aspirations and create a little story for each be creative.

The royal family

1.Don't make him good in you change the evil trait of the Assassin, because generally Evil and Good dont like eachother very well.
2.Must have successful lineage aspiraton
3.Must be good looking
4.Must be ambitious
5.Must be outgoing, possibly romantic

2.Make him one of three types
-A kind king
-A cruel king
-Or ruled by the queen
3.Ambition is your choice
4. Must be non committal

2.Must be one of three types
-A Ambitious Queen(using the king for power pretty much rules the kingdom)
-A meek queen
-A naive or snobby queen
3.Should have family or money aspiration

How you win:
1.You marry the prince
2.The Princess hates the Assassin
3.Hard mode:You get level ten in 5 skills and the prince loves you
Medium Mode:You get level ten in 3 skills
Easy mode: you get level ten in 1 skill
4. The prince proposes to you.

How you lose:
1.You dont marry the prince
2.The Prince marries the assassin
3.You are found out by the assassin and are killed.
4. Prince Hates you
5.The prince proposes to the assassin or visa versa and he excepts
6. Prince woohoo's before marriage with you or he woohoos with the Assasin and she kills him

For this challenge I would suggest using the nicest furniture having plenty of skill building items and being good at your skills and possibly making good friends with the king and queen.
If you want you can use cheats to make things easier but if it controls sims I highly recommend NOT using them.

Don't have favorites.

Make sure you have one girl die every week.

Use random.org for this. Your girls number is 1, Assassin is 2 all the others are 3-6. If it chooses 2 roll again. Only do 1-6 if she catches you flirting with the prince.

Being friendly isn't bad but not recommended unless you and the assassin are good friends

Don't have any electronics
((SORRY IF I LEAVE THINGS OUT OR THIS IS CONFUSING I MIGHT CHANGE SOME THINGS, this is my first challenge)) Feel free to ask questions. Make sure life span is set to long.


Day 1:Move into a neighborhood that the prince is in greet him and have him as impartial the first day, Get to know the other other girls and become friends with them (even the assasin)

Day 2:You discover the letter dun dun dun. You may do whatever you like to simulate this. You must avoid the Assassin for the rest of the day. Hide if necessary.
-Use a cheat if possible to change her emotion to something high strung-

Day 3
Try not to talk to the assassin but become close friends with one of the girls. But do not play favorites with her and keep her alive until the end.

Day 4
The queen visits and tells you all you need to work on your charisma and cooking skill. Have all the girls including the assassin work on these skills you may control them to do this.
If you have a higher Charisma skill than the assassin plus 20 points
If you have a higher Cooking Skill than assassin plus 20 points
If you have both a higher Cooking skill and Charisma Skill than the assassin plus 40 points

Day 5
Today is relatively quiet. Nothing special or anything happening.
But the assassin is giving you looks...avoid her all day never be alone in the same room as her for more than 10 sim minutes

Day 6
Friday at last-I think
The prince drops by after what the other girls said about you being jealous, they don't mention the girl is an assassin to him. Try to become friends with the prince but do not interact with him infront of the assassin wait for her to leave, don't stop the prince from leaving

Day 7

The whole royal family visits and the assassin is talking to them the whole time so she won't notice your interaction with the prince. You may be flirty by if he doesn't except it do not try it on him anymore.
+20 points if he flirts back
-20 if he rejects you

Day 8
Thr assassin kills one of the girls. Random who it is on random.org , your girl 1 she is girl 2 so choose numbers 3-6 to die no cheating. If you liked the girl mourn her for two days if she was your good friend, if not you may cheat to remove the moodlet.

Day 9 Mourn the girl or create a plan.
Plan Creation:
Plan 1: You decide to become best friends with the murderer. This way she trusts you and you are likely not to be killed by her, but if she catches you flirting with the prince your are dead (if you roll 1 of course)

Plan 2:You become good friends with all the girls to try to help them, maaybe get allies.

Plan 3: You start to try to frame the assassin you may do this by talking bad about her to the prince. (May cause problems)

Plan 4:There is no plan.

Day 10: You invite the king and queen over for a dinner party not the prince, you are not allowed to invite the prince. You will get to know each of them.
Cook them a good or excellent meal.
Queen says you all need to work on your charisma skill. (Have all the girls talk infront of the mirror except the assasin)
If Charisma is higher than the assassin +40
If Charisma is lower than assassin -40

Day 11: Nothing planned relaxation day. Maybe work on skills.

Day 12: Since assassin is probably smarter than you work on your Logic skill. +50 if its higher than assassin
+30 of its higher than level 4
+40 if its higher than level 6
+60 if its level 10

Day 13:Prince Visits, get to know him more. Do not force him to stay if he says he has to go.

Day 14. King visits and (you may control him) He is flirty with the assassin and woohoos with her, you walk in on them and become embarrassed. The assassin thinks its funny how innocent you are and thinks you are no threat. (DO NOT TRY FOR A BABY IF SHE GETS PREGNANT SHE HAS TO LEAVE AND IT RUINS THE CHALLENGE)

Day 15: Queen visits and you Must become good friends with her. That night another girl is killed. Roll or random.org who dies if Assassin walked on you and the prince, there is a possibility of death. If you survived or weren't added to the roll then you must mourn the girls death.

Day 16:Queen writes you a letter saying she doesn't like the assassin. But she says the prince is fond of her which displeases her, she then has the prince come over and you and him will be able to be alone for the whole day. (I suggest controlling him and having them stay alone in your characters room) He will stay from 12-6 unless he wants to leave(Do not kiss him!!!!)

