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MTS Movie Night - posted on 15th Jul 2017 at 7:21 PM
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The Family Business Challenge
Welcome to The Family Business Challenge! If you have The Sims 2 Open for Business, and like unique legacy challenge with clear goals, this is the challenge for you!

You can move into any town, and you can live in Bluewater Village if you want.


We will be creating two founding sims.

One sim needs to be male, and the other female.

Sim 1:
  • Any Name
  • Any Appearance
  • Any Turn-Ons
  • Any Turn-Off
  • Must be a Scorpio
  • Must have the Fortune Aspiration

Sim 2:
  • Any Name
  • Any Appearance
  • Any Turn-Ons
  • Any Turn-Off
  • Must be an Aquarian
  • Must have the Family Aspiration

These two sims need to be married.


Option 1:
You can move into an already built lot, and alter it so you can start your business. (Or, download a Custom Content starter home with a business in it already)

Option 2:
You can move into an empty lot and build your own house and business.

No Money Cheats!

Moveobjects is Allowed


  • The only money you can get its from selling items in your store
  • Your heir for every generation must have the Fortune Aspiration
  • All children that aren't the heir must move out
  • You may leave the lot and do anything you want


By Generation Two, have two employees

By Generation Three, have four employees

By Generation Four, have a two story shop

By Generation Five, only sell items that you can make. Nothing from build and buy,

By Generation Six, have a top ranking business (Rank 10)

After Generation Six, the challenge is over. But feel free to play for as long as you like!

Thanks for reading my challenge. Tell me what you think, and any ideas you might have! If you do the challenge, please post pictures! And if you decide to put it on youtube or any other social media site, please credit me and send me the link!

Have fun!

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