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Forum Rules & Guidelines - Read Before You Post
What is this forum for?

The Where Can I Find section is for locating custom content: particular items and sites with particular items.

This section is not for:
  • Tech help. Please use the Help section if something's wrong with your game.
  • Creation questions. If you're looking for a tutorial, ask over in the appropriate subforum of the Create section on how to do what you want.

Threads posted in the WCIF forum that do not comply with these rules may be locked or deleted without further warning. Please make sure you fully understand all of these rules and guidelines before posting.

Limit on WCIFs
  • No more than 10 items you're looking to find per thread. The exception to this would be one pic where you're looking for everything there.
  • No more than 1 WCIF thread per day. Please edit your existing post if you've forgotten something or need something else.
  • No more than 3 WCIF threads per week

Search first!

There are many search methods available to you, so you can find what you're looking for without having to ask! Most common items have already been asked for and answered. If you post a WCIF and it's obvious you haven't searched, your thread will be locked, advising you where to search and what search terms to use.

PM First!

If you see a picture someone has posted and you're looking for some content they showed, click on their name next to the post and send them a PM or Private Message asking them where they got that item. That is often the fastest way to find something.

Provide Pictures:

Whenever possible, it's helpful if you can post a picture of what you're looking for.

No hotlinking! By simply linking to someone else's picture, it uses up bandwidth (sending capacity) on their account. This can cause their account's bandwidth to get used up, so none of their pics will work! Please use your own account and provide a credit to the owner of the pic. For further information, see: How to post pictures?

Specific Items:

Threads asking for "nice clothes for men" or "more good hair" and other vague WCIFs will be closed. If you're just looking for more stuff or cannot give an idea of something specific in a style you're looking for, try browsing MTS or some of the links given above.

Use Descriptive Thread Titles!

Use a thread title that describes in a few words what you are looking for, so people can tell by your thread title if might be able to help you.

When Helping/Finding

Please provide direct links whenever possible - not everyone knows the abbreviation for various sites, and "Have you checked GoS?" or suchlike really isn't that helpful. Take an extra moment to find a link for someone.

No Requests!

The WCIF forum is not for requesting new content - we do not have anywhere to post requests here. You may find a creator who is willing to do your request for TS3 Creators who take Requests.

Pay Content/File Sharing

This is not a file sharing site. Please do not ask "where can I get this pay item for free" here. If a pay item is being shared for free it will most likely be on The Booty at PMBD (Paysites Must Be Destroyed). If you can't find a desired item there, then ask there if they have it or can add it or where it is - not here.

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