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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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Default The "Sugar Baby" (500k) Challenge
Despite being thirteen years old, the Sims 2 is still, in my opinion, the best game in the series.
I've recently picked it back up and was shocked (and delighted!) to see that it still has a pretty active fan base, so I figured I'd contribute by putting out a new challenge. I never made one before, so I was pretty psyched to try.
I'm sure that there are challenges similar to this one, but only in a few aspects — I tried my best to create something different.

As a note, I use “Sugar Daddy” as a gender neutral term for the rich sims, just to make it easier. Your sim can go after anyone they want.
*Nightlife is required; Freetime and Apartment Life are recommended.

Have fun!

The “Sugar Baby” (500k) Challenge
“Why work when you can prey on the rich and reap the benefits?”

Goal: Accumulate 500,000 simoleons through moving in other sims (then killing them off) to purchase your “dream home.”

Getting Started
1. Create or download a mansion worth 500k or more. This will be your sim’s goal house.
2. Create a sim to be your Sugar Baby. Gender doesn't matter, but they must be an adult and have the Fortune aspiration.
3. Move them into any house they can afford.
4. Set their family funds to 0 (“familyfunds LastName 0”).
5. With the exception of the above familyfunds cheat, no other cheats may be used.

Earn 500,000 simoleons by seducing wealthy NPCs/Townies and having them move in, adding their household funds to yours.

Basic Gameplay Goes as Follows:
1. Have your sim venture Downtown to clubs and other venues.
2. (Apartment Life Optional): Bring up your sim’s reputation (without cheats) in order to make others fall for their romantic advances a bit quicker.
3. Either have them scope the room (your sim must have already flirted with someone to enable the option) and talk to whomever they consider “hot,” or simply pick a random sim.
4. Strike up a conversation, then ask them how much money they have. If they say §§§, they're fit to be your Sugar Daddy, so pursue them! If not, leave them and find another sim who does.
5. Ask them on a date, and make it a dream one. If you fail to have a dream date, take them on another until you do.
6. The first date must be at the venue where you meet. Any date after that (if you fail to make it a dream date the first time) can be either at that venue, another venue, or your sim’s house.
7. Once your relationship is high enough, ask them to move in. If they say yes, congratulations! You have some money toward your goal. If not, keep building up the relationship until they accept.
8. After they move in, it’s time to destroy the relationship, as you don't want your sim to be negatively impacted by the Sugar Daddy’s death.
9. When the two sims are enemies with each other, you can kill off the Sugar Daddy. You can do it any way you like — get creative! Keep the graves on your home lot.
10. Repeat the process until your household funds reach 500k, or enough to buy your dream home.

*No cheats allowed except for the familyfunds cheat in the beginning.
*Your sim may not have a job (or sell paintings, play instruments for tips, etc.) The only money they're allowed to make is through moving Sugar Daddies into their household.
*No marriage, committed relationships, or children.
*You may only use NPCs and Townies as your Sugar Daddies, not sims that you create.
*You may only romance one Sugar Daddy at a time.
*You may only kill one Sugar Daddy per sim day.
*You must keep the graves of your Sugar Daddies on your lot.
*You may only use the Downtownie Mr. Big/The Diva as your Sugar Daddy once.

Want More Difficulty? Here's Some Rules…
1. Getting Started rules still apply, except your sim must have the Family aspiration.
2. (Apartment Life Optional): You must lower your sim’s reputation in the beginning so they start out the hunt as a “Sleazy Slimeball.”
3. You may only go after Mr. Big/The Diva Downtownies. Successfully wooing them (and getting them to move in) is much more difficult, and they are rarer than other Townies. However, they will add 70,000 simoleons to your household after moving in, which means you'll be able to complete your goal without as many kills.
4. You may not become enemies with your Sugar Daddy. This way, killing them affects your sim negatively and you have to bring their aspiration bar up to gold before you can hunt again.
5. (Optional): Kill each of your sims in different ways. By playing with your only available Sugar Daddies being the Mr. Big and Diva sims, you will have to seduce and kill eight to reach your goal. Thankfully, there are more than eight ways to kill a sim, so kill each one differently! No duplicate causes of death — if you've already starved one, then you can't starve another.

**If your neighborhood no longer spawns the Mr. Big and Diva Downtownies, you must add some more.
This is the only cheat that you may use whenever.

To add more Downtownies, enable testingcheats (“boolprop testingcheatsenabled true”), then shift click your sim and select “Spawn,” then “NPC and Townie Maker.” It will appear as a Repo Gun. You can click it and select “Generate Special Townie,” then “Dateable Diva or Mr. Big.” They should appear next to the cheat object, unmoving. Click the Repo Gun again and select “+ Keep +.” You will get a message that confirms that they are now part of the neighborhood.

There is only one initial Mr. Big per neighborhood, so you will have to generate a new one after every kill.
There are, however, multiple Divas, but I would treat them the same as the Mr. Bigs, just in case.

End of Challenge
The challenge ends once your Sugar Baby sim has reached their goal of 500k or over.
You may then move them into their goal house and live contently.

If you want to continue to play with them after the challenge has ended, then you must bring the graves of the Sugar Daddies to the mansion.
Place them in a graveyard on your lot and hope they don't scare your Sugar Baby sim into an early death!

**If your sim dies before they can complete the challenge, you must create a new sim and start from the beginning.
Test Subject
#2 Old 11th Feb 2017 at 10:44 AM
I don't follow any challenge rules, I get inspired instead.
I definitely need a Sugar Baby in my town! Thanks for the idea ♥
Test Subject
#3 Old 11th Feb 2017 at 10:06 PM
Test Subject
#4 Old 14th Feb 2017 at 10:47 AM
this sound you want many Sugar and make your self Sweet sims :D

becareful don't make too many sugar it can cause obesity ^_^
want to try this a moment, haha

is this not using aging off?
Test Subject
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#5 Old 7th Mar 2017 at 3:48 AM
Originally Posted by haikinom
this sound you want many Sugar and make your self Sweet sims :D

becareful don't make too many sugar it can cause obesity ^_^
want to try this a moment, haha

is this not using aging off?

Sorry for the late reply! I suggest you turn aging on, but you can turn it off to make it easier... Whatever is more fun for you. :-)
Test Subject
#6 Old 14th Mar 2017 at 6:10 AM
I wish I would have kept Dina around for this challenge.. Oh well. Sounds fun, I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing =)
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#7 Old 15th Mar 2017 at 6:06 AM
Sounds like Hazel Dente has some more Gardening to do this coming spring.

Watch out you rich men.
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