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Creator Theme: Space! - posted on 8th Jul 2018 at 6:02 PM
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#1 Old 8th Jul 2018 at 7:14 PM Last edited by PlyPlay665 : Today at 4:43 AM.
Default Base Game Builders: PLEASE help me finish this neighborhood!
I've reached the point that I need help finishing off this project that I started five years ago. There are still 24 lots that I would like to have completed before I share the final product with the world. These lots fall under three(ish) design categories, but other than that, anyone who can and wants to participate in this has relatively free range. The lots need to be base game compatible and CC free. I understand that with UC, you cannot play with just the base game. If you have UC installed and would like to help me, you are welcome to take a lot, build something on it, take pictures, and share it with me. I will do my best to recreate it. Just remember that roofslopeangle does not work in basegame, nor does setting objects on quarter tiles or 45 degree angles.

I do not need the lots to be furnished. My preference is that they be built as it would be bought in real life (with cabinets, plumbing, lighting, appliances). However, if you want to leave the lot empty I will go in and add them in. I just do not enjoy building enough to finish building these lots. I want to move forward with this phase so I can work on the second phase that I originally set out to accomplish. Even with the help of floor plans, I am also having trouble adding enough variety.

The neighborhood name is Zythia. I am considering the setting to be an old midwestern United States lumber town.

Please select a lot you'd like to help me finish, and let me know so I can cross it off the list. If possible, I ask for you to finish the lot within 2 weeks of selection. If the size of your selected lot(s) are not the right size, please feel free to download the neighborhood template and plopping a lot of a different size in the location. If your new lot(s) takes the place of two or more empty lots, just request all affected lots. I placed the lots 5 years ago to get me started, and as I'm sure you're aware, deleting them will flatten the terrain which is not ideal.

The current version of the neighborhood can be found here.

Other information that may be helpful:
  • If you're worried about how long this project has taken:
    Review this thread to see that I am serious about finishing this project, even though I started it 5 years ago. Since making that post, I have readdressed the lots, changed the sizes of lots, and built over ten houses.
  • The homes in the center part of the neighborhood were completed during a time that I was intending to include a version that had the CC staircase wall covers and I have not gone through to delete the walls. I no longer intend on doing this.
  • If you help me, when I upload the neighborhood, you will get credit for the lot(s) that you finished.

I might one day finish my Zanes Hollow project, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Until then, you can see what I'm up to on my Simblr!
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Hi there!

I'd be more than happy to help. Let me have a look into the neighborhood and I'll build some lots for you.
I can use the AnyGameStarter and I don't have the UC, so... I'm able to create fully BG compatible lots.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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#3 Old Today at 5:05 AM
@Jawusa, I love that lot!! Thank you so much. I'm not sure if this is how you intended it, but using the normal game Simpack installer as well as the Clean Installer, the lot has some blank floors and walls? I included some photos to show what I mean. Do you mind if I throw some wall and floor covers on the blank space? If this wasn't how you intended it and want to send a new simpack, that's cool too! Please feel free to finish as many lots as you see fit. It is greatly appreciated.

I might one day finish my Zanes Hollow project, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Until then, you can see what I'm up to on my Simblr!
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#4 Old Today at 5:07 AM
Sorry for the double post. Didn't realize I had to click "upload files" for the photos to attach!

I might one day finish my Zanes Hollow project, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Until then, you can see what I'm up to on my Simblr!
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#5 Old Today at 5:30 AM
I wonder if @Jawusa has some Castaway walls or something like that without a star, since lack of walls indicates that wall isn't base game.

@PlyPlay665 The new uploader is a bit of a trick. Try not to double post unless your thread needs bumping/you need to ping people. (for some reason using edit to add a ping doesn't work) You can at anytime use the edit button though and still attach pictures to a post you made.

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