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#1 Old 2nd Jul 2017 at 12:41 PM
Default The Rainbow Legacy!
The Rainbow
inspired by not so berry! i luv u lilsimsie.
• You can choose any empty lot to start on. No apartments.
• You’re starting sim can be any gender.
• You can build a house worth at most 50,000 simoleons but then set your money to 2,500. You can have up to the second best of everything.
• No cheating afterwards
For an extreme challenge, you can start on the normal legacy lot, (50x50, im not sure?) and set your money to 1,800. Just like the normal legacy challenge.

The Legacys!
• Your sim must be romantic and hot-headed.
• They must be serial romantic.
• You must finish your aspiration.
• Get level 10 mischief skill.
• Have 4 boyfriends/girlfriends. (they can't get married.)
• Have at least 2 kids with different people.
• Your sim must be family orientated and childish.
• They must be the first child of your sim. You can pick first boy or girl if you so choose.
• They must get married as a young adult to a high-school lover.
• They must have soul-mate aspiration.
• Must have 3 kids atleast.
• Your sim must be creative and cheerful.
• They must be the youngest child, no matter the gender.
• Break up with someone that you had kids with as a young adult.
• Get married as an adult and have one more kid.
• Must be jealous and materialistic
• Must be in the business career and make it to the top.
• Must have 4 kids that are neglected.
• Must get married as an adult.
• Must be gloomy and a loner because her/his mother neglected them.
• Must have 1 child that they adopted. The child must be a female.
• Must be a female.
• Must be in the social media career.
• Must be outgoing and good.
• Must have the friend of the world aspiration.
• Must get married as a young adult and have 2 kids.
• Must be a loner.
• Must be in the culinary career.
• Must have the chef aspiration.
• Must have 1 friend that comes over once a week.
• Must never have kids and marry as an elder.

Have fun with this challenge, and if you want, submit screenies down below!
Lab Assistant
#2 Old 14th Jul 2017 at 9:03 PM
I was gunna make a rainbow legacy
Lab Assistant
16th Jul 2017 at 4:35 PM
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