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Default Samsung TV QLED 4K UHD (for The Sims 4)
FOR THE MOD TO WORK YOU MUST HAVE ''City Living'' for The Sims 4

THIS IS RECOLORING TV (4.200 ยง) FROM ''City Living''

Available in three colors: black, grey and white

Mod made in two languages: English and Polish (because I'm from Poland)
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hi, not a moderator but this is what a moderator will tell you when they find this post. to upload items you have to submit it to the moderation que (click on create and then upload item at the bottom right of the drop down. This helps keep MTS spam free, and helps you as a creator because moderators are really helpful people
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@Oliwierx Please use the upload queue.
You can find the upload queue here:
There is also Creator feedback here:
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wow nice, thanks for that
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