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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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Default Tutorial for Neia's Online Create-a-Career Tool
This tutorial is for how to create a career for Sims 4 using Neia's online Create-a-Career tool in Windows.

I will not be explaining how to make screenshots, uniforms, or Chance Cards, and I am assuming you know how to manage .zip files.
Any questions regarding why things are done a certain way, or about the tool itself, should be directed to the creator, Neia, at the Create-a-Career forum.

What you will need:
  • Neia's online Create-a-Career tool. Register for free here.
  • s4pe To download s4pe after clicking the link, click on Download s4pe, then s4pe.0.3.c.exe. This will get you the program and you can install it from your downloads folder.
  • Python 3.3 Download the appropriate file for your system, either Windows x86 MSI Installer (3.3.0) or Windows x86-64 MSI Installer (3.3.0). Create your own installation folder prior to installing Python33. I recommend C://Python33 for convenience. To do this, go into your C drive folder, right click on an empty spot and click New > folder and name it Python33. When the Python33 installation wizard pops up, click the default installation. The Python installer should detect the C://Python33 folder you created.

For the purposes of this tutorial, some picture references have been made to the Airline Employee Career by Simmiller found on Mod the Sims.


1. Once you have registered, log in to Create-a-Career and click CREATE at the top of the screen.

2. Click the "Create a new career" button.


3. Name your career, and click Save. What you name it here will be reflected in the name of your .package file at the end.

This brings you to the "EDIT YOUR CAREER" page.

NOTE: At any time from here onward, you can scroll to the bottom of the main career page and click "Save" to save your progress. You may leave the site any time afterward, and return to your saved progress.


4. Again, name your career. This will be what shows in the game.
-If you are making a multi-track career, the name should be a clear indicator of the main theme of your career if you plan on uploading it for others.

The "Status" section is for your personal use only with 3 choices: Work in progress, In testing, and Working. Update this as desired using the dropdown menu.

Tracks, Levels and Branches

The Main Track reflects the name of your career.
When you "Add a level" in the main track you are creating the different levels of the main career for yourself or other players to progress through.
Ultimately, once you have finished the editing process, these are all that is required to create a functioning career for the game.

Under "New track" you are given the option to "Add a track."
You use this when you want to have multiple career choices within your main career.
These become Branches. You then add levels to these branches to complete in game.

By clicking "Edit," you can edit or view any section at any time, as often as you like.
Clicking "Return" brings you back to the main career screen without making changes.
Remember to click "Save" then "Return" when editing.


5. To the right of Main track, click "Edit" to upload the screenshot picture and custom icon for your career. Click "Save," then "Return" when you're done.


You will find most, if not all, of the game's icons here:
The Sims 4 Ultimate Game Icon Pack by TheSimKid
Jungle Adventure Icons by Simmiller
Icon Archives on Sims Community by Jovan Jovic

6. Directly under Main track, click "Add a level." Name the level, click "Save," then "Return."

7. To the right of each level you create, click "Edit" to enter all the required information. Clicking "Delete" removes the level completely and permanently.


Title - you can change the title of this level here.

Ideal Mood - Choose from the dropdown menu. This can be the same or different for each level.

Base Performance - How much the performance bar will progress through a work day, starts around 60 and ends around 10 in game, depending on the level. Lower levels in the game progress quickly, so the Base Performance number is higher, to indicate a faster speed. As players progress through the levels, the Base Performance number should be smaller to make the levels last longer.

Missed Work Penalty - How much the performance bar will drop if a Sim misses work, default at 15. If you increase this number, the performance bar will drop more quickly.

PTO per day - How many days of PTO (paid time off) are gained for each work day. For example, it starts around 0.2 and ends around 0.33 in game, depending on the level.

Simoleons per hour - How many Simoleons your Sim will earn per hour at this level.

Duration - Number of hours worked per day.

Start hour - This is based on a 24 hour clock, and you enter only the hour, no minutes. For example, 8:00 AM is entered as 8, while 2:00 PM is entered as 14.


Place a check mark in the days you want your Sim to work.

NOTE: Before you choose Objectives, click "Save." The rest of the information you have entered will otherwise be lost.

Objectives - This is where you will choose what, if any, skill levels are required in order to progress to the next level in your career. Click "Add an objective," and choose from the dropdown menu, for each skill you wish to add.

Click "Save" at any point to save your progress. Click "Return" to return to the main career screen.

Do this for each level of your career.


8. To create multiple career choices within your career, under New track, click "Add a track." This will show up on your career page as a Branch, below the Main track. See PIC 5 for an example of multiple branches within a career. From here, to the right of each branch name, you can click "Edit" to add the branch icons and screenshots, or "Delete" to remove the branch.


