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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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Test Subject
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#1 Old 25th Mar 2017 at 3:08 PM
Default Too cool for horse school
so this is a challenge I came up with after seeing the finale of nickelodeon's "ride" sort of based off my own idea of what could happen after the events of the episode (there ARE some MINOR spoilers in the backstory and rules of my challenge, but nothing that gives anything major away) I’m calling it the “too cool for horse school” challenge, it’s sort of a combination of the teen runaway challenge, except, you have a trusty horse!

backstory: you and your single parent (doesn’t matter if its a father like the show or if its a mother, this is just for story purposes) both got invited to a high notch equine school, how cool! you think, a job for your mom/dad and a top notch prep school for you! that is until you find out you’re going to have to ride…horses. sure you rode as a kid but you had a bad experience once and haven’t exactly ridden since. but when a somewhat unruly horse is at risk of being sent away because no one will ride it you spring at the opportunity to save it and volunteer to be its rider. now you just have to overcome your fear of riding…and horses in general…should be simple enough right?
somehow you manage to do all that and you and the horse also place in the top ten at your first (insert choice of equine activity here) competition and the horse becomes YOURS as a prize!
but soon a secret gets out and you soon realize WHY the headmistress was so generous. its a BIG secret and you can’t wrap your head around it right away so you respond in what might have been an over-dramatic sort of way and got on said horse and took off! once you got your head screwed back on you realize you made a very silly mistake, but rather than face up to your actions you decide to start your own life…a new life

what you do: create your sim (does not have to look like Kit or any other characters from “ride”) he/she can look however you want and have any traits but he/she MUST have the “equestrian” trait. create your horse (also does not need to look like TK or any of the other horses from ride) he/she can be any gender, breed, or color you like and have any traits that you want but “ornery” MUST be one of their traits so that it will only respond to you the best.
use freerealestate to get any empty lot that you want and then familyfunds to deplete your available income to $0 because you left the school in such a rush you didn’t get your wallet or purse.
next you may either compete with your horse to earn money, or get a side job, save up money till you can build you and your horse a place to live you can pursue any type of competition that you want but you may only go after ONE (i.e you can either pursue racing OR show jumping OR cross country, but not all of them)
once you have some money saved up you start to get the idea to create your very OWN horse school, one with less drama and rules than the one you left behind so now, start finding some homeless teens or other potential pupils if you use master controller you can search for sims in your town that have the equestrian trait or you can just befriend any teen you want and add them to your family either by asking them to move in or by using edit town or mastercontroller.
next either adopt or buy a couple of horses, these will be “school horses” (I’ll explain later) make sure you include a place for them to stay! you may either train these horses before you start adding students or you can leave the training to the students. once you have some students, start training and leading them towards international stardom in their choice of horse competition (like previously mentioned they may only pursue ONE type of competition) your goal has been reached when your first few students have each reached international level in their riding field.

rules and other guidelines:
*your horse, is exactly that YOUR HORSE. no other person or student may ride this horse except for your starter sim.
*you must have a room in your house for each student (or one room for every 2 students if you decide to pair them up)
*if you add a “student” to your family and they have a horse in their current household add the horse too, this becomes their own personal horse that only THEY may ride, not you, and not any other student.
*any horse you buy from the equestrian center, or adopt becomes a “school horse” these horses are for any students you add that don’t have a horse of their own, school horses may be ridden by ANY and ALL students who come to the school without a horse (though if you want to assign the horse to one particular student you may do that as well)
*the only horse your starter sim is allowed to train, is their own horse, or the school horses, otherwise, the students are responsible for training their own horses, you’re more for just offering advice and getting them started.

end goal:
the challenge is completed when your first student achieves all the requirements before they become a young adult in order to do this they must A: masters the riding skill and B: win a trophy on all three levels of the competition type of their choice (beginner, intermediate, and international)

15 points for every student who meets the requirements before they become young adults
20 points for every trophy a student wins
30 points for every trophy future generations of your starter wins
55 points for every generation after your starter that successfully "graduates" at least one student
-5 points if a "school horse" dies (before it reaches the elder stage)
-20 points for every student that flunks out of horse school (doesn't meet the above requirements before becoming a young adult)
-50 points if none of your students "graduate" horse school before your starter dies (whether from old age or other reasons)
Test Subject
#2 Old 19th Jun 2017 at 4:43 PM
I'm gonna try this challenge ^^ I love the idea of it!
Field Researcher
#3 Old 21st Jun 2017 at 4:14 PM Last edited by flowr : 21st Jun 2017 at 4:15 PM. Reason: typo
Ooh, I love horses and I have downloaded some equestrian stables which will be perfect for this challenge, I'm gonna try this out!
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