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Nysha's New Creators for February - posted on 1st Mar 2017 at 9:00 AM
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#1 Old 16th Mar 2017 at 1:15 PM
Default How could I share inhabited neighborhoods?
Hello there!
Since I am often starting new hoods, playing them for 2 or 3 rounds and then start a new one all over again, I am thinking about sharing the "abandoned" hoods for others to enjoy. But I am unsure if it is really safe to do so.
I did read the thread about it by mootilda, but that is maybe not up to date?
I use a lot of mods to keep my neighborhoods clean and I never download inhabited lots. And I use the newest clean and empty hoods.
If there still would be some kind of corruption in the hood, would it be possible to harm the game of others or would it only be a problem for the hood itself?
I really dont want to cause trouble for others by sharing...
Hope someone can help me and answer my questions.
Thank you all!
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#2 Old 16th Mar 2017 at 1:33 PM
Which thread did you read?

Avoiding corruption is indeed important, but there are special steps you usually need to take when making neighbourhoods to share.

You'd need to make sure that none of your sims are wearing geneticised CC (such as skintones and eyes), unless they are default replacements, as otherwise someone downloading your 'hood would have the 'hood immediately get corrupted if they didn't have the same CC. This includes CC on any townies, NPCs etc. You'd need to make sure you've never used a multi-PT mod or any mod which creates NPCs, such as beck's farm animals. None of your sims could have any CC careers or majors, or any memories created by mods. I believe you'd have to forego using ACR, if that's something you normally use, as putting sims with ACR tokens into a non-ACR game causes problems (you might be able to avoid these problems by using ACR's uninstall function ingame before sharing the 'hood). You'd also need to get rid of any CC objects, walls and floors etc. unless they were cloned from a suitable fallback (e.g. a CC dining table which, if you uninstall it, turns into another dining table would probably be fine; a CC coffee cup which turns into a huge ficus tree, probably not so much!), and you'd need to bulldoze any lots that had ever had CC terrain paints on them.

Most of this isn't so much 100% necessary, as practical: you either have to do the above, or you have to compile a complete list of all the CC used in the 'hood, with links, and expect your downloaders to install allllll of that in order to use your neighbourhood... and if you miss anything out of the list, your downloaders will risk corruption. Most downloaders cap out at about 20 CC items - if more than that are required, they won't bother. Some have much lower tolerances, some higher, but if you routinely use CC you'll probably have a lot more than that. Plus, going through all your lots, and identifying all the CC and all the recolours you've used sounds like a horrible task!

If you've placed other creators' lots or sims into the 'hood, you'd need to make a list and credit them.

If you really want to make these 'hoods with downloaders in mind, you should also use mods to prevent the creation of townies and strays, as lots of people like to have them generated using their own chosen default replacement names and face templates - but that might not be practical for a 'hood you plan to play, depending on how you play.

So you could definitely do this, but it'd constrain what you can do in making your 'hood in the first place, and it's generally a lot of work to gather all the needed info for a 'hood upload. I guess it really depends on what kind of game you play, how much CC you use, etc.

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#3 Old 20th Mar 2017 at 8:05 PM Last edited by sims2mi : 21st Mar 2017 at 2:12 PM.
Hi Nysha!

Thank you so much for taking the time answer my question!
The thread I talked about is called: General - How to create a safe shareable occupied neighborhood and was started by mootilda.

A lot of the problematic things you mentioned I really don´t use. (I play on a laptop so I try to use very little CC.)
No skintones or eyes. I tried using ACR but I don´t like it and I can´t get it to tune down enough for my taste... So I took it out again (after running unsitall from hood). I do not have any animals in the game. And no PT-mods or Plantsim-mods or anything. And I dont use custom terrain paints.
I do not use custom majors. I DO use the major revamp (I think by phaenon from MTS). Would that be a problem?
I do use the custom NPC careers (also from here). But as long as I would have all sims in these carreers quite before sharing it would be okay, wouldn´t it?
I dont think I have any mods that create memories. Custom memories you mean? (I do have the BFF-correction thing.)
I always use the notownies, nodormies, nostrays etc mods from maty, so if I have townies I have made them myself and they somehow belong to the hood.

I dont plan to use other creators sims or lots. (I never used sims made by others because of CC...) But I did use a NH terrain that I would have to ask the creator about before sharing.

So I think the main trouble would be the CC I use. It is not much, but the things I do use I use often...
If I made a backup of the neighborhood and than took (most of) the CC out and opened a copy of the neighborhood I could try to do a clean-up of strang plants and such... I already try to stick mainly to maxis-walls and floors right now, even if its difficult sometimes. I do use some reclours for maxis windows and doors and such but that would just change to a maxis colour if the recolour would be missing.
Would that be a save way to "clean" the neighborhood of CC before sharing?

I really enjoyed playing some of the inhabited neighborhoods from MTS, even if I didnt play them very long. So I thought - since I play with a lot of story - maybe someone would like to play the neighborhoods when I have them established and then loose interest...

Thanks again for your advice!

But even if I miss something and there is some kind of hood corruption, it would not be anything that could break the game of others would it? It would only be a problem inside the hood. Is that correct?
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