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Default Moodlets that can add clothing?
Hi So I have created a Daylight ring moodlet and I was wondering it I can make a ring appear on the vampire's finger whenever the moodlet is added. I know that the tragic clown moodlet does it(it is however a transformation moodlet like Werewolf form and zombie and a bit complicated). But I was wondering if there are other ways as well. Getting a tan or face painting can add a CAS object through moodlet right? Maybe I can try that? I will try this out. In the mean time if you can think of something let me know thanks

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Hey PuddingFace,
yo should be able to change outfits in the "OnAddition" method of your buff see Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems.BuffSinged for reference

Also look at the Sims3.Gameplay.CAS.OutfitUtils class

the Simbuilder a method to add casparts so you would need to create a cas part from your Ring Resource Key add it and apply the new outfit
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