Day 17:Throw a party. Invite everyone even the prince and you may be flirty with him because the assassin will think your drunk and will not add you too her list. Throw the party at 2 o' clock.
+50 points if you get gold on the event
+40 points for silver
+30 for bronze
-20 for none of the above

Day 18:Prince does not visit try to build your skills.
You hear the king has died mysteriously, you know it was the assassin's doing but you do not say anything because no one will believe you.
+20 points if queen visits and you comfort her
+50 points if you were good friends with the king
-30 if the king didn't like you
-40 if the queen and you spoke on bad terms
-50 if you're on the assassins hit list

Day 19:Free day do as your please(but do things wisely)

Day 20:The queen likes music trying to get your music skill up and play the piano or violin decently, no guitars, if your skill is high enough, throw an event and invite the prince and queen. Perform for them.

Day 21:You know another girl will die tommorow so you talk to the assassin all day and try to stay on her good side.

Day 22:You are all woken up, by screams and you know its the girl. She must have not have died yet. The assasin is there first and weirdly she has no blood but the blood is spattered on the walls. Its a gruesome seen.
You all mourn the girl and the final girl and you become really close.
+50 if you're bff

Day 23:Prince surprises the three remaining girls and goes to the graveyard of girls saying how its all his fault (by mourning) He asks for your opinon and considers you a very good friend. You are about to tell him whats going on but the assasin walks in. You quickly leave and him and the assassin talk.
-20 if you aren't good friends

Day 24.The assassin is acting weird around you. You decide it would be a good time to gain physical strength. Get to atleast level 5 skill

Day 25: Nothing today do as you please

Day 26: Queen visits. She seems pale. You ask her whats wrong. Shes worried about war and needs the prince to man a decision but he is indecisive.
If you have more than three level 10 skills +20
If not -20
(Does not apply for other modes)
Easy mode:
3 skills level 5 +20
-20 if not
Medium Mode:
4 skills level 6 +20
If not -20

Day 27: Theres a formal event today, invite sims and have a grand event at a ball room somewhere else. Try to get gold or silver +20 points. Dance with the prince if you can. You may create sims to invite if you would like.

Day 28: Its either you or the other girl and the Assassin is distancing herself from you which makes you nervous. So you do something awful. You talk to the girl about the prince. You get her to gush infront of the assassin about him and talk about how the assassin will probably marry him. The girl gets mad saying terrible things about the assassin, the assassin hears it all and you defend her and become enemies with the girl no matter how much you hate too,
You are immune tonight.

Day 29: Girl is found brutally murdered and you feel awful and don't mourn her death infront of the assassin who is in her room sleeping. You know your safe for now...

Day 30: The queen visits and tells you about the news. The prince is deciding between you two. And he is in favor of anyone who can cook well. If your cooking skill is higher than the assassins +30 points if not -10

31. Today you find out who marries the prince.

Ending 1: You Have 410 points (the maximum ) or 300+ you are automatically choosen and you tell them the truth of the assassin, then you may kill her off. The prince and you live happily ever after.

Ending 2: You have 200 points you must compare your skill points with the girls if you have more than her you marry the prince.

Ending 3: You have 150 points and you are not chosen to marry the prince. The assasin kills him you lose the challenge and become insane, a whore, or non committal because you found you loved the prince and now have a broken heart.

If you have any questions please ask this is my first challenge and I would like to know.
Test Subject
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#2 Old 12th Jul 2015 at 10:47 AM
On the how to win. Its not if the princess hates the assassin. Its if the prince hates the assasin. Whoops
Lab Assistant
#3 Old 12th Jul 2015 at 2:44 PM
I don't usually play challenge where I have to kill people off (will prob. just move them out -mysteriously disappeared kinda thing)-cause this sounds like fun and I think I'll try it out.

One clarification: you don't say how many candidates to make but you do say "Your girl's number is 1, Assassin is 2 all the others are 3-6."
So I am assuming there are six of us total. my sim the assassin and four others.
Test Subject
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#4 Old 16th Jul 2015 at 9:23 AM
Originally Posted by mama_tex
I don't usually play challenge where I have to kill people off (will prob. just move them out -mysteriously disappeared kinda thing)-cause this sounds like fun and I think I'll try it out.

One clarification: you don't say how many candidates to make but you do say "Your girl's number is 1, Assassin is 2 all the others are 3-6."
So I am assuming there are six of us total. my sim the assassin and four others.

You are correct 6 girls in total sorry for the confusion. Im excited your gonna try it out!
Test Subject
#5 Old 15th Jul 2017 at 10:11 PM
Hello! To be honest, I don't know if you're still active, but I just wanted to express my love for this challenge - it is very inspiring. :)
I also have some questions, if that's okay.

-Could you please elaborate on the ''being friendly isn't bad but not recommended unless you and the Assassin are good friends'' point, please? How do we become good friends with her if it is not recommended to use friendly interactions? Are we supposed to avoid all interaction with her?
-Day 16: When the prince comes over, may we lock the door so we could be in private? Or would that technically be cheating?
-Day 18: Are we supposed to invite the grieving queen, or does she have to ask to hang out herself?
-Day 22: Do we have to be best friends with the final girl immediately or build friendship during the day?

I was also wondering, from a story point-of-view, why exatly does the assassin flirt with and eventually kill the king? Curious :)

Again, this is a wonderful and captivating challenge, and I am most definitely playing it. Thank you very much!
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