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  1. Change future not working
  2. Does anyone know where I can download this sim?
  3. Game crashes when playing a certain family
  4. What is your descendants family look like?
  5. Accidentally Deleted Descendants
  6. Sims can start parties themselves
  7. So is there a chance of hybrid (community lots/ residential lots) by now?
  8. Is it possible to change NPC career outfits?
  9. Changing homeworld
  10. NPCS and CAW
  11. About The Spellcasting trait
  12. A question about overwatch
  13. Do you play with everything installed?
  14. Getting a List of All Sims in the Hood
  15. Left at the altar
  16. Finding descendants in Oasis?
  17. The Sims Resource now a free site
  18. Twallan Overwatch Log Question
  19. Little nitpickings
  20. Can I Stop EA From Moving Sims Into My Hood?
  21. I can't install Midnight Hollow Gold in TS3 Launcher
  22. Into The Future portal not working?
  23. Heads up: if you got ITF on Origin... (WTF?!)
  24. For those who ARE getting ITF, which world are you starting in?
  25. seeing photos from photo booth.
  26. StoryProgression 1.63
  27. How many patches do you think we can expect after ITF's release tomorrow?
  28. How Do I Take a Pic of the Entire Hood?
  29. .There is solution to store objects that do not work properly. Though they updated the game ... Store
  30. The Four Parent Challenge
  31. The sims 3 has stopped working
  32. Was anybody else disappointed by how University works?
  33. Casp
  34. No Supernaturals in the world?
  35. Static For Only Specific Needs
  36. Patch 1.63
  37. Building Styles
  38. Sims 3 cmmoney's pose player not showing up
  39. Custom Sims not appearing as they do in the screenshots?
  40. "You can't save the game or use Edit Town mode while your family is travelling"?
  41. Will EA Still make Game Updates for the Game after "Into the Future"?
  42. How many "seed" sims do you have in your bin?
  43. Male Hair
  44. Whats Your Resolution?
  45. Sims 3 Legacy Stories
  46. Has anyone here used Kuree's Package Viewer?
  47. Creating folders in new Package Folder???
  48. WCIF: Child horse riding helmet?
  49. Origin Sale -- 60% off Sims 3 titles.
  50. Private lots
  51. Noob Questions of the Day
  52. toddler bug
  53. Anyone else not getting Into the Future?
  54. Your crowning moment of gameplay glory?
  55. Mod to remove annoying Ghost Hunting Music?
  56. Sims 3 is boring..Too much and too easy to earn Simoleon..
  57. Alternate resort styles and other questions
  58. Ever played The Sims while drunk?
  59. Is there a way to add secondary outfits in CAS?
  60. Stupid Noob Question of the Day
  61. Skins that allow ALL skin tones?
  62. Thinking about getting Showtime...
  63. Relocating a sim
  64. Lighting mods
  65. Deers, Racoons & Wild Horses
  66. So I got that horrible plants stuck in harvest stage bug....
  67. Asking Sims to leave
  68. Can't remember what its called help please!
  69. Midnight Hollow
  70. Anyone ever had a party or parties that didn't suck?
  71. Split family - no relationships, how to do the backup
  72. Body Modifiers???
  73. Does anyone know of?
  74. Tattoo Weirdness
  75. Help? Issues with CC removal
  76. Movie Stuff
  77. Has anyone fixed it yet?
  78. Can anyone help me and download for me at this page?????
  79. Things I've Seen/Heard/Read About in The Sims 3: Roaring Heights
  80. I think I'm going to try something...
  81. Why is there still no "one-sided relationships" mod?
  82. How to Stop Trees Disappearing in Close Up View
  83. Is it possible to disable clothes in TS3?
  84. How to disable Festivals
  85. How do you make diving sites in other worlds
  86. Does the value of the report affect pricing/profits?
  87. How do I get plasma fruit?
  88. Where should I post my sims story?
  89. Christmas mod
  90. why does EA not think ahead when they make objects
  91. Playing the game in a TS2 style
  92. Sim Cannot Shop for Books
  93. Limited Edition Content - what will happen if Sims 3 Store closes?
  94. I need help!!!! 7zip Help!!
  95. Question regarding Sims & Lots in the Bin
  96. Good lifespan setting for legacy?
  97. New Sims like game on Kickstarter
  98. Reviving the Sturgeon Bay Project
  99. house boat
  100. Frame Rate Limiter
  101. Screeshot problem
  102. A Graphic Novel Via Sims 3?
  103. If you could change The Sims 3 Store's prices, what would you consider fair...
  104. Is it possible for my sim to get "haunted"?
  105. How to make attendant appear to front desk at Island Resort
  106. Can pets run away?
  107. Curatins
  108. Werewolf Without Supernatural
  109. Installing New Careers
  110. Wedding Anniversary's
  111. Question about Message in a Bottle
  112. What EPs should i get?
  113. Sims not collecting clothes from all laundry hampers
  114. Dragon Valley outfits?
  115. Does Winter slow anyone else's game?
  116. do i need the new patch?
  117. Your favourite sites with CC for Sims 3
  118. Laundry Pile Oddness
  119. Celebrities and fictional characters as sims
  120. Meteors are making the game frustrating
  121. The sims medieval
  122. How do you stop this annoying movie making problem?
  123. Making a CC-FREE Sim
  124. Mermaid Will Not / Can Not Sleep
  125. Anyone else having trouble loging into the sims3 site right now?
  126. Movie Stuff - Collection File
  127. Failure in Installing Sims 3 Expansion in other Hard Drive
  128. What kind of families keep you entertained?
  129. Is this a bug with 1.57, UL or something else? Sim stands like doofus instead of doing what I tell him to.
  130. "Science" skill doesn't seem to help science majors.
