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Latest News December Holidays 2020 Event Yesterday at 10:48 AM EST

December. It's here. The final month of the year. So let's make it a good one! It's about time for another event...

December Holidays!
Show us how your simmies are celebrating this time of year! Are they bundling up, drinking hot chocolate by the ... read more

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Making a custom wall clock 22nd Nov 2020 10:12 PM EST
Mod Constructor v4 creating new object interactions for a custom trait Yesterday 7:30 PM EST
Remove needs from servos Yesterday 12:26 PM EST
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Making a CAS preset with TS4MorphMaker using a BGEO 1st Dec 2020 10:51 PM EST
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Round-robin 'good genes' challenge, anyone? 27th Nov 2020 5:04 PM EST
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Warwickshire: A Renaissance Challenge, Happy Holidays Gift! 11th Nov 2020 6:23 PM EST
The Homestead Challenge "The Sim Dream" Updated 9/27/19 10th Nov 2020 7:47 PM EST
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University Mini Challenge 21st Oct 2020 1:29 PM EDT
War: What is It Good For? 16th Oct 2020 4:34 PM EDT
Forever alone Challenge (Sims 2) 15th Oct 2020 4:13 AM EDT
The Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge ~ Highly Updated! Today 5:22 AM EST
The Random Legacy Challenge (2nd Thread) 28th Nov 2020 10:25 AM EST
The Banished Build a City Challenge 26th Nov 2020 10:00 PM EST
Longest Save Ever Challenge - Can You Prevent Yourself From Getting Board 5th Nov 2020 8:11 PM EST
Supernatural’s Mother Challenge 30th Oct 2020 9:44 PM EDT
(COMPLETED) The Expansion Pack Legacy Challenge 28th Oct 2020 8:16 PM EDT
Sims 3 "Official" Asylum Challenge 21st Oct 2020 2:21 AM EDT
The Homeless Emperor 15th Oct 2020 4:20 AM EDT
The Nightfall Challenge (Days 1-60, Updates will happen) 15th Oct 2020 3:54 AM EDT
The "Nothing Is Free" Challenge 11th Oct 2020 12:52 AM EDT
[Beta] The Sims 4 History Challenge (2.0) 1st Dec 2020 6:16 PM EST
Sims 4 Homeless Challenge 1st Dec 2020 6:02 AM EST
(UPDATE!)*NEW CHALLENGE* The Sims 4 Simerican Settlers Challenge 29th Nov 2020 4:56 PM EST
The Random Legacy Challenge for all packs 28th Nov 2020 10:51 AM EST
The Sims 4 Sims Through The Centuries History Decades Challenge Type Thingy! 22nd Nov 2020 7:31 AM EST
Mt komorebi legacy challenge 19th Nov 2020 8:35 PM EST
The Dungeons and Dragons Challenge 18th Nov 2020 6:05 AM EST
Left High and Dry Challenge 17th Nov 2020 4:04 AM EST
Sims 4 Magnus Archives challenge 9th Nov 2020 2:42 AM EST
Cursed Birth Challenge 29th Oct 2020 6:53 AM EDT