Follow Step 7 for every level within each Branch of your career.


Not everyone has their career(s) translated into all available texts. The more you are able to provide to players, however, the more players are able to play your career(s), should you choose to upload to the internet.

9. On the main career page, you will see a section called Texts. See PIC 2 for reference. Each language is represented by 2 letters. For example, English is shown as US. Click the language of your choice. You will be taken to a page where you will enter all the text you want to see in the game.

NOTE: This will NOT translate languages for you.

At the top, you will see two entries called Location and PTO tooltip.
Location is where your Sim will be working. A company name, for example, is appropriate here.
PTO tooltip is where you put the heading you want to see when taking paid time off. "Take Vacation Day" or something similar is recommended.

In the example shown in PIC 6, you see "Track 4 - Airport Customer Service Agent." In this case, Track 4 would be shown on the main career page of the Create-a-Career tool as a Branch, and represents what you will see if you are editing a multi-track career. Otherwise, you only see Track 1 and the title of your career.


Title - Title of this career or branch.

Title (gender neutral) - Title of this career or branch.

Description - A detailed description of this career or branch.

Hereafter, you enter the information for the title and description of each level of your career and/or branch.

Click "Save" at any time to save any entries you have made. Click "Return" to return to the main career page.

OVERVIEW - It is highly recommended to refer to the Overview section on the main career page regularly to ensure the proper flow of your career.
For example, if you want to check that your objectives have skill levels that progress in the correct order, click on the Objectives tab.
The name of the career and or branch is shown on the far left. Levels proceed in order from left to right, but are not indicated by name or number.



Before you export your career, click "Save."

10. Click "Export" when you are ready to prepare your career file to be usable in game. Click "Export" again on the next screen.

When the instruction screen pops up, click the Download button ABOVE the instructions. There will be a zip file created, usually in your Downloads folder.


You are now leaving the Create-a-Career tool!

11. Make a file on your computer where you will work on your career, and move the .zip file from your Downloads folder there, and extract it. There will usually be 3 files extracted: a folder named "package," Neia_Careers_Commons.package, and a .py file. Neia has stated that the Commons.package file does not always come in your zip file depending on what type of career you make.

PIC Inside zip file from Create-a-Career Tool

12. Open s4pe and make a new file. Import all the files from the "package" folder. Save this file as your career package. ie Simmiller_Careers_AirlineEmployee.package


Close s4pe.
13. Copy and paste the .py file you extracted directly in your C://Python33 (or wherever you have Python on your computer) location.

PIC 10

14. In the search bar on the Taskbar of your computer's desktop screen (right next to the start button, or found by clicking the start button) type: "cmd" and enter. Do not use quotation marks in this or any other type instructions that follow.
In the black box that comes up type: "C://Python33/Python.exe -O" (that's a capital O, not a zero, and there is a space between .exe and -O) and enter.
Still in the black box type: "import YourUserName_Careers_CareerName.py" (example import Simmiller_Careers_AirlineEmployee.py) and enter. This is the exact name of the .py file from step 13 that you put in C://Python33 (or wherever you have Python on your computer).

PIC 11

You can now close the black cmd box.

15. Go into your Python location on your computer (ie. C://Python33) where you put your .py file, and go into the folder _pycache_. There should now be a .pyo file in there. If not, go back and redo the actions in steps 13 and 14.

PIC 12

Copy and paste that file to your career location file on your computer. Rename it to remove .cpython-33

PIC 13

Make a new .zip file with the name you want your ts4script file to be. Put the .pyo and .py files into that .zip.
Change the file type from .zip to .ts4script

PIC 14

NOTE: If you don't see the .zip in the name of your file do this from The Windows Club:

Open Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization. Now, click on Folder Options or File Explorer Option, as it is now called > View tab. In this tab, under Advance Settings, you will see the option Hide extensions for known file types. Uncheck this option and click on Apply and OK.


16. Put your career.package file, the .ts4script file you made, and Neia.Careers.Commons (if you don't already have it, and if it comes with your exported Create-a-Career file) into your mods folder, and test it in play.

Once you know it's working and your icons and pictures show in game when choosing your career, if you want to share it online, make a new .zip file and call it whatever you want your career file to be. You put 2 or 3 files in there as required: Neia_Careers_Commons (if it came in your zip file from Neia's tool), Your career.package file, and the .ts4script file you made. You can now share it!

PIC 15

A very big thank you to Chaavik for testing the tutorial for me, and helping to get it up to scratch.
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Absolutely awesome work!
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Thank you SO much for creating this tutorial!!!
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This is awesome, thanks!
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