  131. Installing a new world without the launcher?
  132. Loading TImes
  133. how can I upload a world to get it on a separate computer for editing without using the exchange?
  134. Sim Parties and Weddings?
  135. Shopping set announced! Sell from shelves!
  136. How do I get my fridge,stove, microwave etc. off from my Sim's Personal Inventory?
  137. Have you guys tried 13thsim's Pyramid Head Helmet accesorry??
  138. "Paysites must be destroyed"
  139. No Sprinklers? Stupid Oversight.
  140. Two classes scheduled at the same time???
  141. Do you Think Origin will ever yank the plug on TS3?
  142. Consignment Store's
  143. Once TS3 is "finished", what sort of mods do you think might get attempted that aren't now?
  144. NO more Aliens in my lots, please...
  145. Divine Meal if Lobster Thermidor is a favorite and perfectly prepared?
  146. Do game-generated sims have favorite music "custom"?
  147. Am I the only person who misses the built in Story maker in TS1 and TS2?
  148. Things I've Seen/Heard/Read About in The Sims 3: Midnight Hollow
  149. Sims 3 takes ages, even at the title. No custom content.
  150. How do I make a house into a hotel?
  151. How to download?
  152. How do I get rid of facepaint?
  153. Home Movies with the camcorder?
  154. Graphics-Wise, which of these games is most similar to TS3?
  155. Super Friendly not working
  156. How do I make visitors autonomously sleep in my sim's home without asking them to sleepover.
  157. Performance and Lag: TS2 EPs vs. TS3 EPs
  158. World Rant
  159. Seriously, why TS3 needs to release so many patches?
  160. Would doing this make the game 'Less Slow'?
  161. Current TS2 player, possibly bi-curious
  162. Medieval
  163. Do faces without sliders mix better together when "breeding" than sims faces with sliders?
  164. Is there a way to disable the Store Shop Mode from the game Buy Mode?
  165. Noob Question on Using Twallan Mods
  166. Replacing Townies with different World Townies?
  167. Sims 2 to Sims 3 CC Content
  168. Mars-One
  169. Is there a way to stop prom from happening?
  170. Stop control a sim or make it more independent?
  171. Patch 1.57 is out!
  172. HELP HELP plsss
  173. WCIF: Change Venue Hours
  174. So am I the only one with just the base game?
  175. noob here
  176. Help: Lots disappearing after using EIG
  177. People with slow computers, is this game worth it?
  178. Check social groups not working + Various other issues?
  179. Random Roommates Spawning
  180. Islands in Hidden Springs?
  181. What types of sim personalities are 'essential' for populating a world (in your opinion)?
  182. No TS3 creative competitions?
  183. Buying used ex packs
  184. Sims 3,helper monkey no net framework installed
  185. Consolidating Outfits?
  186. Half Mermaid Half Sim
  187. Cats Becoming Younger
  188. Chest Bump pose pack???
  189. Why are these defects happening?
  190. Pet Shelter Help
  191. Gnightmare
  192. Messed up seasons
  193. How best breed horses?
  194. Just installed TS3 ver 1.0.631.00002 but I need updates.
  195. TS3 stories?
  196. Can't bypass launcher / can't use NRAAS NOCD Mod
  197. How to Export a house with gutted gems?
  198. Which EP Gives the Option to Turn Off Creatures
  199. How can I remove social group interactions?
  200. Bigger house boats with curved bow?
  201. Accessories while naked?
  202. Natasha/Casanova reputation
  203. What files to back up before uninstallating TS3? (did check the Game Help section!)
  204. I built a building intended to be an Apartment Complex but am too stupid to do this, I need help...
  205. Is "into the future" the last expansion pack?
  206. Questions About Unlocking Islands...
  207. Mods for woohoo
  208. Preventing resort marriage arch divorce/remarriages
  209. NONE of the jobs in Ambitions will work for me
  210. Transfer a family to another PC?
  211. Favorite ways to entertain your sims?
  212. Superpatcher
  213. Community Lot Help Please
  214. Welcome to the real (Sims 3) world, kid!
  215. Romance + jealousy on same lot
  216. Question regarding Patches - not related to problems
  217. Quick question about legacy
  218. What EP's and SP's do these things appear in
  219. Downloads from sexysims2.com
  220. Un-able to register band
  221. Confused when using MasterController to change mersim tails...
  222. "Katy Perry Sweet Treats" and "Showtime Katy Perry Edition" discontinued by EA.
  223. Omni Plants
  224. Another Idea
  225. Issues with nonworking stuff in IP
  226. Random rainbow baby born...
  227. Editing Student Union building?
  228. What's up with the price of this game?
  229. Determine life stage of unknown sims
  230. Ageing problem
  231. how to add sims in to the world
  232. A stupid question
  233. Is there a way I can slow down how long it takes to get a promotion and to earn skills?
  234. No system in who you can choose as your roommate?
  235. Tiberium.. my latest headache..
  236. Winning at University
  237. Accidental Attraction
  238. Eating animation of sims..
  239. I have a problem with aging, and would like some ideas
  240. Play Dates
  241. ?
  242. PIcture/Autograph removes queued actions
  243. Gyeongbok Palace World.... Crashes My Game :`(
  244. How Can I Make My Own CC?
  245. How to change the name of a neighborhood?
  246. University in your town?
  247. Best Sims 3 custom World to Play with the expansion packs ihave
  248. What are the metrics for Stylists?
  249. How Do I Un-Do NoCD crack??
  250. mummitomium??